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Part 89: Day 133-135: Expedition Progress

After more time spent on discord, I finally realized that region like this are the places to build resource gathering facility and not in city were you focus on getting followers.

Do NOT jack off will be the supervisor to make sure our workers are not wasting time in personal indulgence.

There’s a lot of farm, you see.

This place should have a lot of… ore?

Happery will man the Warming View.

Hope can go to Morning View.

Summer is here. Time to harvest lotus.

Shei-Kun is back to her prime.

Won’t be long before she can reborn as a whole new person.

Now is the perfect time to find some talent among the workers that will be send to our new shrines.

Ohh, this one isn’t bad. Let’s send her here instead. :drac:

An object that gained sentience has arrived.

It’s a door. We can feed things with element to help it growth in 122 days.

They are great recycler.

Are they here for the door?

Too bad we haven’t turn the interior into a heat/freeze room.

Flower Bun already went for these Qi Condensers and Refiner.

Flower Bun’s core can smash him through the ceiling, but he has to run out of the door to fight it properly. ANOTHER WALL is a success! :cop:

Flower Bun sat at the exit to wait for these weaklings with only 1k Qi.

Naturally, Coffee is there to snipes-explosion at them.


Body to the Shroom room! Which is also Jossar’s room since it’s a great place for fire bed, and bear loves to lives in a dark cave. That Jade tree is decorative.

Those other two invaders can only run out of the door before they can fly.

I am not sure if Coffee have taken too many Qi Regen drug, but his Qi regen is now 50x stronger than everyone else on a normal area.

Flower Bun is on a whole ANOTHER LEAGUE.

Oh no! The second cultivator went for Coffee while Flower Bun is occupied!

Point-blank explosion at his face. :commissar:

To keep the momentum going, Coffee will go on a manhunt to earn some favor for other sects.

Since we gave him 100 Spirit Stone before leaving to Warming View, let’s solve things with money. :homebrew:

Damn, that must be a strong bully to threaten 1234 people.

Hope went for persuasion and nags the robbers away. :words:

Our talented candidate arrived. Her body have good affinity with Qi. :drac:

Your Dao name shall be Shei-Kun 1.

Our smart cat will try to comprehend the Dragon Carving.

For once, we picked the right person for the job.

I think this is also how we have gotten Karuna. Certainly something that Shei-Kun might like.

The merchant arrived in ANOTHER WALL.

We are ready for him/her this time! :agesilaus:

Their brown rock is quite expensive. Thankfully, we got enough from Most Fragrance's export.

HOLY SHIT! We can rob the auction!? We will pay 300! :getin:

Arcanuse's divination was a great success, so we will get him to do it 20 more times.

This feels like a fair trade. ;)

Coffee arrived at the mountain where the traitor is hiding.

There are a few things of interest in this wood and herb mountain.

Two Refinement demon at different places.

Three Nascent Souls of different affiliation. Coffee have to drop the case since one of them is the traitor.

There’s a gate of Taiyi here where we can show our respect.

The fortune crane agrees.

We will start by hunting the demon rabbit before checking out the gate.

It didn’t last long thanks to explosion spell. Flower Bun might be a little stronger than last time too.

Jackpot on fur, but only one bottle of demon blood.

Paying respect while recharging Qi. I would never find this without the Unfog mod.

I see. This is the second way to unlock Taiyi ruins for early game, which mean unlocking all basic law sooner?

Next is this big boy. It might take a while with that shell. :pusheen:

Coffee is recharging faster than casting both spell with their cool down. He should learn a third spell later.

It took three times longer than the rabbit. Having a third spell should cut that in half.

Bad haul this time. At least we get some broken woods.

Our ancestor must be very pleased to send rain for our plants.

One step closer to become Pear Baron. :tipshat:

These invading Demon Cultivator must be here for our pear! :argh:

Coffee returns just in time.

Two Qi Condenser is nothing to us anymore.

Just the usual rainy day of replanting fallen pear trees. :beerpal:

Their corpse will help regrow the lost trees.

Not long after the rain stopped, Arcanuse is ready to brave the cold.

Sounds promising. Hopefully it worth every seconds of Arcanuse’s lifespan to divine its location.