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Part 205: Day 436-445: Fishing Interlude

Since each sword have their own element, we will have to make some adjustment to the distribution.

Moreover, the formation requires non-demi god. Coffee and Traitor Princess will be out of the equation. They can have their own demi-god formation later.

Fortunately for FH_Meta, he is very compatible with Bear law, which is the only Daoist law that can raise Artifact Skill Cap.

The formation leader (Pillar) requires lv 30 artifact skill while the rest requires 25.

Hitting those level means you free up a slot for other talisman and/or can become the pillar.

But you can only reach lv 29 with bear law Thankfully, the Artifact god law can do the same with better result for formation. Thus you are now God.

Hiho is currently fishing at where the dragon cave used to be. Maybe he will get something better there as a Lake Monster catcher.

The dragon’s ice Qi still haunt the lake to this day. :ghost:

While she waits for the fish to be prepared, Shei-kun went to rob collect formation book from some ancient demon emperor.

Purple fishes are pretty. :bunt:

Our drugman watched a debate to get more Qi. Other tournament categories increase other stat or mastery.

Time flies when you ignore micromanaging everything almost everything a few things while fishing.

Our wallman broke through as the fire mage.

We will keep you as Primordial Soul realm in case we find another formation for spellcaster that requires non-demi god. Same for Shei-kun.

Shei-Kun needs to become demi-god so she can tribulation refines these regular fishes into…

Deadly weapon that stares at you with dead fish eyes. :pwn:

Alright, that’s enough.

Our ancestor suddenly sent us a fire fishing rod. What could it mean? :magemage:

Back to fishing in the red lake you go. This time on our beautiful lotus platform.

You are giving me mix signal here, ancestor.

Our red fox is back! But it’s not a fish?

I think good alignment fox gets red fur, so we will make it morally upright.

:five: Such as waking up our lazy Outers in the morning.

:one: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don’t use the best medicine to heal every little small injury like skin abrasion! It’s for penis restoration. :1:


I don’t think it’s possible to hook up a giant primordial spirit frog by accident.


This auto save proves the ancestor seeks revenge for the monetary damage.

Traitorous Princess immediate take her stand, except she is in a coma, so she can’t. We will deal with you later. :knope:

No, Hiho, you are not the frog.

Coffee and other ancestor would murder the shit out of you.

That or coma confinement.

All you lost is your chicken wing. Consider your bad karma paid.

Now where was I before all these distraction?


Can you swear to the ancestor that you will be loyal to us? For the fifth time? You know what happen when you lie again?

You won’t want to be subject yourself to a very hard working fox. :cabot:


Of course! :five:

It’s high in nutrition and a self-sustainable diet!

Our body cultivator eats it to assert dominance.

Our new God is outraging over the lack of divine relic.

He wanted Lotus Root as his divine item. Not the flower on the top, but the root.

Since he can’t wait till spring for the root to mature, we will solve it with money.

And then gold plate it with the power of angry ghosts.

Lastly, he names it after an obscure color to confuse people.

Lots of people will be troubled by the color identity of this lotus’s root.

We also need your distress to go lower for the next mental breakthrough.

Strip your cloth off to get rid of this.

Would Coffee let an old grandpa sits on his head? A truly disturbing thought.

There's no choice btw.