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Part 46: Day 50-52: Busy Preparation

Autumn begins. The temperature rapidly plunges by more than half of summer’s peak.

It is by all means, the most comfortable season before hell froze over in winter.

Our regular Outers are surprisingly resilient enough to find freezing temperature to be ‘comfortable’.

A thick cloth like these or resist cold charm will be enough to survive the winter… unless we are hit by a super storm weather?

Our food situation is optimistic.

Arcanuse is making heart-to-heart farewell to everyone before he become a shut-in forever.

For his time has come.

Longevity Reincarnation of Six Paths is an interesting cultivation law where the practitioner went through the cycle of growth from child to old age and repeat.

It’s best to not breakthrough at all until you are ready to stay home and breakthrough everything in the stage as soon as possible. No one wants to stuck in the middle of the hungry ghost phase.

It’s done. No fancy explosion or colorful blast wave.

Arcanuse is now ready to be born anew.

It won’t fix his scars though.

Spellcaster prefers this cultivation law due to the numerous spells and passive Qi boost.

A plant growth spell that speed one whole day (post spell-upgrade) out of the plant's 25-30 days growth period. It’s not bad at later stages where you have enough Qi to spam it from seed to harvest.

A very useful spell to relieve the burden of Outers. It would be a waste to use Inner as fertilizer. Especially after having the plant growth spell.

These two secret arts are the main bread and butter of the cultivation law. They are great for everyone to learn, but quite costly for Metal and Earth user to comprehend.

Having four Inners would certainly attract some interest from other cultivators.

It would be wrong to say he is here for sightseeing.

Our ancestors certainly took a ‘liking’ to him.

Maybe the name of the refined treasure will give us a clue.

Unfortunately, Slaan isn’t a good interpreter. She was too distracted by her missing husband who isn't sleeping at the Outer Barrack for a while. Where could he be?

A second visitor!

A golden core came personally!

Arcanuse immediately leave his seclusion to have a chat with the stranger that might know some new games that is on the market.

They love games so much that Arcanuse broke through his heart-guard after the greeting. He is someone we can go all out to befriend.

Have you heard of a water-based game?

There are way too many visitors today.

Did someone tricked all these old people to get their pension here?

Coffee will deal with them. He should be fine at full health and a shield charm.

Meanwhile, Arcanuse is teaching our guest this water-based game.

It’s quite complex and requires using lots of water.

Coffee have learned his lesson from last time. He will perform first aid before going for the next senile lady demanding her pension.

In fact, he immediately flees for first aid the moment the other bandit managed to injure him.

She aren’t going anywhere with that leg pain anyway.

“Another six buckets and we will be done with tutorial!”

Too bad our guest isn’t hardcore enough to stay for the Great Bucket War Game.

Meanwhile, the Second Battle of Pension begins.

Arcanuse thought about raising some puppets to play games with him, but it will take a while to learn that spell.

To the pear tree farm it is.

That’s right! There’s another guest!

But it’s hard to illustrate to him on how the bucket game works.

Coffee’s neck is a little sore after the easy battle, so he sleeps horizontally.

The path of cultivation is a narrow and lonely road.