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Part 95: Day 156-162: How Body Works

Lynneth is still on her rage mode. She could kill another two golden core if needed. :11tea:

Back to working on her other limbs. Her left and right arm are both stage 2.

I stacked a ton of rare effects (pink & orange). Each of them points are equivalent to a passive buff from secret arts.

Lv 19, 18, 10, 23. This is the arm that break the Golden Core’s spine. Can you imagine when it's all lv 999?

Times six?

I also figured out that each equipped limb cost certain amount of uhh…

Let’s call it Red Bull Energy. :spain:

Red Bull Energy will continuously be consumed by each equipped limbs. It’s currently draining more than Lynneth can regen, so she will take out some useless limb technique before she ran out of juice and won’t be able to fight anymore.

Slaan is so inspired by the hardcore battle style that she intends to break her core to go melee like her.

Right on time.

She was very close to getting hurt from the demon who recovered from K.O. Lynneth have to jump in for two seconds before leaving off screen. I am not kidding about the two seconds.

Anyway, time for Slaan to recharge her Qi and begin the core forming process.

She will free up Karuna for someone who will need it.

Soul Pearl is the required ingredient to break the core.

She can’t wait use that evil looking core to smash her shitty core.

A core full of cracks.

Goodbye, scammy law. :wave:

Maybe the lifespan stacks?

She will use up her Comp Exp to learn some stat boost passive before getting this. Hopefully she gets to keep the stat.

Time to use an expensive water element item that have strong Qi gathering. 20 more of these and we can make a Super Water Qi Station.

She cast off all worldly material to start anew under the censorship tree.

She didn’t get to keep her boosted stat.

Welcome back. Now go chop those woods! :whip:

As our ancestor intended. :sax:

I would have forgotten to turn this off if it wasn’t shining so brilliantly.

Uhh, looks like the cost is losing all treasures?

Ohhhhh! It’s back!

Once again, our smartest cat will go!

Aww, we already have this. We will have to get the one at 500 C next time. :smith:

Snake? They have gallbladder that gives essence!

Even though we have beaten demons, this is still a scary sight. :ohdear:

Wait, we need to tame them! For our snake pit!

Special order for one please.

Oh no! They are attacking our sentient Door!

Drop your weapon and treasure, Dead Meat! Go knock out those snake with your bare fist-uh, chicken claw!

The door went from begging to taunting.

Well done. You sure beat the shit out of them and saved our door. No injury of course.

Good, they are all in coma.

Enticement ready.

None of them are tamed. :saddowns:

To the detention center!

It was funny to see a door stuck on a tree, but it’s time to free it and move to a safer place.

It seems mother nature is trying to murder that door.

Another wasted opportunity for Epochol.

Unfortunately, the sentient door can’t be moved like our sentient tree. Oh well-oh no!

Our Spirit Tree cried. I am sorry for cutting down your pear flavored friend. It hurts my profit too. :ohdearsass:

New merchant arrived. It’s also amused by the struck door.

YES! Dew can only be found if you clear out grass with spirit energy from Spirit Soil! They melt faster than poop unless you fridge them asap.

They give 50 more essences than demon meat and doesn’t fill the stomach!

Lynneth could use the replenishment. Each body part upgrade cost 10 Essence.

Now she can make 100 upgrade! We will save the rest for future cultivat-

51.3 Celcius only delayed its expiration by one day. Lynneth will have the rest. :eng99:

She got a lot of Water and Life Breath-Essence from it.

I would eat something dry too after over-drinking.

YES! We got a Female Snake! Our ancestor hall will become lively soon! :woop:

Good job! You can find this place only due to us having high relationship with Vermilion Dawn Grotto.

Not sure what we will find up there, but it can only be good stuff if it takes 1000 relationship points to unlock it.

Lynneth will go. She might get some good breath up there.

Spell Master Arcanuse will keep watch in the meantime. He and Flower Bun should be able to deal with Golden Core.

Along with our home turf advantage.