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Part 73: Day 106-107: Building Fodder

An enlightening notion come upon me in my foolish endeavor to squeeze more students out of the backlog… by sending them to the shrine administration backlog.

Although many fresh saplings are short-lived or likely to be doomed by RNG destiny, it doesn’t mean they are worthless. No. They can at least be second last on the pyramid.

What a mid-tier sect like us needs is not more Outer. Our home is now built for expansion and not for necessity.

Our wealth is considerable.

These new saplings deserve to become Inner. They can rush their ascension, so that we have more capable cannon fodder defender, and high quality farmer to fly around the world for treasure and herb.

Talented but useless in cultivation social animal will be granted the privilege of representing us to build up favors at other sects.

Even if it means sacrificing some seriously amazing Outer performance.

These sacrifice is not without cost.

All their effort, mind and body, will devotes into serving the sect. Someone can be a mid-tier alchemist, and a couple of these Inner can sit somewhere to maintain our own ritual. They will work hard to earn their bread and mysterious-meat that is best not mentioned.

Except you. Please enjoy your office life at the seashore city facing the sea.

Our distressed believers over there need a wise elder who can consort them in the way of divorce and gender equality.

Slaan agrees with that notion.

The Qi station we made really boost breakthrough success by 10%!

How dare someone interfere Master Slaan’s breathrough!

On one hand, it’s good that we don’t need to fight any strong opponent, but this is getting old.

They would have to circle half the map or punch our wall to reach us.

Let’s save them the trouble.

And give them a handicap.

But not too much handicap.



A great save from Flower Bun who blocked the treasure with its core! :thurman:

Demon Outer VS Distracted Inner VS Dog!

Jossar shot around 6 arrows and it seem her bad bone is tougher than arrow.

Slaan is the only one available at the moment.

Others are busy regaining their honor divining their heavenly affinity with others.

Slaan’s diarrhea have an interesting attack pattern…

Some sort of… secret arts that induce… seizure? On the treasure?

Good timing!

So is coffee!


Well done, Jossar! You haven proven that an Outer is absolutely useless, and that’s why you and your peers must work hard to ascend!

Flower Bun will finish the one with bone pain. Please don’t chew those bone. :nono:

This is a cool name. :hai:

Now for Coffee’s needle.

Flower Bun slammed the other barbarian onto Hats’ door. Slaan does not give a damn.

Speaking of Hats, go back out there to please people!

Sugar up this nice guy! He might have cultivation law for demon!

He is fine with what he eats.

Coffee’s treasure has a great name too! :haibrow:

:hmmyes: The bow have stronger firepower while the needle have great mobility. All in all, the bow wins.

Congradulation, Lynneth! You got a yourself a master as soon as yo-

We will find you a law. I will GOOGLE it for you! :pusheen:

The ancestor above the 'Cloud' told me this fragrant land of ours contain something that is suitable workable for Lynneth.

Acanuse will have to find it. :byobear:

Don’t feel bad, Coffee. You have Flower Bun. :shibe:

Can Arcanuse find it?

At least he got what he needed.

Don't worry, Arcanuse is fine.

He could had helped the refugees.

Since they needed brown rock for rebuilding their home, let’s bring them more rocks. :yayclod:

Slaan don’t think houses is the priority here.

She can go help those poor mortals once she breakthrough. This stage allows failure bonus!

We gained 169 contribution points for the disaster relief! :yotj:

Everyone are fine with the rest sleeping on the street due to having a deadline for some reason.

“Human, what’s wrong with sleeping on the ground?”

“Was metal bed too hard?”

Is that a yes?

A cow joined us out of nowhere.

Right inside our Maze of Penitence with the bugged out zombie cow.

What is our Ancestor trying to say? :thunk: