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Part 186: Day 330-335: Ancient Crush

Did what a wall would do,
To attract its opposite: a magnet.

Unfortunately, our foolish Outer did not get the note to put them closer together.

We clearly told them to put her closer to the wall!

Why are our Outers so incompetent!? It’s such a clear and simple instruction!

We have no choice but to educate them through the intimidating Maze of Penitent. Whenever someone did something displeasing to the Inners, they will sleep there for three days and three nights to reflect on their failure. Let’s hope we don’t need to make this bigger.

The peaceful golden age is making them complacent, so we shall spice thing up.

The Big Tree Energy room will now incorporate four more element plants to give a bit more oomph to the cultivator. :kheldragar:

*Four hours later*

I am not touching this spirit root mechanic ever again. :smithicide:

Thanks Xianxian. I needed the foursome wholesome comedy. :unsmith:

She will have a warm Spring.

Nea went to the competition this year and won with her overwhelming Qi! :ssj:

Ohhh! This will be a great year!

Nothing more important than robbing them! Bring him back to the goon tiger den! :henget:

Oops, Body Cultivator doesn’t have bladeriding speed.

This ancient cultivator is unworthy of a serious fight if they can only deal 2.9% damage to our back-exposed body cultivator. At least we know they utilize water element.

Our metal users would be at a disadvantage with Metal artifact, and artifact battle is not worth watching until they get their final power up.

King of Magic Nea is a wood element cultivator. We will see how well a spellcaster fare against the ancient cultivator.

QT returns. Fully healed and stronger.

Not a body part he would use, but free buff is free.

Since QT returns from the west, Nea will sits there to wait.

Oh no, TravelLog will be traveling outside for a while. :sweatdrop:

Woah! No pause prompt?

This ancient cultivator arrives from the south, but our Panda are nearby to intercept her!

Oh… it’s just a generic cheat Primordial Spirit. It would be more impactful if every sect doesn’t have ten of them. :11tea:

Before all that, we must evacuate our Outers to a safe place!

The most predigest waiting room at the northern end of our sect shall be their shelter.


This shameless evil cultivator is attacking the innocent! Get em!

Curses! She can shoot lightning!

QT is back for revenge!

She is well equipped with unorthodox techniques. :gamefreak:

What is this homing across map bullshit!?

Phew. It’s Shei-kun in her Live-as-Outer-breakthrough.

It’s a great shame that you can’t use your fish, but at least you tanked a blast for your fellow Outers.

We might not have a romantic and honorable duel that we wanted, but displaying our overwhelming might is glamorous enough.

Correct. You will defecate on an ancient cheat character. :haibrow:

Damage Report: Only Nick was injured with a lost limb, but easily fixable. If only he is holding a good artifact to protect himself.

Or he was holding his snack. :btroll:

Tunicate lost two limbs, but Win can grow those back too. You can't lose with her around. :thumbsup:

He was so powerful in season 1. Shame.

Our war trophies are worth more than what we lost. Mostly rare herbs/elixir, and a new formation book. Not the greatest loot we want, but she is pretty weak.

These are the weakest artifact I even seen. The fact she can chop off limbs with those show evidence of how much a cheater she was.

Not on Aldantefax! She may be an ancient cheat character, but she is OUR cheater!

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