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Part 81: Day 118-120: Dotted Progress

While Coffee continues his hunt for more demon fur to make magical cloth for everyone, we will make friends with the sentient demon. Maybe they will sell us their fur.

Our generosity knows no bound! :3:

Their offering, however, does match our gift in usefulness. Their fish meat is also overpriced.

Coffee returns, and we now have 30 demon fur in stock. :toot:

Enough for a full set of casual clothing or almost enough for a training pants. Since the fur can adjust its temperature, the training cloth should be the right middle point for all season.

Coffee’s next stop will be the iron ore mountain. The same place we found the corpse of our seventh brother!

GridLocked, our charismatic cat will woo this sect to let us in their special place. :wiggle:

Hats will not be lazing around. He will try out an extreme measures to preserves his life!

Such as burning his lifespan to get more Max Qi! This will likely be the last skill he has enough comprehension to purchase. :ssj:

Slaan is back to Qi Refinement! Jesus Rabbit! That took forever!

Her skills are mostly treasure boost with an attack spell that’s a bit better than Coffee's explosion spell.

It would take a while before she is combat ready, so she will learn something useful from our library or taught by someone instead.

She really wants to beat up those scammer who sold us this fire law.

Meanwhile, the competent fire law user - Coffee arrived with Flower Bun. There might be more stuff beyond seventh brother’s corpse that's guarded by a demon beast.

Flower Bun bravely take the lead like a good hunting dog. :shittydog:

Nothing on our brother’s rotting corpse. It’s nice for the nearby villager to leave it alone, next to their water source.

There it is! Guarding so many iron ore that we don’t need!

Three explosion spell later, it went down pathetically.

Coffee’s spell evaporated its rear muscle of right leg, and his treasure crushed its left rib! :black101:

Great haul today! He can make a spare for his master with this amount!

He didn’t wake up anyone this time as he inspects each house for demon and confiscate anything that might be possessed by demon. :catholic:

The world is safer thanks to Coffee! May you rest in peace, seventh brother!

Hats is busy burning four years of his life for the next six days to get 70 worth of essence into Max Qi. It’s a great deal considering he will take maybe a whole year to covert the same amount essence.

Oh no, it’s five and a half-day! We will deal with it later. :effort:

We need to expand the fridge room thanks to Coffee’s contribution.

Flower Bun also helps to free up our junk in fridge.

Time to buy more junk.

All good stuff. No doubt overpriced.

We got the first roll this time, so we will start with +100 to not jack up the price like that idiot.

Two out of six bidder added +500…

Alright, let’s try +1000 to scare off the competition.


… this only worth 1000 from sect trade. I might have to download a trader mod, this is ridiculous. :cry:

Next is a mystery item that is round and spiritual.

We bid to win this. No goon would not be curious about this. :yaycat:

It’s one of those Qi gathering item, but for water! We got it for a fair price! It's not a bad deal! I swear! :cry:

Happery sewed this. It’s pink, so Hats would like it.

Our water wizard is doing great too!

Three more to go! :cry:

Arcanuse is slowly building up his Max Qi. There’s no rush to Karuna a golden core and accidentally hits tribulation like Hats, but he could burn his lifespan to speed things up, which is a good idea for his long lifespan.

It’s been seven hours, Coffee wonders how his master is doing.

He gained 70 Max Qi... :rip:

This is no good for him. Maybe he should spend the rest of his days teaching and making treasure instead.


He already makes things at 100% quality, so it’s a useless boost on Coffee’s pink cloth.

Right on time for his bone burning bottleneck too!

This was 80%. It could also be due to night time.

He will go hunting until noon.

Our alchemist is almost home from his long trip.

But we still lack Ginseng or Spirit Herb. Each pill takes a huge quantity to make it.

We are upgrading Rabbit Land with spirit wood on pedestal to simulate a high Qi environment. The lack of spirit soil is the real cause of our shortage.

This patch of shroom land is the ONLY place with spirit soil.

Coffee arrived at the next hunting spot. He is wearing ‘Pink’ cloth with spiky sleeve!

It’s the best cloth in the sect that boost Qi damage! :madmax:

Flower Bun found the demon beast at northeast while coffee confidently searches the southwest.

Yes, Coffee slam this treasure bow to break bones. Truly an esoteric combat style evolved from his days of guerrilla warfare.

We almost feel bad for the boar.

Thankfully, its death came too quickly for empathy to sets in.

Another 50! Coffee is getting good at this! :yotj:

Nothing to steal in cotton village. Coffee's cloth is better than the emperor's robe!

Too bad small demon boar doesn’t drop meat that give huge amount of essence.

Hats is producing crap for the second sword array defense system.

Nevermind, we can only build one of these. :sigh:

Very well. Let’s see how many crap we can stuff in that sword.

Now that our defense system is online, our Outer can affords pursuing their own interest.

Such as one-sided romance between ‘friend’.

To foster Outer relation, it’s time to implement our pyramid plan! All those light blue dots are the street lamp I placed last time to keep everyone out of the dark! :sun:

They are actually grid lines. :ssh: