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Part 61: Day 82-83: Golden Core

We gained a bit rep from the heroic battle led by Coffee.

However, Slaan is going to steal the spotlight with this historical breakthrough.

No cost on lifespan this time, and grade doesn’t matter for speedrun.

So let’s pick somewhere comfortable instead of beneficial. Forming core within the snake pit are quite memorable.

Qi flows up to form and polish the Golden Core.

Her Qi is being drained to fill each threshold of the core to strengthen it.

Coffee took first row view of this momentous event.

Good to be the first true master of the Cult of Bèn!

Her husband glimpse over once in a while as he plays games with the birds.

Her Qi runs dry as the core begins to dim with shadow.

Grade 9 seems to require 6k Qi to polish into the next grade.

It is done! 3500 Max Qi!? :aaa:

Congratulation to Master Slaan for becoming the first Golden Core of the Cult of Bèn! :golfclap:

Every Golden Core cultivator will take forever to build up for Nascent Soul stage even with special method. Only the greatest elixir or EXTREME method can overcome this grind in a short amount of time. Arcanuse may or may not be an exception.

It's dangerous to stack failure bonus as the main strategy due to each breakthrough from now on will incurs Heavenly Tribulation, and it’s more likely you will die before your breakthrough. I believe they also stacks if you try to delay them.

Thankfully, Slaan already got most of the best secret arts out of her law. Let’s take a look:

This spell would’ve been great if it’s before Golden Core, but a solid way to quickly convert essence (kinda like undigested medicinal property of rare herbs) into Max Qi.

Every item in the world passively collects Qi in their environment. This skill take them in as if they were battery. Quite useful for spamming spell like the plant growth and such.

Like the 3975 Qi collected in our ancestor’s statue. These Qi doesn’t do anything to objects (until next update), but they do cause implosion if you eat food that have more Qi than you can handle.

One of the few rare ways to start over and unbind your soul from the Golden Core. Good way for Slaan to redo Golden Core breakthrough or change to a superior law later.

You can also do it through elixir instead, but it’s expensive and better use for saving life.

Then you have these secret arts that boost combat stat of wield treasures. They can be upgraded each stage after Golden Core. Soul Forming Nascent Soul upgrade will breaks the treasure combat skill cap. Demi Immortal will unlock one powerful sword recipe for each of these arts.

Next, we have another upgradeable rare art that permanently increase character attribute at an expensive cost! The lost can be remedied with herbs and other arts.

She would instantly die if she learn it… but, let’s save and find out.

Now to unpause the game and…

She became white haired and going to pass away soon. This is where you feed her a lifesaving pill. Her attribute boost does gets preserved, so anyone with this secret art could probably keep doing this to max out their attributes…

For now, she will learn and pass down Meditation and Soul Rebirth to other Golden Core who wishes to learn it from the shelf. When she gets an elixir or herb that extends lifespan, she can learn and pass down Blood Refining Incantation.

The rest of her days will be spent earning comprehension EXP to learn all her skills.

It may sounds like she is now useless except being a super weapon of mass destruction. Not at all, as she can now take other Inner as disciple. People shall now pay greater respect to her and call her Master. Slaan can now offers to teach or accept any students she likes in the forum thread sect.

Only Inner can become her student and not those lowly work slave that lacks the talent to progress. An Inner with a master can cultivate faster especially with complemental element affinity between their law, and the master can assist their student to breakthrough with a big percentage boost!

Only a pitiful (goon) student who can’t get a master like Slaan will likely to be stuck at the bottom of the cultivation pyramid for a long, long time.

Moreover, students can learn skill at a HUGE discount!

They don’t need to spent years to accumulates comprehension points and gets to go out more often! Not that Master Slaan can’t do as she please.

Now, back to prepping two other power dynamic that will soon open the floodgate of murder, corruption, favoritism, internal conflict, faction power struggle, and something awful. Unfortunately, Radio Free Kobold might not be able to survive through Golden Core…

[Insert controversial gender equality statement from the heaven]

Unless… but Radio Free Kobold would surely want to survive the tribulation without wasting sect resources. :roboluv:

“Dear Father-in-law, please restrains your daughter from any murderous impulse…”

“Or bullying tactics.”

“People are talking about finding a place to build a sect graveyard for the predigest Inner out of respectful ‘formality’.”