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Part 88: Day 132-133: Double Chances

There are good and bad things in the world. Now we will have twice of them.

Mcclay will be tasked to slam at the force field… twice.

It’s dangerous to go out alone, learn this.

Another day, another Nascent Soul merchant.

We can’t afford the good stuff yet.

Give us one day. :clint:

Radio Free Kobold’ precious could almost cover the rest of the cost at 550, but we will turn that into our treasure instead.

But this accessory that boost comprehension is surprisingly cheap!

Shei-Kun can have it since she is close by and extremely desperate for advancement.

The accessory gives her 0.15 Comp, which isn’t bad for a 10-point system. Secret arts only gives 0.2 to 0.5 for a large cost in exp.

Well done. Show the world what it is mean to be Bèn. :c00lbutt:

It’s good to stay low profile. I think Golden Core Qi Refinement invader starts showing up around 1000 rep.

Flower Bun won’t be enough to solo a Demon Boar like last time without us spamming spells.

Jossar is now Qi Refinement stage redoing his Qi Condensation stage. Probably a breakthrough requirement from Slaan’s awful law.

Today, Hats will visit the Seven Slaughter Palace. An outright evil sect that took 50 spirit stone as entry fee.

It’s a pretty small sect carved into a mountain.

They have terrible gardener.

They do have cool skull pot.

Perfect for evil tree. :spooky:

Their sect is all about the Seven Slaughter Sword.

This is not lava, but pool of blood.

Their ancestor temple are quite ominous.

The unique structure that contains their sect's treasure.

Someone is going to step on these eventually.

Hats won’t want that, so the left.

Mcclay returned with injury from the ancestor’s force field.

Ancestor gave her brain cancer. :spooky:

Thankfully, her healing spell will fix it in 140 seconds.

Coffee is visiting the village that produce jade. It’s revealed by being friends with Purple Cloud School.

Nothing of worth except these piles of jade.

They do make up for the cost to befriend the sect.

Jade are the last tier of affordable material with earth element. Naturally, our Upper Section wall will be made with these pretty stone. :homebrew:

Mid-Section will be marble, but that can wait.

Surplus jade will be use for some grand earth element building or giant statue later.

Making friends with sect is very profitable, so it might be best for Coffee to go manhunt if we can’t find any demon.

We also need to find more special events that could occur in the next few days.

Arcanuse will learn and cast it a few times before teaching it to someone disposable. Like demon cultivator who won't get the chance to live through their lifespan.

Hm? The legacy with force field is gone? Oh well. Arcanuse might find another one right... now! :science:

Central Plain? Hats can do it with a cold charm. :hmmyes:

Arcanuse triggered double event? :woop: This one should need comprehension, so Gridlocked will go since Epochol is living with mortals.

Speak of the devil! But Gridlocked already left.

Although Epochol could use some cultivation exp boost, a genius like him wouldn't really need it.

As for Slaan... it's been 6 days. Too bad she can’t make rains to impress mortals like Epochol.

It’s unfortunate that we can’t have Mcclay slam another wall. The mystery of magic brain-infection will never be solved.

Our daily Nascent merchant is here.

This is why the bear have better (rare) drop. Unless the tiger also drops gallbladder? :raise:

They are absolutely worth the price.

We will get this for Arcanuse Shei-Kun. It cost only 300.

Hats is ready to brave the -150 Celcius grotto. :chillout:

Damn it, why can’t Radio Free Kobold survives instead? :bang:

Next person with better luck is…

No one unless Slaan lend this accessory to someone.

She made a quick trip home to drop the fur in Hats room and let whichever lucky person with cold resistance to handle that grotto.

Then, she decides to try her luck living with mortals at the cotton mountain that Epochol visited. Let’s hope the villager doesn’t ask her to water their plants.

The ancestor doesn’t have high hopes for her decision.