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Part 224: Day 621-625: Other Formations

The final boss dealt quite a heavy blow to our local pear tree industry, but we will recover from this tragic loss of pears.

Other than that, the boss was so easy that we have time to rip its eyes off as trouphy.

Seriously, how did our ancestors died to this thing? Some angry clone war shenanigans? The only thing sink is our poor pear trees. :iiam:

It did leave some of us a curse.

But demi-god doesn’t need it, and they gain a massive increase to their base mental stat at demi-god realm, so it's not even a nuisance.

We won’t spent another 100 days to get the blessing, because we are going back to our perfectly ordinary timeline of Chun World Domination!

After many painstaking hours of experiment and zero explosion in this timeline, we managed to pack everyone into a few unique formations.

We already seen the super formation of kill-boss-so-fast. So let’s move the spotlight to other Chuns!

Let’s start our sect raid with this one.

This is a simple spellcaster formation where Nea get strapped with two batteries. She got extra spell buff from her ire over this formation’s gender inequality requirement.

Although Shei-kun won’t be doing the fighting as the battery, she will provide an aquarium show among the fireworks.

We will send our Dark Force to purify this sacred place. :catholic:

It is currently snowing at night – a great hour of darkness to accompany this cleansing raid. :spooky:

These ladies are ready to show the world what it is like to strap batteries to a spellcaster. :flame:

Before that, we need to pay respect to their holy ancestor with consecration and desecration.




:eng99: Shei-kun got wiped for bringing fishes to the battle. Alas, LV 20 artifacts skill isn’t enough to cover a spellcasting law that have zero artifact art.

Dark Force Timeline 2 – No Fish Edition.

This time, we will do team buff instead of single.

:bisonyes: A million damage to everyone on screen, but somehow it wasn’t a lot after whatever formula it went through behind the enemy formation..

But that’s fine. We got all day.

What the hell, Shei-kun!

Your support-purpose water law sucks! :krakken:

Timeline 3 – Shei-kun Boogaloo

This Shei-kun is now jacked up on barrier stat through those lesser arts in the library.


Don’t expose our formation weakness like that!

It’s good that the Qi Pool is shared.

Tagging in!

I didn’t anticipate for the battery to fight, so you don’t have much spell on you.

At least you lasted long enough for Shei-kun to take over and cast her own grimoire at them. :science:

Unsurprisingly, we achieved full heal loop, so we can win.

But this damn formation stability keeps dropping, so Nea have to disband and reform after the Formation Cool down is over. All this took longer than spell god solo, but at least Daoist can pull it off. Might be easier if Shei-kun and Win have their own formation to loop Formation Cool Down as well.

We know they will win in a couple decades, so let’s move on before I delay this update any longer.

Next we bring out the new big boy formation. Very miraculous.

A sword shaped formation with a well-balanced cast of: Huge Bear, arthritis-patient, house, three gods, and a very stressed curse-power lady. All to power up a cat. :monar:

Our target is the most powerful sword sect in the world!

Let’s see how they handle The Zoo.

“Dear ancestor of Seven Slaughter Sect…”


The node goat face supposed to be in is broken for some reason, and I can’t fix it. :ughh:

It’s fine.

We will make do.

Interesting, our vertical formation versus their horizontal.

Frog god will be on clean up duty.

Offering prayers to the deceased and visa entry into his soul land. :yum:

Holy Shit, Xun’s mount got huge!

The curse of Pear Soup strikes again! At least bigger formation mean she won’t be the only target.

Right when I was praising the size of the formation! :argh:

I am having a headache.

Still waiting for the Formation Skill to charge up.

Right on time! Xun wasn’t a dedicated healer after all.

Bring in the pear soup!

No healing, raw combat!

She borrowed the god cursed pear soul from Acromage.

Bear Law’s unique spell. It’s as good as a legacy artifact.

Multi-target murder! None can escape the Chun brand pear soup brewed through a whole season!

Our turn to exploit their gap!

Big size come with bigger risk!

Cyflan pours out her whole bowl before swapping back to Xun.

Too bad off-pillar member can’t continue their cool down.

But we have enough spells from everyone to tank a long time.

Fire law is the real spellcasting law. :ssj:

Not bad. A few more rotation and…

Done. We have to disband for a while due to stability getting too low, but mass heal spells kept everyone alive to victory. This is how the dev intended for sect-raid/boss-fight before god and body cultivator were introduced to broke everything. :sweatdrop:

Lastly, we found a formation that we can dump our Misc. cultivators into something useful.

All they need is decent medical skill and hold a semi-rare wood. As you can guess, it’s some sort of health themed formation.

It’s medium size, compact, and buff everything averagely, so we can rotate around this RPG team of healers and sword-masters. Everyone seems to be leaning to the left for some reason.

As a bunch of ancestral manchild, we elected to swan dive our Wood formation into this giant pit. :iiasm:

We are bringing a lot of woods into this hole. :getin:

Our Love Guru approves. This major affair will surely go down in history as the greatest achievement of Chun!

That’s one hell of a hole.

Great ancestor of the pit hole sect or something, can we insert woods into it?

Why must you do this the hard way? Or maybe that’s exactly what you want?


Once again, our inferior sized formation will go against…

Tentacles. :cthulhu:

Unlike our prior formations, this one help us grow pear and helps injury recovery, ensuring that we can last more than 4 hours without needing to see a doctor! It’s extremely potent if you pair this with body cultivator in theory :eng101:

It’s also vomit-green to make sure you know this thing is healthy. :thumbsup:

Since we don’t have a body cultivator, we will have to turn this off so that Average can fight.

Time for you to shine, our latest super golden core 7 swords master!

Pushing back all these lesser artifacts with our shafts! Fear its might!

This lady is getting our 6 stars treatment. :heysexy:

Intense exchange of lasers

Our superior lasers are pushing them into defensive! We can sense their fear and desperation to avoid our greatest treasures!

Five hours later, most of our members are too exhausted to go on.

So our human manifestation of a size-shrink drug decided to drop the Viagra formation and go solo to overwhelm them with his vast amount of Qi.

All these formations suck. Except the Ragestriker one that Coffee’s been using.