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by Nyaa

Part 200: Day 409-415: Stormy Prison

Our Megaproject will continue to develop in the background.

In the meantime, it’s someone’s turn to have a go at this challenge dungeon.

Hmmm… who should go next… we can only pick one.

Spellcaster Nea with some shield spell will go against the 10,000 years old library guy.

Forced long distance camera panning monologue.

Off screen surprise attack that forces Nea to take a full second of artifacts barrage before I regain control of her.

Not sure what’s the spellcasting distance, so Nea will have to ran straight into the bad guy.

She didn’t tank that well, but her Qi Recharge spell helped.

Congratulation! You survived 30 seconds! Please Ignore his leftover Qi since I spam clicked her spell and might have ruined the casting time.

:thunk: Maybe we need someone that can dodge the surprise attack…

To be continue…

Back to the G.O.D (Goon Overpowered) Project.

To the CEO promotion facility! :sparkles:

Our princess loves this place. Maybe this awesome experience will stay in her memory for a lot longer this time.

I just thought of an in-lore reason for her ceaseless betrayal. :comeback:

Let’s hope her mental capacity will reach a point where ‘betrayal’ is not in her dictionary.

Now this is winning through luxury. :thumbsup:

Bad news… god please help me can’t eat spirit stone. He spits it out for some reason. Everyone else are fine.

Doing it in the inventory just get ignored.

I tried to run some mod that affects item, but no good.

Can’t eat spirit crystal either.

Phew, at least he can eat elixir like Sun Pill (and died).

I don’t know if this is an Ugly Human Failed Pill thing, but we will continue our investment on this faulty product.

Breakthrough didn’t fix his indigestion for stone.

I found some custom designs while browsing for item mod, so we now have a few things to fill the right end of our pyramid. They have some unique effects, but requires their own special material that I have to collect.

By collect, I meant buy it from merchant. They look really nice.

Thanks, Dongmen. :aslol:

The mod also improved some existing objects, constructs, and fix up some item image that looks too similar. Nice.

I appreciate the existence of this item.

Now our Chopshop is in business. :devil:

Our antithesis of charisma is ready for Golden Core thanks to our ultra-deluxe cultivation clubroom.

New problem: Meat fills stomach.

Dongmen! We need all of your laxative! :aslol:

Outer! Full production towards laxative! :2bong:

Xianxian! Full commitment to feeding laxative! :china:

You will sit here to build your cauldron in the meantime. No need to get up for anything.

Not that you will have the strength to move after this regimen anyway.

Our dummy worker hauled so much laxative that it died.

Rip, marble statue. In death, you shall serve as fertilizer for our plant… would it work as a fertilizer?

This guy got the right idea, but no one answered this important question yet. :magemage:

Nooo! Our CEO room cleaner! :cry:

For your premium service, we will let you perish right outside of the CEO room. A sincere gesture to you hardworking peasant. :wotwot:

Right inside the CEO room is our God finishing up his power up. State 24 is the highest it can go.

Not bad, artifact and spellcasting aren’t important for your Protect based God Law.

No better way to protect your citizen than imprisoning and preserve them for eternity.

I see you also have multiple prison sub-stages to prevent escape.

Now to build this grand holy prison that people would want to stays here forever. The extra three pieces of land came from our Wonders.

Obviously, the inner circle is the ‘residential’ section.

This reminds me of…

Play Frostpunk if you want to imprison/protect your citizen from the harsh winter. :jail:

Our ancestors/gods agrees and dialed up the weather in approval. :worship:

Are you enjoying the extremely dense level of Water Qi? I heard it promotes diarrhea. :spooky:

Are you hatching, son? :pipe:

Hurry up! There's a storm outside! :arghfist:

“Holy shit! This place is having a diarrhea storm!” :derp:

*Glares at retreating intruders* :catstare:

These fishes have seen some shit. :froggonk: