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Part 52: Day 62-66: As a Joke

Yes, we know it’s ultra-magical. You don’t need to spread it out.

The rabbit foot provided 0.45 luck to you, and it’s certainly worth the ‘fair’ price we paid.

But you should study this uncanon gift thing to max out your luck instead.

Now you are ready for treasure hunting!

… and maybe this?

Happerry will inherit that Rabbit’s Foot since he is the next highest in luck at 6.0 while everyone else are half that.

Arcanuse is ready again. All his years of gaming must have prepared him for this.

Too bad it cost a lot of Qi for him to attempt his breakthrough.

So it is time to make one of those Qi concentration room.

It will be filled with a bunch of items that contain Qi-gathering capability… hmm, four range?

Let’s hope this is how it works. No one in the cult did this before and everyone was only amateur initiate two months ago. :goleft:

Hats is stuck dead with his talent at this Refinement stage. He would grind for years to break through all these obstacles.

It’s best for him to make friends with other cultivators and have them help out like last time.

Slaan is quite close to breaking through as well.

It is a race to breakthrough faster than this unknown person. To prove her cultivation law is better in quality over quantity! She will also write a complaint letter to her father about the unjust she endured so far!

No one would wrote home about this cult becoming an arms-dealing organization.

But they are all made of wood, it’s safe to use! :cop:

What!? You would trade a thick cloth made with 80 fur/cloth for two chakram made with 5 wood!?

Ah, our thick clothes are 5 times warmer than this minimal scrap that barely qualify as 'winter-ready'.

Let’s focus on improving relationship before buying their expensive item without discount.

Most of their stock are these shitty junks or medicine with terrible side effect.


This better be delivered in pristine condition!

Good. It landed in our herbal fridge room. It would make a great coffee if we aren’t making a treasure out of it.

Someday we will be able to refine this grade 5 treasure… it has qi gathering capability?

It should take some time for the room to become dense and concentrated with Qi, but it's already becoming a top spot for recharging Qi.

Slaan would not concern over that 20% attempt.

Not nervous at all while she did her best to relax.

The competition endures through failure.

Slaan is not worried.

Radio Free Kobold was too late.

He was so close! :bang:

At least he found some new students. He tasks them to cross over numerous mountain and ocean to reach us… as a joke.

Darn it! I forget to send Hats to go inside and he trigged an event instead!

Okay, this is acceptable.

We really should have them explores and empty out everything close by before wasting more time on long trip.

Godda-wait, no, this is the one where you have to fight someone over it. Skip. :f5h:

Focus on treasure near us.

Kaja will keep our home warm for their return in this -10 C temperature.

Thankfully, everyone are wearing thick outfits including their resist cold charm.

Welcome. It must be freezing out there.

Too bad you will have to go ba-

This Female spent her childhood growing up in the fishing boat. She lived an impoverished and harsh life of suffering. To find a thread of hope to ease her pain, she became a layperson believer and finally found peace in her heart. :cry:

Dear mercenarynuker, not only are you distracting Lynneth in her path of cultivation with mortal feelings…

Your unhealthy obsession with our precious Female Chicken by theSeconds are very concerning. We believe you will stray from the proper path of cultivation if you can’t get rid of your affection issues.

So it is best you seek loves within the mortal world. :sadwave:

Please take off everything you have. They are our cult's property, and the freezing temperature out there will toughen your body. If you survive

We will all miss you for… what did you accomplish?

I can’t remember what it is about… a joke?

I know it is tough Lynneth, but think about the good harvest! You will forget about him after a month!

Welcome, Hope. The ancestor grants you this Dao name in hope that you can at least achieve something memorable unlike your predecessor.

No! We could have sacrifice send mercenarynuker to fight for his final glory!

As if on cue to bothers Slaan’s over-protective heart as she takes her turn to breakthrough. Also 20% chance like her mysterious stranger.

Another two elderlies.

No bone pain, just shirtless semi-obesity.

Coffee have truly learned the art of self-preservation. He knows to snipe behind a rock.

Oh no! He used the wrong bow!

He immediately ran away half dead.

Thankfully, the heaven knew what handicap was needed for Coffee to ran away at athletic speed.

It will buy us some time to… uhh, work on something more important.

Slaan can sense the great disturbance from Coffee’s painful cry.

It’s so loud that someone come over to check it out.

He spawn drops down from the roof.

Ah, yes. That explains his entrance.

“Everything is fine. Let us gently show you the exit.” :hfive:

This bandit knows exactly where Coffee is resting.

Too bad he met the bear killer of the sect while Coffee sleeps horizontally.

This guy have a lot of health to burn with his sturdy stature.

Coffee can only lift up his upper body to shoot him from the bed.

Screw it! Run Coffee, run!

That was close.

Gossip: Bandit are no joke.

They loath the forces of light with their Senile Bare Fist martial art.

Anonymousidiot tries to shoo him away as she goes to repair the streetlight.

Threatening the elder with repair tool doesn't seem to work.

Oh no, she use a bow too. :ohdear:

Her pretty face is getting beat up cruelly.

Coffee can't allow that. He will redeem his honor through the art of kill steal.

These old folks are actually secret master of martial art.

No. Grandmaster.

Kaja rush in to melee, but the old man ignores her while strolling slowly towards Coffee. He is hell bent on taking down Coffee. :zoro:

"Mcclay! Help! We got a martial grand-master again!"

Two trees away should be safe enough for Coffee.

Radio Free Kobold was about to intervene due to the noise disturbance of Coffee's war-cry, but it's already over.

It is certainly the cause of Slaan's failure to breakthrough.