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Part 83: Day 121-124: Mass Promotion

Day 112, tomorrow will be the time of change for our sect. All outer gets to sleep together in one big warmly tight barrack.

But we are out of regular stone for iron furniture combo.

We could go Metal to Water furniture or Wood to Fire furniture, but both option messes with the temperature.

So we will remove our sawmill for mining brown rock instead.

We are back to this problem again.

Or rather, your stomach that can’t hold on for a few seconds is the problem.

Since you are the problem.

You shall become…

The permanent solution.

Once again, we can afford interpersonal interests after solving world hunger.

Meat have arrived! Our ancestor seems to agree with our Dead Meat decision.

Four large boar. Wonderful! :chef:

Flower Bun, stop harassing Mcclay, she is on her final hurdle into the next realm!

There are boar eating our pear tree sapling!

Hope! No! Now is not to time to farm here!

Flower Bun saves the day. :shibe:

It will handle the butchering like a good dog.

I think this sect will have a couple of Golden Core at this rate. :)

It only took a few seconds for her to break a stage! That’s the upside of Wood Law. :agesilaus:

Which mean she can pay to win. :homebrew:

I am glad we made a second Qi Station. :sweatdrop:

Ugh, bear law. :tbear:

Right after I said we will get Golden Core…



Now we are getting good news.

Time to send our Golden Core to snatch the treasure from other competitor!

Mcclay learned something from her failed breakthrough. :hai:

Jossar learned to break harder! :ssj:

No one left behind. It’s time for Slaan to rush, buff stat, and start over with a less shitty law.

This is a great boost, and Golden Core is a low requirement for this level of effect.

:eyepop: Coffee is ready for Golden Core.

But he will digest his essence first.

We purchase a pill to do that while he go out to hunt demon. :homebrew:

If I recall correctly, there’s five demon beasts in a ranch(?) here.

Cheers to the completion of our badass gates! We are ready to show the world that we are filthy rich! :synthy:

Our guest left satisfied after sitting in front of our ancestor for days. No doubt impressed by out gates.

Too bad Jossar is learning Slaan’s law. We will make him the all-out treasure combat master.

Why is he cultivating so quickly!? This is only 6 seconds! :eyepop:

Slaan only gets one point in the same amount of tim-

This is why.

Slaan will find the right law someday. Definitely not Metal or Fire.

At least she can breakthrough agai-

WTF is this!? :magical:

Slaan is cursed. :cripes:

She will live here for a while.

Stop! I can’t keep up! This update is turning into a disorganized mess! :supaburn:

All these is happening in one day! :derp:

We are running low on p2w fund due to the nine offal pill we purchased. :shepspends:

At least Flower Bun is happy to see Dead Meat bringing home variety of free meat that we don't need to purchase anymore.

Our Golden Core is ready to snatch another useless treasure!

The main point is to show off.

This seem to be a very bad idea.

Coffee will do better.

Starting with a demon bear.

He is prepared for this series of battle.

One down after 9 hours.

Next is the snake.

Also another 9 hours.

Uh oh!

We are done. Flower Bun only lost half its Qi, but we are done. :sweatdrop: