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Part 193: Day 380-383: Prep for Boss

It seems the emergence of a powerful foe has motivated some of us to seeks greater strength, and our new recruits are all set on joining the Inner circle after witnessing the grandeur retirement plan.

We need to prioritize our new furry with short countdown.

We are approaching the uppermost point of Earth element at the end of each season. The crucial element that counters Water. Summer might be helpful too?

It’s unfortunate that we lack time to make more Demi-God, but Primordial Soul will qualify for the battle.

Inversely, our important alchemist will enjoy their vacation elsewhere far, far from here.

We will have our third emergency bell build at the bottom right of the pyramid. Hopefully, our Outers can swim between each bell during the stormy battle. :tubular:

Perhaps we are over-preparing for the fight, but it’s better to overestimate than underestimate our foe.

Starting a new club to buff our combatant.

TravelLog would be the best Dojo master after dumping more points into Protect.

But muscle isn’t everything! Knowledge is power! Last minute crunching in the library!

Muscle is everything! Our gymnasts also devoted their brain power into mutations! Do you know The Hulk is a theoretical physicist? Incredible!

Gilgamesh255 changed his mind on ascension. He became humble from the beating in the challenge boss dungeon, and wishes to lead the strike force of Body Cultivator to training exercise in the form of giant boss fight.

‘Leading’ means tanking at the front.

Our pandas are doing their daily regimen of lazy mediation. :china:

Our sleeping beauty will also awaken in 5… 4… 3… wait… why is her name red-

RASTILIN! Where are you!? We need to re-charm her now! Her loyalty got bugged out again! :supaburn:

He’s at the far end of the world!

*Sigh* Editing this didn’t work, so she will be re-charmed with other spell behind the scene.

… it’s fine.

This long-coma attainment reduction elixir is bad for her loyalty memory.

Get ready with your gears!

Time to fill your memory loss with vital knowledge of our sect!

She knew we are going to win. :hai:

Especially after seeing our last minute mass robbery of wealth. :sparkles:

It’s too bothersome to move their looted artifact to the storage for sale, they are all going to our defense system that I will probably forgot to activate.

On the bright side, we will have plenty of placeholder Earth artifact for everyone since we can’t fight the water snake with Water artifact. :thumbsup:

While other artifact combatants are browsing through the selections of artifact, Coffee will supercharge the rest with Qi before tossing it into our defense system. He is the best person to do it due to his Max Artifact Qi build.

Hmm, a lot less than expected, but every 200k adds up in the defense system.

I am a little curious on how much damage this can deal on the boss, but it’s mostly for sect-wide defense than firing them at the foe. Accidental Nice joke again. I swear my humor isn’t that nice. :happened:

Aside from artifact getting their Qi, everyone will also pop these ancient ancestor magic dick bone that fill a million Qi. They have to pause briefly in battle to eat it, but it’s safe to do so in a map wide battle against one opponent.

As for fighting Water Boss with Earth artifact…

Shei-Kun is good to go. Thanks, Ancestor Shinarato! Water Snake got nothing against Earth Fish!

He also left us an Earth element Toilet Seat and two non-element precious! It’s as if he sees this coming!

Bear law Nick will use them since one of the precious belongs to him.

The toilet seat has gotten quite dusty, but we can wash it off with the blood of the enemy. :black101:

The calendar is almost done morphing into autumn, today is the final day of summer, so we are done spending days (both in-game and RL :shepicide: ) to prep everything!

:derp: DING! DING! DING! All Outer evacuate in an orderly manner into the Waiting Room at the tip of the pyramid!

Win will go take a dump and insult the dragon’s ancestral great grandfather! Call it a lizard or something.

Body Cultivators will occupy the northern section of the map to protect the premium housing and entertainment area.

Spellcaster will occupy the southern section where collateral damage is fine at these Outer areas. Go wild with your fireballs! :blastu:

Artifact combatant will take the center stage with close-proximate access to our artifacts and elixirs pile.

God - As it wish to do as it wish.

Overachiever/cheat who full dip into Artifact, Spell, and Protect will protect the CEO room filled with latest entertainment curio and decorative planning board.

This isn’t our sentient tower, just our regular ol’ expensive wifi tower for the ancestors.

This guest loves his debauchery music while playing it nude in decadency.

How is it, Win? Did you tell them Water Starter sucks?

It’s true! Water + Dragon type is weak against Dragon! What a joke!

You are a lot smaller than I recall…

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