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Part 23: Day 20: Feng Shui is Serious Business

Since the Ancestral Snake Hall can fit one more furniture, we elected to place a water/wood combo pot to further strengthen the Ancestral Memorial Table.

The water pot got better Feng Shui than the table… is that good? Ancestor no thirsty?

Oh no! The Snake fell asleep!?

Of course! The extra water element is suppressing the fire snake so it won't have insomnia!


We will remove the Cold Crystal Pedestal next to fire flowers.

A visitor has arrived.

Could she become the last member of the sect before we can expand it further with higher reputation?

She must had heard of our Maze of Penitent and come to visit. Maybe we can persuade her to stay.

Ah... she is female version of Radio Free Kobold with an 'evil-experimented body' too...

Now would be a good time to practice proper etiquette to the guest. It’s shame we can’t recruit her after, but proper education for each of our cultist is very important for an upstarting sect. Let’s provide some hospitality to the elderly and send them on their way.

Blaze Dragon with the Persuasive trait would be the best candidate besides Hats to sway her away.

Huh!? Radio Free Kobold flew back at this very moment!

But he flew pass the old lady and Blaze Dragon without a second glance and dumps all his findings in the storage room.

Spirit Herb are rare ingredients for mid to high tiers alchemy.


On top of its strong capability to gather Qi, It can be planted to grow into spirit plant, smelt into 500 spirit stones, or place on somewhere to supercharge the area with earth element!

The old lady is leaving. Blaze Dragon left a good enough impression that our sect gained some positive rep.

However, fate must have a hand for the coincidental return of Radio Free Kobold.

He decided to have a talk to verifies the possibility.

They don't have much affinity since Radio Free Kobold keep talking about that sect master he met the other day. He doesn’t even know what’s wrong when she asks him sarcastically about this Rangsi Xia.

Knowing how tasteful this woman is towards Rangsi Xia, Radio Free Kobold decides to give her something.

There’s not much the poor Radio Free Kobold can give, but an used pants should worth something?

OH! SHE LIKES IT! Perhaps there is a deeper affinity from heaven for him to meet her at this beach!


Radio Free Kobold later demanded some outer students to make him some good clothes.

But he will have to wait.

To keep his mind off the painful reality of women’s incapability to understand him, he decided to find a hole and dive in to bury his embarrassment.

Speaking of digging a hole to bury one’s head, we planted one of the spirit root at the spot where Mr. Wolf suggested. Canine are certainly master of digging holes.

Wow, this root cares for Feng Shui as much as our Snake!

It have… mood?

It will ‘eat’ anything including dead bodies, so let’s go with fire element for the earth plant.

Happerry bravely feed(?) the plant with the burning rock, and it likes it.

Unfortunately, it needs to grow in spirit soil.

Which is currently occupied by our magic shroom.

We will have to chop the tr-tree?

I see. It’s six times tougher than the biggest tree we got.

We will replant it after our magic shroom are harvested.

It… became a brown rock block…

Anonymousidiot is very concerned that she might be cursed by Feng Shui dirt for digging out or killing a magic plant/tree.

At least our Feng Shui Snake continues its task after we broke down the wall to let the warm air in. We will lengthen the entrance to spread out the cold air and fill in a few more furniture. Our ancestor will praise us for this decision.

O-oh no! Hats’ mind was crushed! Lynneth desperately plays music to calm down the sect master, but to no avail!

Dammit Hats! Go play with your birds-I meant, the bird cages in the entertainment/diner room!

Or a game of Go in the efficient multi-door room.

Prickly, Hats can feel the Feng Shui leaks from many door slamming and twirling him mystically like a raft in a stormy sea.

As such, we will move all entertainment into Hats room to appeases his developing homicidal urge for Blaze Dragon.

Perfect, the Earth Spirit Root max out the Earth element on all these Iron furniture on Hats’ room. Everyone is saved for now.