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Part 70: Day 101-102: Sect Pyramid

New update makes sure Flower Bun won’t bother Slaan while she is breakingthough.


It’s time for damage report.

Starting from the worst, we have a dead Inner.

His death came from the rampaging foreign element that rapidly worsen his injury and tries it best to kill the host unless they can hold it off with strong vitality.

He is the opposite of strong vitality.

But I am sure he is happy to move on.

Become one with the happy shroom! :shroom:

Blaze Dragon have the same type of injury stuck on his bones. He will soon dies from this destructive goo energy in his body.

Fortunately, we have friends and money.

This is why a lot of sects wanted these element neutralizers for a favor.

Now go back to your workstation to pay off the medical bill! :f5:

As for the last victim…

It’s negligible enough for Hats to fight it off with his vitality.

We do recommend him to wear hat(s) to cover those weathered hair. No way we will spend 1000 Spirit Stone to fix your hair. :stonkhat:

Now to the profit: We found a bunch of (starter) junks from similar victims of the demon boar. Grabbing any of these while the demon was asleep would agitates it.

Choo choo~ Celebratory loot train! (Junk report skipped)

Choo choo~ Celebratory stuck train! (They are stuck forever)

We do gain safe passage to the nearby vein of fire copper and iron.

The greatest gain will be whatever Flower Bun dug out of the demon's corpse.

To be honest, these repeated attempt are no different from brute force method of Bear law. :tbear:

But she doesn’t need to re-cultivate her experience again and again.

This room is also great for Flower Bun to recharge its Qi.

Who deserve a turtle soup? Yes you do, yes you dooo! :smugdog:

You can have all the rare purple shroom you need.

Our next batch of shroom should absorb Radio Free Kobold’s luck to become more purple! :skeltal:

Winter is ending, and spring will come.

We gained 16 reps after the demon crooked over from expired Last Breath!:woop:

Finally, others have recognized us as a Sect! We have graduated from the Village status!

Let’s refer ourselves as group for now, and reorganize our new hierarchy system.

This is our hierarchy structure as an unproven nobody. Hastily made from our shitty beginning when we were weak and desperate.

This is our new pyramid scheme hierarchy system that might be adjusted after approvals from our first-gen seniors:

Living Ancestor: You will become an ancient cultivator who will spends hundreds of years in basement recluses to cultivates into Nascent Soul. No one shall disturb you unless a demon boar killed a bunch of elders. Your success determines our survival against sect wipe. Not that you have to. Do what you like, boss.

Sect Master/ Elders: You run the show and manage the sect. Worship the dead, and respect the living ancestor.

Inner: Begs Elders to be your master for huge bonus and climbs the pyramid faster.

Outer: Take good care of Flower Bun and don’t piss off anyone. If our good boy is kind enough to offers you laxative, you down it all in one go. Most wouldn’t bat an eye for your ‘well-deserved’ punishment. Newest recruit shall handle all logging tasks.

Back to our reward.

Our smart dog carefully drained the blood and put it in a bottle for us.

Special fur that keeps you warm all season. Not enough to make any clothing.

Great consumable that provides essence for Inner to build their Max Qi.

And finally, its precious core. Most likely an ingredient for some super elixir.

Now that the demon is out of the way. This land is finally safe and we can freely develop into not just a home, but an operational base of weapon production cultivation.

We will build a wall that covers the whole map to ward off everything in the style of Siheyuan.

Siheyuan is essentially a Courtyard House with Quadrangle architecture. All building will become an inner Feng Shui structure of our sect. The cardinal position of each building will become as important as which direction the door is facing. Here’s the Feng Shui rule:

Note: I never build this before, but it should be needed to reach the highest sect Feng Shui. Everything inside becomes rooms and ‘corridors’ with their own indoor temperature.