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by Nyaa

Part 74: Day 107-108: Gen 2 Inner

Another round of auction begins.

Since Slaan is brute forcing her breakthrough, Coffee will have to represents us.

Ah, took you two long enough.

No luck for Shei-kun. She will have to wait like Lynneth.

Mcclay will be the cultivator of Bear law! :eyepop:

We know it’s slow, but he will be twice as fast as Slaan!

We failed by 10%.
Stability: Anxious
11396 Death
623 Missing
60659 fled

You idiots should had let more of our Inner helps with the disaster or give me 5 more days to send stones! :bang:

The anger and sorrow at this bs pushed Slaan to the limit!

AGAIN!? Did Purple Cloud School scammed us with a shitty law!?

Is that why her diarrhea fly like shit!?

Our new and only human recruit is ready. Devoting full time to cultivate without working is a great perk for latecomer.

Finally, the ancestor has blessed us a really talented student, and he’s a human too! Should Epochol go for Wood or Water law?

Did we rolled badly for our first gen?

The curious demon cat will play with fire.

He will not face any risk until… maybe Golden Core.

Right on your ascension?

Oof, Inner needs their own room.

You too! Get out of Demon Bros room!

Have you gotten more time after becoming an Inner?

Well that’s good, because your tribulation is five lightning of each element! Back-to-back! :thumbsup:

More the reason for Hats to checkout this mountain full of nice demon.

Also some grumpy human.

The local cultivator uses extreme treasure like this Essence Meat of Boar Demon!

Nice cat-fish gate. We might make one at home.

They carves their sect into the mountain.

I can see why people would call you guys evil, but this is made of wood.

Messy table manners.

Their Myriad Bone Altar, made of spirit block instead of bone.

Time to makes friend with local elder.

Even Nascent Soul have a hard time unlocking more than one treasure slot.

But they don’t need it. Each cultivation stage is just one more zero to their Qi, isn't it? :eyepop:

We can’t tell what law they are cultivating.

The cultivation law they are willing to sell are poison themed fire law.

Their dining area is pretty desolated, but it’s probably for the best to not see what others are eating on their plate.

Hats don’t want to see it either.

Back at home, we begin constructions for sect buildings that we nearly forgotten.

Especially this auto-defense system that use whatever treasure we dump into it for full scale protection.

Ugh, it’s a Feng Shui item. Only Metal is suitable since the ground is Earth, but some Wood plants are messing it up.

We could, solve it with money…

But we might need it for auction and other lifesaving expense…

Pretty crappy selection. A sect asked for #3 as a favor, and we will try to get that element pill if they are cheap.

This is too expensive for earn a favor. Let's hope our alchemist can make one soon.

I am bidding with idiots. Other sect sold this for 1000.

It’s all because of this first-place asshole who keeps starting the bid with +500! :argh: