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Part 56: Daoist/Taoist Cultivation

Daoist/Taoist Cultivation

There are many reason for people to steps into the world of cultivation: Seeking power to right injustice, personal gain, spiritual growth, tired of mortal affairs and wish to find inner harmony, or simply seeking immortality.

There are many cultivation manuals in the world, but not all of them can help your breakthrough into the realm of immortal. Most of them ends in certain realm and can’t progress further by itself, but most of them use the same system of breakthrough to achieve the next stage of cultivation.

The five cultivation law we inherited from Taiyi are those few priceless manuals that can guide you all the way to godhood.

The following is one interpretation of Daoist method for cultivation and breakthrough:

The mortal body are fragile and filed with impurity. It is a terrible container for collecting and holding spiritual Qi – the core life force energy of the world that bring and maintain all life in the world. Naturally, you would want to stuff as much of this good shit into your body to become a super wizard.

As the mortal gradually purify their body with various Qi techniques, slime-like impurity that smell worst than poop will excretes from every pores of your body. Their body will become capable of holding Qi without polluting it, and toughen enough to not burst like a balloon from the strong pressure of Qi.

After completing the foundation building for the body to become capable of holding Qi energy, it’s time to suck it all in with methods from different law. This step is usually gentle unless it’s some awful law that break your body or something.

Congratulation! Qi is flowing all over your body as you breathe!

You are now a superhuman that can jump up the roof and dash for miles without fatigue! Dodging bullets might be possible if you train hard on your senses! You would be banned from the Olympic!

At the Qi Condensation stage, you will focus on, well, condensing the Qi in your body. Compress them as much as your body allows. As mention before, the more Qi in your body, the better. (Aka increasing max Qi)

But not too hard that you blow up like a balloon. Eating something containing more Qi that you can handle will also cause such implosion. Item such are Spirit Stone are item/currency that are practically Qi battery.

After containing huge amount Qi, it’s time to turn this mess of supernova into something more stable like a spirit stone. But you won’t want spirit stone in your body, no, you want to use pure and ultra-high density Qi to make Golden Core.

The Golden Core is one of the most crucial step in cultivation. The cultivator further refines their dense Qi into this sun-like energy orb with whatever method/element you utilized.

You need a megaton of highly compressed Qi (as much Max Qi as you have) to mold and polish this metaphorical planet-core into as perfect of a sphere as possible.

It’s okay to fail at making one, but once you make it, it’s part of you forever.

This core comes in nine grades. Grade 1 is the best perfect sphere while Grade 9 is a ‘ball’ filled with cracks that will easily shatters if you use it for breakthrough later.

Their grade quality determines the difficulty of breaking through into further stages. You should give up trying to become an immortal if you get grade 4 or worse.

So what exact does this core do? Well, it's...

An egg. A spiritual egg that will hatch into your immortal soul body. Yes, you are technically spiritually-pregnant.


After the spiritual egg is ‘hatched’ or 'morphed' into your new baby soul. It will grow over time into…

Full adult soul that is better than what you are born with as a mortal.

Naturally, the quality of your new soul will determine if it’s good enough for you to possess/hijack it and ascends into heaven as immortal.

If your soul is tough enough to do so, then congratulation! You are practically a demi-immortal that can discard your body and fly into heaven to become god! You would rarely ever come back and mostly lose interest for the mortal world.

Of course, many people would become immortal if it were this easy.

The universe create life with energy, and receive the same energy through death. Becoming immortal means you are not recycling and probably will contribute to the acceleration of heat-death big bang of the universe.

That or the ancestors/immortals in the heaven wants to test your resolve and maybe cull off some psychopath that would be near-impossible to kill. There’s a reason a lot of evil things get sealed instead of killed.

Thus the arrangement of Heavenly Tribulation. Starting from Golden Core or later, an extremely powerful lightning strike from heaven that could last for a long time will try to kill the cultivator who is breaking through. They must use all their Qi, treasure’s Qi, Qi gen room, Qi whatever to fight back this lightning strike to survive. Some smart cultivator take advantage of this powerful lightning energy to refine their treasure or something similar.

Evil people would naturally get strike with extra force. It’s very difficult for heaven to forgive your deed, so most secret art or elixir help you lay low from the sight of heaven or delays the tribulation instead.

Remember the part about being banned from the Olympic? The heaven and/or the world/universe itself bans you from staying in the mortal realm because a demi-immortal can teleport anywhere instantly and murder most things in a blink of an eye. You will get lightning strike every three days, each stronger than the prior to pressure you to leave or die. That is, unless you choose to cultivate and pretend to be a useless rock. Then the thunder clock will pause for your good behavior.

Once the demi-immortal finally ascend into heaven to join and become an ancestor of great prestige among all cultivator in the world, they will leave behind their saint corpse that people can put in temple for worshipping. If this ancestor is pleased with your action and offering, they will send a boon, rewards, or coming down personally for a few minutes to fight a dragon for you.

That concludes your journey into godhood. :pray: