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Part 226: Day 630-680: Yang Chun

There’s one nice thing about these comment button all over the place.

They are impromptu guides by players. Someone should paste these into wiki, please.

Thanks, Amplify. I know what POWERFUL our Big Chun should go.

Never thought I would bother with the element filtering function, but here we are. For Pure Yang.

Unfortunately, that means she won’t be able to breach the 77k Max Qi needed for Sun Pill. Regardless, she still managed to surpasses the Max Qi of previous generation.

We will made do with these for millions Max Qi later.

And whatever Big Chun wanted from other ‘branches’ storage.

Our Gym members make sure they don’t forget their place.

That’s what I thought. :colbert:

HO SHIT, BIG CHUN! You are asking them to give us Legacy Artifacts! No wonder they try to raid us.

There’s nothing that can stop us anymore. We are simply too strong. Who else can make us take them seriously? Well, I can think of-

This potential turncoat that can’t be imprisoned because the wall and door would make way for her.

One of our bomb magic tree is done growing! (Growth 100%, Maturity 0%)

:hmmno: This is not worth the whole ordeal we went through. Maybe its maturity will worth something.

Speaking of worth, Big Chun returned with two Legacy Artifacts that she extorted kindly accepted from friend.

TH-THIS-thing is made with Torch Dragon Heart! It contains the greatly sought after effect of increasing Protection by 10! Can you imagine holding six of these!?

You would almost be ready to solo sect at 20+60 = 80 Protection!

But first, according to the guide, we need to find a time that max season bonus on one of your core.

So we will close our eyes and wait…

Hopefully nothing bad happen in the time chamber gym.

All of our cats are facing tribulation more frequently that others because they absolutely refuse to sit down to pause the clock and plays 24/7.

She made it this time, but it will be tough for the next one! Big Chun need to hurry up!

The bonus… went down on both Yin, and Yang core. They are factoring ALL 5 element combination of the day (earth) and season (four element) to determine the bonus. Back to eye closing.

Our awakened gears just won’t shut up stop being motivational!

Both core’s season bonus went down even lower, wtf??

It’s fortunate that demi-god don’t need to sleep anymore.

One of our spellcaster will face the cloud.

He’s not a cat, so don’t expect anyone to get that dangerously high for awhile.

Anyway, Spellcaster have a super easy time with tribulation cloud since it has low resistance to spell damage. Pop five of these and they are done.

Not to mention heal loop.

Nearly forgot about him. Had to reload a bit to catch up with this tiger’s shapeshifting trial to become human.

He practically just lost his fur from the stress. :powercatte:

Our demi-god are reaching their limit of staying home. They are want to ascend for different reasons.


It will take everything we have to help her survive the fifth one.

“ANCESTOR! WE NEED HELP!” :supaburn:

When I said help him survive, I meant delaying the clock and hope we can unlock the ending soon. :newlol:

What’s over there?

Oops, geekworth got trib again. The giant decorative lamp phoenix egg building got strike by lightning and splits out a bunch of phoenix meat. Yes, a Building that produce meat.

Anyway, we don’t need to see what a spellcaster can do to the cloud again. :tootzzz:

Despite what you think, our human cultivators are more willing to sits down to stop the clock, and Coffee only dealt with one count-down cloud so far.

In the interval, Big Chun stopped by the yearly competition to watch and learn something useful - The art of being a Whale. :homebrew:

Finally, on the 9th day of Spring…

This should be as good as it gets.

The next thing most essential to the progression of this law requires the help of our ancestor.

The best non-element weather only an ancestor can cast.

We will leave the day/night bonus to the other core.

Just to ensure both can reach grade 1.

Everything should go smoothly if there’s no distraction.


There we go. Grade 1 before halfway point.

A group of barbarian showed up! Only they would be dumb enough to attack us.

A real group of barbarian.

What war crime did you committed!? I am surprised you can still walk under the heaven in broad daylight.

Deploying bouncers.

Going all out to protect our last gen and ultimate weapon.

Oh hi, our sentient tower! We completely forgot about it!

That shirt is savage like a wolf.

:sss: Whale feels full. Got two SSR core. :sss:

400k and 288k cores. 184k Qi. Moving on.

Almost two millions Max Qi at Demi-God.

Uhh, I think there was a blunder somewhere, but I heard Pure Yang would inflate artifact Qi, so we may as well drop it to Neutral and get 20 more Protect.

Should I reload back to learn some Yin Arts before making the core? Nah, Max Qi doesn’t matter to us anymore.

Learn everything! No need to hold back anymore, we will even out the score after! :dota101:

There’s no end to whaling. :agesilaus:

Big Chun is ready. It’s time to tackle the greatest adversary that would cause anxiety to any lesser ancestor.

:havlat: The Ultimate Gym Battle :havlat:

Just in time! This will max out Big Chun’s artifact slot. They are vital for this operation because…

This DLC law have two legacy artifacts.

It’s… as anti-body as it can get.

The power of top 1% against those gym goers without any attainment will be fearsome. :wotwot:

Which is why we will leave these trash at home for something better.

36 times Heavenly Reforged fishes, LET'S GOOOOOOOOOO! :krakken: