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Part 92: Day 149-150: Erratic Growth[

Shei-kun’s speedrun continues… :intv:

Aha! What great timing for the new students to show up! Too bad for those Latecomers that will be kicked as soon as they arrive.

First up, we have Pinchofginger who is a war orphan. He often went to the trash dump of the wealthy district to find something of value to sell for his saving. After he earned enough for himself, he begins his new life as an apprentices under a craftsman! Then we kidnapped him.

Evil Kit was a rich son of a world renowned merchant. He lived a carefree life with the wealth from his busy parents. Later on his adulthood, he become a mysterious and reputable swordsman in the world of martial community. No one knows of his identity. He is absolutely down for body cultivation and have all the right trait for it.

Lastly, VolticSurge was a young monk who can’t stomach the awful ascetic lifestyle in the temple. He tried to escape the temple a couple time, but always apprehended by the martial monks. So we capture him to free(?) him. He will pay us back as a craftsman and logger as per tradition.

A super manhunt bounty! We should stay out of this to preserve our relationship with the evil community.

Not until Coffee become the master of combat.

His current breakthrough is not enough to support that dream.

He needs every single advantage he can get like higher Qi regen.

I don’t know how Coffee have such a monstrous Qi Regeneration. I would had considered it as a bug if everyone else isn’t normal.

Could it be one of these rare passive bonus item in his inventory?

Low level weather spell cast by GridLocked for a small boost.

Even the weakest weather can only be cast by a Golden Core or Qi Refinement with a golden spoon.

He needs to learn all sort of skills to raise his Max Qi and increase attribute to overcome his flaw.

He will make a quick stop to collect EXP from believers.

Hmm, this won't be enough.:hmmno:

But mid-summer is almost over. Coffee have to do it now!


She’s a girl! :magical:

Well, it's fine. The Cult of Bèn respect gender equality. We will see if it ‘stays’ once we cured the spirit injury. Or is it a spiritual ghost dick? :thunkher:

Another dragon carving! This new spell must be amazingly broken if it requires someone who can handle 500 Celcius to get it.

Oh no!

Coffee is such a nuclear Qi power plant that a rabbit radiated into a demon! It is going to interfere his breakthrough!

Or it might have something to do with Shei-kun’s erratic failure next door.

Could it be karma? Coffee did murder the crap out of demons all over the world. Either way, it must be hard to concentrated when a demon fight broke out in front of you!

All karma belongs to the master. No one should disturb Flower Bun’s beauty sleep.

Really, having Epochol’s ass boogying right in front of your face is very, very distracting. :tutbutt:

Master GridLocked provides background music for the battle.

Six Grade it is. Just one less than Arcanuse.

Now the damn rabbit is going to get it…

DIE! :flame:

Thankfully, the Qi station is still intact.

Too bad Golden Core isn’t enough to push him into a 500 Celsius lavaman.

Shei-kun will be ready for another breakthrough soon, and I am pretty sure she has a dick now.

Actually, there’s one way to test this. I will have to reload since the dao cost would ruins her build.

No? Guess we ‘cured’ it. :airquote:

Slaan is done! She might make it in time for summer breakthrough!

On the other hand, maybe it’s best she starts over after she get a core and a couple secret art that boost stat.

Or body cultivation.

But they do burns a lot of essence to mutates their body parts and organs.

We would need to actively hunt demon for their meat or wait for a trader with it. They are very cheap for some reason.

Speaking of merchant.

Immune to temperature!? :eyepop:

Fair price, but we don’t have enough until we become pear lord.

They should be ready by autumn.

That’s good enough reason for Epochol to get this, he need the bonus for his breakthrough anyway.

Alas, he will someday.

We could sell large quantity of raw material, but that won’t be enough.

... maybe a thousand here, but they are our main food source. I should wall this place into indoor since no one bothers to haul them and they are spoiling.

We might be able to get 2000 raw stone and wood from the wrackage of our founder’s sect.

Ah yes, the culprit for Taiyi’s destruction. We have zero clues.

Let’s hope our dog can smell it up when it becomes strong enough to handle nascent soul.

It’s very close to the next stage.

So this is the max potential of Wood Law’s golden core! :neckbeard:

Too bad she need none of it.

Two snack for the next substage. It seem she can't drain it until the foundation is full and only trigger once a day.

Our golden core is attracting attention. Charisma cat is naturally the first.

He does have white cat fur.

Flower Bun has reach the next stage of its horse-size growth.

It must be inspired by something that stimulates its palate.

Thankfully, it begins to gain intelligent and we can now control its diet.

There are five type of food with a range of quality to boost one of its five primary stat.

Since it’s a tank, we will boost its defense with the best Cooked Food.

Thank the ancestor for sending us a good cook that doesn’t specialized in burnt flavor! Kaja’s special cooking technique caused at least 20+ kitchen fire.

Our good boy deserves the best food the sect can offer! :gerty:

Everyone else eat home food.