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Part 207: Day 465-500: Timeskip for real

A slight redo on :sss:superdrug:sss: to have him learn a bunch of mental boost arts to max out his mind before breaking through.


Our son returns and it wants vengeance against all those annoying screens.

Your real name means Long Sea? That won’t do.

“Son! Son!” :dbuddy:

I do like your core specializes in Trail Length. Should I call you Long Son instead? Maybe after you are evolved.

No one knows what Trail Length do besides making fancy line, but some say it affects the artifact attack range from its owner. In other word, our Son can be a sniper.

:haibrow: Go ask any gym member near you about the epic story of asserting dominance to a dragon that likes to eat shit.

No, no! She’s one of the strongest Daoist in the sect! Her earth element will destroy you!

Go for it, Son. But only wild animal. Intelligent species need to be respected by burying as fertilizer. :nono:

I see the ancient grudge against snake is in your blood.

What about you, sun? :fyadride:

See you in a year or two.

As for our coma Bear Law-er, they will awaken in Autumn with reduced attunement. That’s when we will decide how to split the legacy artifacts for the formation.

Hopefully the rest of these cave dwellers will be ready within the year for a big reorganization of our overall strength.

They will be surprised to see multiple of these powerful, but affordable (1 or 2 Goon Poem in value) legacy artifacts waiting for them.


Next season arrives after more timeskip…

Like Son, I am also tired of seeing these prompt screen, so it’s time to ignore them for good. This will also speed up the sluggish pacing of unnecessary micromanagement.

No one should wait 5+ updates to get the formation setup ready. I need to stop micromanaging! Stoooop! :smithicide:

I can’t believe I am now working on the efficiency of wasting more time. Removing all non-vital popup and increase the frequency of autosave instead.

Except you. Concern. :catstare:

Selling all the junks on the ground to reduce the ‘weight’ on the ‘motion’ of the world.

Except this. Coma. :tootzzz:


That broke our Cultivation room! Someone patch it up!

millionplease hahame still need a year or two of the room bonus to keep going!




Since micromanagement is an incurable disease of mine, I will force myself to watch something while the game run on the background in a minimized window.

Now to put my mind onto something else beside management. :sludgepal:


Our Outers lives on their wealthy life in debauchery and decadence.

Life does gets a little dull when you don’t need to worry about money huh?

It’s time you all go to the gym to train your four legs for future burden. Especially you, Hiho. :wave:

The gym is also a sauna.

Don’t worry, our Son will keep you alive. :krakken:


Xun blessed her pants into sentience.

We got a oldman hat from Coffee, love rival wall, and now a pants from Xun.

A pants that seeks freedom.

is it also an old man?


Phew, this is the end of the second season. I really shouldn’t do LP with micromanagement anymore. I should also stop reading guides since we can't get any bet-

*Intensifying micromanagement urge* It’s just to keep it 95% even with injury

The sun is only half done.

This seem worrisome for our Mr. baddrug. Our gods can’t interrupt his breakthrough to cure his massive ego breakdown. :suspense:

The mental damage is pretty severe too. It's good that I redid his mind before the breakthrough.

But gaining higher cap from those obsessions on Protect might be the best thing for this Qi tank. :magemage:


Pants accepted Xun and became her coach.


Hiho is our second chicken mount. :birdthunk:

Might as well get these three with a dozen day left.

We will give them to the Formation Squad later, and I managed to purchase a Lushu contract from the auction.

:tipshat: It was a great financial victory against the auction house through poetry economy. The rest are junk

Now that we dealt with the no-poster. Time to bring in the last gen.

Welcome, 2 season, 2 season, 1 season, and 6 season. Your seniors will be starting a war soon, and they need mount. :horse: