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by Nyaa

Part 76: Day 112-113: Busy Year

The time have come! A tournament debate about how to become god!

We will recall our only Golden Core and send him to participate.

He will take both newly initiated Inner to watch him win the Debate Game.

Fully stroked, medium rare chicken breast. :chef:

The smell of fire is the first thought of our cow, second is thinking about most of its companions who died.

It smelled so good that it attracted our final student!

Super talented fighter/alchemist with 224 days to surpass his limitation! :ssj:

We will wait for him to max out his medicine skill before turning him into an alchemist. Hopefully, we will find the alchemy cultivation law in the near future.

By the way, every new recruit could randomly start with various item on their inventory. Nick brought a shield charm and a marble bell.

Do NOT jack off have a longetivity charm and a bow called SOUL SHOOTER. :wiggle:

Jefepato brought Sky Encompassing Charm, which lowers Dao points (EXP cost multiplier).

:eyepop: He will loan this to every Inner!

:eyepop: Our low potential student comes with powerful charm!

Divinity charm that is useful for Divinity Cultivation. Would Flamster guides his kind towards salvation?

Stealth charm.

“Hey, babe.”

“I have a Spiritual Sword Charm that improve my treasure’s Qi replenishment rate, if you know what I mean.” :wiggle:

Latent Potential charm for our future alchemist.

Hats barely scapped enough comprehension to learn Karuna a while ago, and now is ready ¾ towards Golden Core!

His odds updated to 40% thanks to Damnation's Spirit Tearing Charm! Wait... spirit tearing? Damnation?

Anyway, everyone rushing to stop at Golden Core will learn Karuna from now on. It would have been a great spell if it doesn’t have such an expensive Dao cost.

Speaking of rushing, we are ready to promote our first wave of student who spent 100% of their time on building foundation! Jossar the bear has high compatibility with Slaan’s law.

Booksnake is tree law, but he will train his medicine skill to become a better alchemist later.

Dr. Snark will be our dedicated farmer. Maybe body cultivation later?

Outer until further notice.

Let’s buy another law from this scammer. This one at least focus on spells.

Great, no one can ever learn this.

It does have more advance offensive spell, limb restore, Feng Shui Apprisal, and crap ton of spell power boost.

Yes, Hats already broke through and now ready for Golden Core. Karuna is amazing and not illegal!

You did well, Hats. Tell us if you want to try again by becoming a mortal later. Yes, it will grow back.

Let’s chill for now.

This is so Bèn we gained 30 points sect rep. :raise:

Back to micromanaging shit behind the scene… :sweatdrop:

Our second greenhouse is almost done. :f5:

Our Pear Tree Great Wall is ¼ done.


Go! You can catch up with Arcanuse on their six day trip!

Oh, you just need one and a half day? We should get more people to learn Sunflower law! :sun:

This is why we don’t send everyone. :nono:

These Qi Condensation thieves are hiding in the pear tree.

Now where is game difficulty adjustment his flaw…

There it is.

This is part of Divinity Cultivation system, but he isn't one. Everyone have access to this feature, but it takes some extreme condition to fill these up.

This has the same buff and lesser penalty than Slaughter. Too bad it doesn’t help his terrible combat stat.

Ohh, our bugged cow is nearby. Maybe they can disable it for us?

Flower Bun initiated the attack by itself.

We did tell it to “sometime attack the enemy.”

Here it goe-

Suddenly, the world shaken as an ancient holy land of demon appears on the great desert!?

Time for a prigimage, Jossar. You are the only Inner demon left in sect.

This year is going to be exciting.

ANOTHER WAVE!? This time an actual thief!

You can’t just spawn into our wall like that! That’s cheating! :bang:

That's better. :colbert: