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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 33: Day 29-30: Third Inner

It was a long flight, but Radio Free Kobold is back at the dimensional portal to the otherworld.

Sounds like it is your lucky day?

Poke it.

Welcome back to the game our world, Radio Free Kobold.

While you were away, the diner is getting good reviews

Everyone can’t wait for the ice bell to be done.

Our ancestor must have send fireflies to light us the way to these ice crystal!

Don’t get cold feet now, Kaja. You are the second-in-line as chosen one.

Slaan will be the first in line. She is done with wealth management.

As if on cue by the ancestor, a bear appeared on our lotus farm!

Slaan knew it is time to pass down the torch for burning down the kitchen.

Her task as the big sister is done. This bell she built will keep everyone alive.

The temple is also cool and comfortable. Nothing left to worry abo-


The (still) sleeping demon beast went up a power level! Save us, Slaan! :ohdear:

It’s time.

Time to get good at stabbing with metal. :hist101:

Wait, hold on, she need a matching element room… should she sleep on a metal or ice bed? Let me look up a guide…

According to this guide by Rithgard, I was a step off with our element room setup for inner? Same element bonus should still apply...

Regardless. Radio Free Kobold’s room is now perfect for Slaan. We will build a hot room for Hats later.

Proceed! :ssj:

Ah, you came back just in time! Lots of things have happened… so you don’t have a room anymore.

Go treasure hunt this portal thing here. You might find a bright screen thing you call ‘computer’ again. Yes, yes, we believe you and you aren’t going senile.

Arcanuse is sad to not be able to hug Slaan until their bed is moved.

Slaan chose to cultivate in the Maze of Penitent. To severs her ties for mortal concerns, but everyone still went to distract/cheer for her.

As for why everyone is in the maze, they are planting the water element plant to make the Feng Shui less cursed in the maze.

We almost forgot the book that Radio Free Kobold brought back.

It teaches new charms and some building designs.

Wait… I actually forgot this thing that he brought from home a long time ago…


Hats don’t need it now. We don’t need this non-canon celebratory dev-gift item!

All he need is studying a fictional fantasy culture written by a senile old cultivator.

Two lantern, two roof, and one fireworks design.

Every inner will be getting the fortune charm and Radio Free Kobold could use the longevity charm.

Speaking of inner, Slaan did it! She is now the Bear Piercer! :fork:

This particular cultivation law is interesting: There’s only one breakthrough per stage.

Practitioner of this cultivation method are supposed to fail many time to build up the fail bonus until you succeed.

However, now is not the time to cultivate. Moving her bed caused a random bed assignment to Anoymousidot.

She will take her mind off by going out to visit the place she wanted to go. Is Slaan going full evil from wealth? Or she’s trying to loot a tomb?

Surrounded by what!? Dammit, textbox size!

While Slaan is gone, a cerebration is in order for having three inner! 3 X 3 = 9. Nine is a good number that means "Long lasting” and “Eternity" to blastoff! It will take a while to build these and we will wait till Slaan is back.

Hats’ Qi is maxed, so it would be a waste to not use it for breakthrough.

Summer is certainly the right season for a girl to laugh.

Back to the Snake Pit with 50% chance!

While Hats is breaking through, the state of our ancestor temple diner is… awful.

These new lantern design are… too festive.

These roofs, however, are temple-like.

Hats thoughts about how Slaan would laugh (evilly).

Hats have another thought: “If I breakthrough, does that mean more responsibility and work? I want to stay home lazily.”

At least failure bonus boosted it to 60%. Place your bets on his next attempt.