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Part 32: Day 28: Dining with Ancestor

The construction of Dinning with Ancestor commence. It will serves the best noodle in the form of the snake when we got some flour.

Our ancestor must have sent this lost lamb into our kitchen.

Who won’t be down for Dinning with Ancestor?

In respect for gender equality, Blaze Dragon will be the persuader this time.

He is a persuasive person with a sob story about being an orphan.

Please succeed where Hats has failed.

Good. Another goon to dress up in our all personnel Bèn brand clothing line in full red color uniform with an snake imprint! Schedule to arrives in this year autumn or winter when we have enough red textile.

Welcome to the cult, Bliss!

She is a child born with a special Yin-Yang eyes that can see dead people things that normally can’t be seen by mortal. However, this eyes of her cost a lot of spirit Qi that causes her to become bedridden until a traveling doctor sealed it.

She became a strict tutor that isn’t beloved by her students. In fact, she publicly caught a noble cheating in an exam without giving it face!

Naturally, the noble has taken revenge and broke her leg.

Our fire ancestor must have sent her with this fire element divine weapon to us!

Which mean building this fire statue is not a mistake!

Too bad she isn’t suitable for any cultivation law. Maybe the ancestor will find her one in the future.

Slaan, on the otherhand, loathe all these spendthrift on fire stuff in the middle of summer.

However, Dinning with Ancestor is looking great! Aside from the symmetry issue

Please, Slaan. It will all be worth it in the end!

It may be too hot for now and need to be addressed with ice wall or something, but think about winter!

Very well, we will construct this emergency shelter ice bell.

What do you mean this is Gamblers Fallacy on this endless wealth squandering and Hot Hand Fallacy to please our ancestor!? Don’t be silly.

Stop sighing! Your wife’s bias is influencing you!

Stop copying Arcanuse! You don't even know what you are sighing about!

Yes, talk about something more important things like Radio Free Kobold’s trip to that black hole into another world!

Or the Maze of Penitent that is finally done. Oops, I missed one wall.

Hats returned while we were obsessed devoted to the construction of our Dinning with Ancestor.

He slacked enough to bump his breakthrough chance to 20%. Good enough to try it out before he fully commits to full mental rehabilitation.

Do it in the snake pit.

Bath in the warm embrace of th-wait, why is there a water element Dragon Fruit there?

Curses! It was dropped when we moved the pedestal!

You do!?

Is this another fake out like the treasure refinement before? Still, 40% ain’t bad.

We all knew it.