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Part 219: Day 600-608: Unorthodox Purchase

“Son, Son!” :dbuddy:

“Son, Son!” :dbuddy:

“Son, Son.” :dbuddy:

Well done, Son. You are winning. :unsmith:

Successful people/dragon deserves a vacation with premium food.

While Son are enjoying its vacation, our cultivators are working hard against the dark forces of RNG.

The Hen House team are meditating with the God of RNG to awaken an ‘earthen soil’.

Naturally, we will do anything to increase the odds.


Hatching egg of legendary creature are a lot easier in comparison.

But one of our gymnast is dead set on eating it! That protein will be enough to help him grow another pack or two. :yum:

It is now a race between egg hatching and Flarnith's stomach strengthening. Can the egg escape its fate of becoming protein supplement? Only time will tell.

:havlat: A third challenger appeared! This whole new deadly RNG factor could end the race at any time! Both contestants better hurry up! :sax:

While we wait for the resolution in the War of Protein, we also have some internal complication of treasonous nature that need to be taken care of.

The current suggestions are: Have her wear a spy pant to monitor her traitorous activity, or send her to an extremely deadly battle.

Our traitor is all for going outside the sect as soon as she was given the option.

Last minute brush up on her grimoire of spells to loop heal forever.

Cheat stat looking good.

We consult Sect Master Blaze Dragon for the outcome of an almost certain future.

Ancestor Blaze Dragon reply cryptically about our latest Inner of arthritis law getting huge. We will interpret that as a good sign.

Let’s hope the new game update fixed her loyalty.

No traitorous red text on her name yet.

Prove your loyalty through offending enemy ancest-

Damn cursed pear soup! I forgot the artifacts you re-equipped has suck you dry! :spoonville:

Tactical retreat… is this the best future foresee by Blaze Dragon?

No change to her name color yet… surely all these premium spirit seeds on the ground is more than enough to retain her loyalty.

I don’t get why people would ever want to betray such a wonderful sect that force fed you 30+ highly concentrated concoction. :shrug:

Don’t forget your daily mandatory supplement of ancestor dick bones! :wotwot:

Blaze Dragon received an updated premonition about the lack of chaos… in heaven…?

Alright, back for round 2: double-crossing edition.

This is it. The hour of ascertaining loyalty.

You can tell these guys takes their ancestors worshiping seriously.

They seem very offended. Like we poked a beehive that respect the dead.

Their formation shapes like a… huge guy.

Too bad the huge guy has to deal with our bee-like wood element artifact that splits into 9 pieces like the bone of a late-stage arthritis patient.

Death by a thousand beeeee-

Hold on, why are there so few spells here? She should had learned at least twice as much!

No! I can’t loop heal with that! What happened?

20 minutes of deep investigative contemplation later…

Let me explains to you through a disposable non-poster example.

We will teach Jayme the wrong way to cultivate with this shitty foreign law from somewhere.

Here’s what happened: All these exterior secret arts that isn’t from Supreme Law are considered unorthodox.

This applies to the practitioner of not-supreme law themselves.

Normally, we can only learn these ‘defective arts’ of these trash laws by ¼ of the total Orthodox score.

Unless those shitty arts belong to the same shitty law of the practitioner, in which case, they can learn it without restriction, but they still contributes to the unorthodox score.

In other words, Jayme and every non-Chun cultivator in the world can’t learn external arts without accessing orthodox arts from our real-deal Supreme Law.

That brings us back to our amazing 'cheat'-stat cultivator. :argh:

She pre-purchased a bunch of trash arts that can’t be unlearned and now she can’t learn other law's 'defective' arts.

All in all, she needs about 120 orthodox attainments, and another 40 attainments to get all these powerful 'defective' spells. :airquote:

EXP is not a problem. We have cities of mortals to fund her expenditure of supreme education. :worship:

However, learning orthodox trash arts to fill the quota is not desirable. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to this problem.

We solve it with money. :homebrew:

New Supreme Law and something else unlocked! :shepspends:

How appropriate, my wealth have summoned a Golden Peak. We even starts out as Friend. :agesilaus:

I did not expect to get into new content so soon, but Aldantefax has betrayed my expectation. :argh: and the dev deserves all my money