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Part 20: Day 17: Omen

Lynneth have a strange urge to drink pear soup…

Kaja, the cook with the highest potential has overcooked…

All these birdy reminded Hats of something awful.

Something that is best left forgotten.

He can feel similar pain echoes from the other side of the world. It’s too distant to save whoever that is.

A tactful student later decided it’s good Feng Shui to put up two things that no one wants to step on. It is an emblematic representation of the Cult of Bèn refusal to be stepped on by others!

There are growing sentiments that the sect stone should be moved further away. The wind of Feng Shui should carries our belief to the world and not cycles within the sect.

To shake off his distressful mind, Hats decided to read those book from the rock box.

It didn’t help.

Only the third book doesn’t need effort to comprehend.

Hmm… these smells like treasures. Ancient treasures.

These places seem ominously dangerous. It’s best to visit these ancient places with cultivator of high stage, but it certainly won’t hurt to have Radio Free Kobold check them out in the meantime.

*sigh* Everything close to us are normal mountains and sects of positive repute that can destroy us with one finger.

Hats will now seclude himself to cultivates towards the next stage. He would wish to be alone anyway.

Before that, it would be a waste to not use up his stored Qi, so let’s try making Radio Free Kobold a present.

Let’s pray to our ancestors and the Feng Shui Snake for success!

Hats tries to stay focus while eyeing a wolf crashing down two brick wall to get to him. Slaan tries her best to create more Wall-offering to the wolf.

At the end of the strenuous refinement process, Hats stood up to drink a satisfying cup of water. Ahh… the pear soup-like taste of failure.

He will be out of the limelight for a while.