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Part 37: Day 34-35: Pleasing Faces

We have a really long name for our new shine as befitting of a long snake.

There are some consideration for a diminutive name to make it easier for mortals to refers The Porcelain Shrine of the Coiled Snakes Shrine.

Goodbye, Covski. We don’t have anything to give you.

Our ancestor will watch you from above in their new metal home.

Watching in amazement at how Kaja managed to start a fire on rock stove with the walls down for reconstruction. It’s clearly a sign that our ancestor doesn’t want rock material for their home.

Only the metal of most prestige: Darksteel, are worthy of their attention.

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough darksteel in our vicinity, so we will have to visit the third sects next to us for their permission to mine in their mountain. There's only an ¼ chance to find it per trip. Truly a worthy labor for the gods.

We certainly need a suitable hauler representative with enough luck to find the metal.

Radio Free Kobold come across a fight on his way home.

Taking sides mean we will make enemy, and all these people are one cultivation stage higher than us.

Currently, we have accumulated some Just morality by being nice to people and guest, but mostly taking a neutral standpoint in the eyes of others. Just and Evil rap adds to our total reputation, so we can only become Mixed rep if we try to appease both ends.

Our sect is becoming a real sect with a few more pandemic salvations. High fame would attract the attentions of stronger beings, so it best to stay low until we get a Golden Core cultivator.

However, danger can come from within the sect due to imprudence or disrespecting the ancestor.

Since the kitchen stove contain innately contain some fire element, the best choice would be earth rock or fire element metal.

We all remember what happened when our ancestor are enraged.

Wood goes well with fire, but we will abstain from this option due to countless case of kitchen accident. Good Feng Shui can’t prevent incompetency fire.

The room just need to be big enough to spread the heat.

A few voiced their concerns over this decision as they prepares the wheat that took forever to grow.

Blaze Dragon and Anonymousidiot are very worried.

They would rather eats raw food…

… or put a stop to the horrible plan with greater authority.

However, promoting themselves now would screw their future due to the lack of compatible laws. No one would want to stuck forever with mental issue like Hats and Radio Free Kobold. Slaan pending for further diagnostic.

As if answering our concerns; our ancestor must have sent an expert of cold temperature to bring us salvation.

To show our sincerity, our sect master Hats will personally extend an invitation to permanently stay here and deal with our recurring combustion issue.


We did not leave a good impression.

So we must earn some good rep to gain some face.

We still got our faceful of dignity. :doh:

Radio Free Kobold didn’t return in time to stop both face-slapping tragedy.

He will stays to wait for the fire show after Slaan's return.

Here’s a small preview in the stone kitchen.

We have completely forgotten Radio Free Kobold’s home was taken by Slaan and her Husband.

The fire/water doom house is still under construction.

There is an unoccupied home for future disciples. It’s currently occupied by the (unstably depressed) guest.

We are pretty sure she will find Radio Free Kobold to be very likeminded.

It is just a matter of time before they get used to each other…

But a good chat would give it a boost.

As for Radio Free Kobold’s bad mood about lacking treasure, Hats will deal with it while they chat.

The enticement begins.

At the worst possible compatibility.

Showing respect to the elders is an easy way to garner good wills.

Cultivator who can fly across the world would always have something worth gossiping.

News of an evil gathering - the same event like the good sect gathering that Hats benefited before. Maybe he can get another boost of enlightenment from these evil elders?

Sometime our guest would have knowledge about certain people.

Especially the suspect for the destruction of Taiyi Sect. However, she won’t diverge such information without better relation.

As for gift, she will take everything the person has equipped.

29 more junks low quality gifts until she opens up her heart to us.

Everyone else (except Hats) will grab whatever in the warehouse to give it to her like birthday presents.

Hats would need to wash his hand before handing out the gift… ah, is that why she was severely depressed?

Anyway, we must ensure good quality treasure are produced with maximum devotion.

Hats did it!

A manure rivaling the likeness of what would be produced by the mythical creature! Re-imagined through Female Frog Crap!

Indeed, only someone lucky like Radio Free Kobold would find a rare being like Qilin, and thus worthy to possess this relic of the Cult of Bèn.

While everyone is suffering gambler gift fallacy to make friends with our guest, Anonymousidiot thoughts of something. “Would she take our food like… water?”

Good question, go grab six buckets.

The real worth is the buckets, right?

But she IS the master of water element, so she SHOULD appreciates someone giving water for her training, right?

She does. :monocle:

Let me tell you about our ‘Holy Water’… :catholic:

Too bad good thing doesn’t last.

We have to figure out her ‘weakness’ after giving her another 9 buckets of holy water.

It’s still not enough for her to accepts Radio Free Kobold.

After some bed-switcheroo, we managed to free up a house for Radio Free Kobold and gotten rid of their awkwardness.

What a long and tiresome day of pleasing various seniors and superiors. :tootzzz: