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Part 214: Day 563-567: The Hen House of Chun

Another day, another sect being raided. This time is our Artifact God handling the whole assault.

140 Protect seems to be the minimal requirement to be barely capable of tanking the whole sect worth of damage. It’s certainly a lot harder to get it to this number on non-protect focused god, but Greedy and Hedonistic obsession does help with 6 extra level of protect.

In contrast to Acromage’s defensive combat style, FH_Meta send his white lotus root to free the suffering of these so-called swordmasters.

Our mighty bull – Tracer K, bravely charge straight into their formation and spit sands at their leader. :madmax:

*Slithering laughters*

Wow, this only took one day. That isn’t to say that Acromage isn’t vital for many challenge dungeons.

Having three times more artifact power bonus than Coffee helps, but the latter can six artifacts.

We will be taking your Crystal Pool of Sword. You are disqualified to have such trophy.

Your sword formation might be useless, but a good reference guide for our beginner.

My apology, almost forgot to pay respect to your ancestor that might or might not have wiped our ancestor. You can all sort it out in heaven.

We have more than enough artifact output power, but it might be necessary against Body Cultivators.

Not bad for raw stat up. FH_Meta’s total Artifact Mastery would be around level 131 after multiplier.

Their Wonder is another 9 range Qi Gatherer that would be good if we are still not capable of destroying a sect.

Let’s build multi-layers of wall to protect our investment, but leave enough gap that they are willing to charge in with their greedy life.

Those fake walls should be enough to attract flies into our House of Chun.

Ahh, it worked! :buddy:

This guy does have a nose of a sewer dragon.

YEAHH, SON! It’s time to show them your p-

Traitor Princess is too strong. They all died 5 seconds after they aggregated her.

None of you outsiders have any idea how difficult it is to subdue this princess in various fatal timeline.

None of you outsiders have any idea how many awakened things are roaming/wearing in our sect so far.

Some might even be… traitorous. :raise:

One of our legacy sword wants in on the fun too. Maybe we should raise another item into human… nah, unless it’s poop. But we won’t raise one artificially with spell.

If we are making a poop into human, it shall be born naturally under the heaven and 100% organically grown through a colon. Let’s increase the chance of awakening one.

Sorry, Fence. You were born one letter too much to be a Fece. We have no plan on creating another human-building.

Even though we are starting to free up disciple slots with mount-volunteer, it will be for those in the backlog.

Our Love Guru is really good at making awakening items, so he will be holding a couple poop then.

Wait, we got a better idea! Please strip and put all your non-poop item onto the storage pedestal. We will get you accommodate into the best item-awakening condition.

In the meantime, our Mage God Holy Emperor will show off his frog Daoist power of FREEDOM. :frogc00l:

We make sure half of his military buildings are Protect based.

He only need one spell, the fastest spam spell in the world.

I swear these gods fly a lot faster than the estimate time. They are practically teleporting with such high stats.

Greetings, ancestors that may or may not had wiped our old sect.

Let’s begin.

Too bad we failed to get him an AOE spell, otherwise everything would be cleared much more efficiently.

Not that it took long to shoot down these Primordial Soul.

Face to face after dealing with those small pests that contributes damage.

*Deep Inhale*

*Protrude* :frogout:

This image fits the definition of harassment.

Gender equal harassment.

The harassment lasted for almost a month before they gave in to the Emperor’s frolicking.

Nice mountain.

What mountain?

There you are. What about our item-awakening facility?

Inspired by the most efficient ancient ranching method utilized by our ancestor, we will replicate their divine blueprint into the Way of Dao in the modern era.

Welcome to the Love Nest. :lovebird:

To maximized the probability of awakening poop and fishes, our demi-god ancestor are ethically-compelled to become the hatcher of sentiency. Wearing nothing but the desired item for awakening.

Those item on the ranch outside are our little awakened chicks. This is a 100% free-range land. :duckie:

Don’t fall for it, Epochol! Only active poster has the qualification to sits on the Cushion of participation!

They will grow strong in their limited-fenced 100% Free-Run freedom fighter environment to become active participate of the Great Chun someday.

It’s regrettable that certain structures are not movable, but we respect these chick's inclination to no-post stay still for eternity.