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Part 48: Day 55: Sect Visit & Investigation

Hats in visitor mode have an extra backpack item he found in the wild. These won’t count as stolen item.

Fun Fact: In older version of the game when sect visit isn’t fully implemented, these visit will be treated like a normal event where you encounter its students on the map, but with the additional option of stealing from the treasury. One of my character got caught stealing and he lost his limb(s) as punishment.

Inner have no more automation (actually, it's spamming the wait command) and Hats must be controlled manually.

Ah, the big magic tree that we don’t have. It is desired by many for its Qi gathering capability.

He can’t harvest plants or mine rocks because that would be Outer-character.

Abandoned crate in the wild are free for all.

Ah, ore that we don’t really need.

Doesn’t mean we won't take it. It can be processed into weaponry for trade!

This is not picking up trash from other sect! It’s not! :tbear:

We can make more winter clothes! No more coldness in our poverty! :sweatdrop:

Time paused everywhere else except here to calculate how long to 'delay' Hats on his flight trip home, and it will revert back in time when Hats leaves the sect.

Another tree, how lucky.

How many Inner do they have? Let’s loot before talking.

What the hell is this and why do they leave precious med on the ground?

Ah, only Soul Forming Nascent Soul stage can eat it without an explosive death. It is still precious enough to be considered stealing.

Let’s try to copy this for our sect.

Any spilled pill under the furnace?

Hurray! Our first legally stolen design! We can now make… small pills? Or is it decoration?

Third magic tree? These supposed to be ultra-rare like one in a… thousand?

These are some high level training from the masters. One hit from these and Hats will be corpse.

A forth one… did they figure out a way to grow these tree?

Now they are just showing off with all these crane lanterns.

A corpse. They have equipment on it.

They are generally common item, but freebies are free.

Omg, they have array formation! I don’t know what it is, but it looks powerful.

Why is the whole sect fighting!? Is there an invader?

I see. They are too stinky to give us a marble mace.

All part of trial and error with Hats’ life.

No touching corpse this time.

Hey! I spotted that first!

HAHA! I don’t even want it!

After a few flight trip, we got the exterior Rosy Cloud Grotto explored. They build their sect around a huge pond.

They really like lotus.

Steal the design!

These oddly aesthetic rocks too!

And whatever th-wait, that’s a Take icon-

Maybe someday. :ohdear:

After paying respect to the ancestor, Hats notice the sect keeps their secret array technique next to the memorial. This is the real treasure that is worth stealing, but it’s impossible for Hats to get out alive at this point.

This is their treasure room. All those glowy piece of wood to the right are actually treasure. There are quite obsessed with wood.

Their cultivation law books. Not all of them will get you to immortality, but what it contains are very useful for anyone.

Their workshop is a bit… inefficient and unhygienic. Those foods are sitting next to the mason table.

Hats should be allowed to eat the sect's food without incurring their wrath as he is a guest, but let's not risk it and focus on our main goal to find and talk to this person about the destruction of Taiyi Sect.

Hats’ handsome face didn’t get him far in first impression, but it is one-third there.

When asked about the mystery, she didn’t gain a relation boost from the ‘interesting’ news and deny knowledge of it. We will need to make her open up.

Asking others about what the target likes is the safest route.

Great! She knows what her sect master likes! Our trade relation should improve after gifting her the boar hide.

Knowing their dislike would help if we are going in blind like Radio Free Kobold.

Hats then ask Yue Qing Chou directly for what she likes and got an answer. It’s a higher tier wood that we can get elsewhere.

Not every detail of the person can be asked directly.

So Hats will ask as many people as he could handle before going home.

Conversation gets easier with proper info for gossiping. A perpetual cycle of selling basic info to earn more favors and info.

It will not be enough to break their heart guard without proper gift or exploitation. More important secret like Character trait and weakness won’t be shared until higher relationship.

There is a shortcut, which is to find naive people who drop their guard after a brief conversation.

Secret seem to be impossible to get without forcing it out of their mouth.

We would need to find someone with unlocked heart break to ask for this person’s weakness, and circle all the way back to Yue Qing Chou...

“There must be a better way to do this.” Hats thoughts as he leaves for home without picking up those useless wood and iron ore. :effort:

It’s too bad Hats can’t find the sect master, and we don’t have the boar hide she likes.

We did figure out the sect leader of Purple Cloud School likes sword.

Blaze Dragon! How dare you wield a self-defense weapon in the presence of the maddening Hats! Drop it to the ground! It shall be confiscated!

One correct gift to their sect master alone can make a huge improvement to our sect relation! Two or three gifts like this should be enough to reach the next level of sect relation.

Naturally, such special gift are not repeatable, and not everyone has four favorite item like she does. Nevertheless, they will make great candidate for establishing friendship.

Note: All these tedious gossips and info collection will be omitted in the future until it matters.