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Part 174: Day 226-232: Rich and Mighty

Great news! We found a legacy artifact from… somewhere.

Lynneth’s too busy to care about the origin of random junk she picked up in her nomadic journey on a flying boar. Pigs do fly in the world of cultivation.

Speaking of flying, this artifact is easy to activate, so we won’t waste our precious spell material to awaken it.

Since The Great Evil King is done with mass producing Seven Swords artifact, he will spend a whole season in said location. Then we will turn him into a mount.

Another one!? I should had send him instead for the legacy awakening, but he probably won’t take that long.

Finally, we can get the last Daoist Law without cheating. I really should had cheated to save myself all these troubles. :smithicide:

Our sect master scouted out the requirement. We need someone smart, lucky, and high cultivation realm… but don’t have any demi-god…

Too bad Blaze Dragon is underqualified.

I was planning to reload after scouting the requirement, so I have him participate to see the lesser rewards, but then he won it anyway, probably through sheer amount of Attainment! :buddy:

Got a badass decorative mantle out of it too.

Mcclay can't help but admire the animated image on the cloak. Fancy. Now onto the new law.

Near sighted, poor physique, and zero charisma. Truly the law for bookworm.

In exchange for their frail display of physical might, they can shoot laser. Someone should try it out instead of more Artifact combat. Especially after last update.

:bisonyes: Everyone else can only dip one level on this, but free reduction are rare commodity.

This law also has Max Qi & Luck boost, so it’s a great boon to our gen 2.5 Inners waiting for their Golden Core or busy flirting with mortals.

More Max Qi for Nea. The reason we bother to raise so much Qi for her isn’t to break some record, well, it is, but the main reason is…

To become the battery for our future formation!

This time, we will NOT make our own formation! Adhere to existing recipe and we will not explode! :byoscience:

Finally, we are ready to do this for real.

Is this powerful formation for… partying? :confuoot:

It seems wasteful to not combo element with something in the center.

Holy shit it really is for revelry! Truly the most suitable formation for the House of Chun. What better way than magically exhibit our profligate despotism to the world?

Artisanry at lv 20 is common enough and we have a secret art that boost social. However, requiring five guys and one female is not very gender equality to our high standard. So two male will have to be Sunflower to even it out. :colbert:

These male crafters would have high artisan skill…

What!? This cursed rabbit dares to attack our Sunflower candidate!? You are courting death!

However, due to its uniquely paradoxical shitty existence of getting burn from Hot and Cold, and then turned into a demon…

We will make an exception to our Goon ride Goon rule.

:sickos: Curse shall ride Curse when Cyflan becomes an Inner. Together, our pear shall be extra potent and gristly! She’s not having a heart-attack btw.

Is this some sort of prank? Who keep sending these plain normal non-awakening animal to us?

Uh oh...

Oh no…

The homeless and unemployed are trying to eat the rich! :thermidor:

Sla an was too slow on upgrading her mind to handle all these overpopulated soul in her city!

Is this enough to fight off the riot? :ohdear:

:hai: Fight the poor with their own tax money should do.

Let’s get more Max Qi just in case. Along with the standard Qi defense equipment.

Now this is one big shitstorm! :prepop:

No good. The Qi recharge is too slow – about 30 Qi per second, and her Qi protection are too weak.

Round 2. I can't find anymore buildings in the city to boost Qi Protection, so we will have to go further with items.

We have no choice but to remove these State of Mind charm and pause her mental upgrade.

No holding back on anti-tribulation resources!

Alright, bring it!

One strike still took a fifth of her Qi…

New strategy for round 3: She will drop her relic and let the poor eats her until they are satisfied. :yum: :wotwot:

She was too tasty. Still lasted a bit longer than before.


Alright, after reading the guide again, there is no way to build more or upgrade these Skill buildings.

But! These guardian slots that I was saving for powerful cultivators can buff her! She will have to make do with hiring random mortals as guardian.

Round 4: Hire military general to deal with the rioter. :mil101:

Level 9 maxed guard temple gives about 20 to its respective skill.

One more temple to further increase the protection skill! :f5h:

We have plenty of unemployed believers to staff these two buildings. This should be enough to suppress the riot.

WHAT!? Those two temple gives this much Qi!? Just like that!?

It’s ok, Nea. You will still be the one with the highest Qi in our heart.

I forgot to drop the relic, but it doesn’t matter. Brute force surpoopsion is more than enough against this pitiful insurgence. :arnie: