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Part 91: Day 137-140: Power of Wood Law

I found one last mod that we needed the most. An event mod that turn the yearly Kunlun Competition and Dao gathering from one year to one month, and extends event time so we can actually get things done at a timely manner like the Earthquake relief we failed. It also removed real-world calendar based restriction from Otherworldly Fracture. Let me know if you want us to save ten years’ worth of waiting into one productive year.

But we would miss out on ten years of kitchen fire?

Our new recruit shall be named Jvie until further notice.

Shei-Kun told her to focus on training and don’t bother working. What a kind senior! :zoid:

Train hard, Jvie! Your big sister will great care of you! :drac:

Your big sister may be sick, but she will be fine soon.

Don’t worry. Nothing is permanent in this world. :unsmigghh:

Work hard and heaven will give you a just reward.

Maybe someday big sister will share to you the secret to maxing out a breakthrough in seconds. (By eating Kaja’s foundation)

There no doubt that this body have terrible Qi circulation. A body that won’t matter soon.

Anxiety kicks in at the last moment. What if this doesn’t work? A misleading spell description? Or a terrible translation from some idiot that would feel really bad about it?

She did ask Jossar to ‘get’ as much mortals as possible.

It would be really bad if she is stuck in this body of hers.

Only one way to find out. :corsair:

The advance version of this spell at Nascent Soul would have less penalty, but she can do that another time with a better body.

In the meantime, Shei-kun will hang out in the CEO lounge to build up her state of mind while waiting for the new recruits to arrive. Just in case there’s a better candidate.

Finally, the long wait is over. Shei-Kun probably can reach that in seconds with a few Soul Parasitism too.

It’s time to become the strongest cultivator in the sect.

The wise demon invader timed their raid at Arcanuse’s seclusion.

Too bad they are also secluded.

Flower Bun will have to deal with them since Coffee was send to map out other sects or murder more demon he encountered.

Unlike those demon robbers, it’s time for us to be the one to steal stuff. :getin:

Dead Meat will attempt the heist.

Let’s begin! I assume we can only steal one item.

Half of these are valuable stuff.

Let’s go with this.

Overbid like a boss! :agesilaus:

We can keep going? I BID ANOTHER 1000! :objection:

Let’s leave on the last item just in case.

Dead Meat got caught and forced to serves at the auction for two days.

The bottle is still in his inventory. :confused:

Anyway, back to something less dead like Flower Bun. It’s been ‘playing’ with the invaders for hours.

Arcanuse is not pleased by the noisy animals outside. Their aggravating screeching could have sidetracked his breakthrough! :ssj:

Let’s see how many time Arcanuse can cast this with his 17000 Qi! :madmax:

Our ancestor, including Ancestor Arcanuse, approves of this decision. :mmmhmm:

Let’s hope the nearby furniture can stay intact. :eyepop:

This is the first time I seen someone get blasted so hard that I lost track of their sprite.

That’s the worst kind of heart burn. :flame:

Next target with our standard air blast spell.

Not enough to kill, but more than enough for blackout.

That demon could had been eviscerated if Arcanuse bother to put points into Arcane Knowledge.

One good thing about having so many substages in water law is encountering these bonuses.

Plenty more to go, but not a problem for this genius.

Bear Law Mcclay finally hit Refinement stage after many repeated breakthrough. Only raw tenacity is needed for this law.

Smart tenacity.

Charisma cat is two breakthroughs away from Golden Core.

Coffee continues mapping out other sects for future invasion record sake.

This purple themed sinkhole mountain belongs to Myriad Abyss Sect.

They really love mother earth, the evil way.

Naturally, their treasure platform is a hole – The Metamagnatic Pit

Their law on sale are mostly Metal or Fire element.

Our whole sect could use this. Especially Shei-Kun.

Speaking of her, has the mortal candidates arrived yet?

The group of kidnapped mortal is taking forever to come, so let’s have a preview of how things would turn out for Shei-kun.

The hardworking Shei-kun 1 woke up early for breakfast before anyone is up.

Shei-kun will also have an early snack.

Shei-Kun's current stat is so crippled that any stats after penalty would be better than this. :eng99:

"Morning, big sist-"


Shei-Kun’s New Stat:

Sense: 5.25 --> 6.30
Physique: 3.45 --> 8.05

Charm: 6.30 --> 2.10
Comp: 3.30 --> 5.25
Luck: 4.20
Potential 5.48

+1 Left Arm :woop:

Soul mismatch issue does makes it hard to control this new body. :sterv:

She retains her Golden Core realm and law, but really pissed off heaven with that stunt. Should she go for it or wait for a better time and opportunity?