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Part 195: Day 385-390: Shitty Retirement

Alright, let’s excavate its flash for precious draconic treasures. :chef:

“I want this piece.”
“This kidney will extend lifespan... among other things.”
“The scale can be grind for skincare face powder.”

“Move aside, I will take the soul!”

Literally carving down its HP instead of a butchering progress bar. Savage!

Thanks, ancestor! Who knew you were actually useful lorewise. :wave:

Oops, forgot about these Outers.

Everyone else can come home.

The sect only suffered a few minor paddles here and there.

This looks great in the Ruin of Season 1 area. Rest in peace, souls of forgotten (to post) goons.

Wow, few dozen flesh, about dozen scales, and…

Dragon(?) egg. We get to raise a dragon!?

Wow! 150 Qi gather! This is going to the egg room until it hatches!

Did we do such a good job at insulting its ancestor that its vein popped?


Imagine getting it before the boss fight.

Speaking of being useful, we have an empty spot for Body Cultivator… it’s extremely wasteful to not have someone breath in this darkness gas.

Great Ancestor, Lynneth, please grace us with a strong bodybuilder!

“Take my old mount blessed back to furry form. I got a better one at Shinarato’s place.”

That’s great, but I just realize no one died in that overprepared battle. So we don’t have a slot for him.


“Here’s my shit for whichever artifact user!”

Since Coffee and others already filled themselves with legacy or unique artifacts, TravelLog will be the lucky next to get it.

A super legacy artifact. We should had raise god for making artifact instead of the mortal’s way. The only downside is not able to equip them if it’s dropped and the God is gone.

“To my successor, my pants!”

“TO THE RELIC ARTIACT PAVILION!” Said the fastest frog in our sect’s history. I thought all frogs are doomed to be slow, but this one can go 30.7m per hop.

Our angry plants are pleased with another ceiling looker. Body Cultivator can;t enjoy this benefits since they are locked out of Qi cultivation.

Demi-God doesn’t care about mood anymore, so we will have Win sits at this corner for science.

The 1/3 shortcut ticket towards godhood!

Oh, holy shit, I forgot about the tribulation! Where’s her relic? :supaburn:

“A sudden epiphany! I must visit the cultivation cave!”

All god must face hardship to ascend. The hard way. :stonkhat:

Good enough without artifact?

One million is the new min number for us to start worrying about failing. Anything below that would be shameful.

It’s a shame you didn’t go solo a sect first. Your successor will get the chance to earn that glory.

Praise be the Panda :nexus: god! Praise, praise! Smell, smell! :worship:

Imagine losing precious weather breathing time due to the whim of a god.

At least it will last for a week, so he should have enough for whatever amazing ancient secret un-disappointing technique.

“Can’t compute human.” :awesomelon:

“Sever. Seek greater Shit Enlightenment in upper realm.”

At the culmination of Sla an’s journey, she pooped her body behind and ascended.

No better time for our Panda Shit God to ascend than during the day in full darkness. :china:

Interesting, we worship her with ‘emotion’ gem instead of spirit crystal. Maybe to feed enough emotion for her to give a damn about the mortal world.

Only gift is a guard to our other not-shit God so they don’t have to go through the trouble of recruiting them into their cities.

It can… work? Like a robot? Probably an error. :psylon:

Welcome to the CEO room, o’ great ancestor! :worship:

Tell us about your exploit in heaven!