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Part 93: Day 151-153: Rob and Scam

Kaja is cooking our top tier dog food that will surpass our daily grub.

Well done. This deluxe meal made from lotus root give the same nutrition as normal meal, but added +30 water content.

She ponders why the stove didn’t burst into flame this time.

This is going to be a daily thing, isn’t it? Literally, due to the spell triggering once per day per target.

I take it all back.

She will go watch the sea and maybe start a sea cult.

Not before undoing the parasite spell to get rid of the split soul debuff.

Hats return from his awfully slow diplomatic mission. It’s more productive to have him haul stuff and…

Refine shit into treasure. It’s time for everyone to get better tier poo poo.

His 9000 Qi is enough to make grade 4 item for 8000 Qi.

His grade 5 precious will need 12500 Qi.

So do dragon droppings.

He will grind the missing 3500 Max Qi the hard way after making grade 4 treasures for all Inner.

Eat up. It’s 16 Spirit Stone per treasure.

Coffee was sent to collect EXP to fund his combat stat.

Everyone knows Coffee loves to blow up demons with explosion.

He can be like Master Arcanuse who maxed out his Arcane Knowledge using mortal’s brain juice!

Master Arcanuse's spell has become truly devastating!

So it makes sense to go all-in investment with mortals.

As we are now capable of feeding poor people, these wheat will become exp for our Inner! :swinson:

Too bad they don’t take Lotus Root or flour for some reason. :11tea:

Anyway, Coffee spent a lot of brain juice exp on other secret arts to covers what he lacks in talent and ability. His Fire law does let him learn Earth and Wood arts with Dao discount.

His Dao (EXP cost multiplier) is at 56 (Arcanuse at 111), so everything he learn from here on will cost at least five digits. There are ways to lowers Dao…

Expensive item is one of it, but this does come with risk.

Maybe we will get it in the auction!

Dead Meat is too tired to reach his bed.

Let’s pour this into his mouth beak to see what happen.

Doppelganger effect! Now we are talking!

In the meantime, Arcanuse will goes for a dive to find things with his max knowledge.

Arcanuse is a monstrous genius that is difficult to surpass, but Coffee could make some sacrifice to catch up to his mater’s Max Qi.

A few thousands more Max Qi is better than spending more brain juice on secret arts that raises it, but it’s up to Coffee to decide. He just got 300k EXP from a city.

He also have some advantage working under such a powerful master.

Except Sect Master Hats. Coffee already surpassed him.


This time we have a full mystery item list from the auction. Probably the best time to get items for a low price.

Nevermind, I forgot we are bidding with rich asshole. :shepspends:

Time to teach them a lesson of humility. :smuggo:

Holy shit, this guy is not letting go of whatever we are bidding!

I hate everything about this scam house.

Auction with revealed item won’t get this high. :bang:

Round 10. If this scheme fails, Dead Meat won’t be back home for 18 days.

RUN! RUN! :derp:

No matter what is going to happen next, we are committed to this course of action! SAVE!

Let’s call back Arcanuse, just in case.

The merchant should be gone soon.

Let’s buy one of this before he leave.

Flower Bun have 135k Qi. Ready to tank.


Let’s do some good deed to ease heaven’s rage? :tif:

Night falls, and Dead Meat returns.

He brought home nothing. Oops?

What’s the point of this pill if it’s only for avoiding accidental overbid!? Why does it cost 300 SP!? :bang:

This is my review of the item. :colbert:

The darkest history since the founding of the Cult of Bèn. :eng99: