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by Nyaa

Part 229: Epilogue

Let’s have a look at the fate of our Chun.

Daoist, Shendao, and Gymnast all lost their gains… does that mean Body Cultivator can learn magic again? :thunk:

Let’s begin with our beloved sect leader who was standing at point zero of the world-scale dimensional magic activation.

How many of us are willing to give up our hard-earned godly power that took one month to accumulate?

Congratulation to all of our Demi-God who choose to start over in the sequel! There’s no season 3.

As for the non-demi-god…

Wait, she doesn’t need to reincarnate as a baby!? What is this cheat treatment that doesn’t requires reincarnation!? Flarnith (Physical) also got this?

What about our Gods?

Goatface, Acromage, GridLocked (Physical) was killed by Traitors! :argh:

Good things also happen to some who chose to stay.

He won’t be born with previous life’s memory, but body builder doesn’t need to remember any magic formula anyway. This is probably the best for him with so many people owning him favor.

As for our Outers who can’t post become Inner in time.

No luck for any of them.

Lastly, we have the Mysterious Cultivator who protected us for a couple days in the beginning.

Please give him cheat stat next time to protect us.

What about those ascended ancestors?

How’s our beloved fish lady doing in heaven?

Is that why some thousand years old cultivator was so weak?

There goes another 500 years.

Despite the initial waste of time, she managed to reach the State of Heavenly Immortal!

They say she have the best aquarium in the world of immortal!

Oh no, are you going to lose motivation to become stronger with a super pet?

Yeah! Have some principle and cultivate more!

Did the cloud caps at one billion?

So we ARE strong enough to fight those outside demons!

Earnestly assembling her Pokemon team to fight demon.

At least she got away.

How’s our artifact god doing?

I should have known. :hmmno:

How’s our cat lady?

Immediately joined the top gang to take care of her. As expected of a cat.

Make a few powerful friends and crash in their house.

Lynneth also drank this juice, but she can’t handle it and become one with heaven.

I would have gone home if it takes decades to fight a demonic infestation.

Damn, demons are scary.

This is before Shei-kun found the Dark Nether’s baby.

Holy cow, you are the most successful ancestor of us all! She also survived a couple ‘clouds’ in that world.

Max Luck cat is riding the good life.

She is powerful enough to clone herself.

‘Found’. :airquote:

Inventing new spells.

Everyone need a Pokemon team to fight demon.

We raised a very successful cat! :monar:

What can even kill her at this point?

:thunk: Perhaps this is the 'poor foundation' from our broken-world that caused her to fail at higher realm. Like having a bad golden core. Maybe she will do better in the sequel.