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Part 96: Day 162-167: Gym Membership

Welp, I loaded a save file and all these snake died. At least we got the Female Snake.

It’s almost time for Autumn.

Our pear tree are not fully growth. They might have a chance to mature before winter arrives, but I can wall them up if necessary.

Our wheat field, however, is bountiful. Each bag contains 17 wheat.

Autumn is the best time for mountain viewing! Lynneth arrived at Vermillion Cloud Precipice! It’s amazingly beautiful and why is it untranslated? I am pretty sure I translated this! Precipice is a cool word for cliff!

She watched the nice sunset and left. Seems like Body Cultivator won’t get anything out of it.

Nor do Daoist Cultivator?

Shei-Kun got something out of her life in the mortal world. It was… draining.

The world should prepare a new title for her.

Because she won’t be in Golden Core for long! :agesilaus:

Epochol went to help the plagued mortal while waiting for his Water Golden Core breakthrough.

Hmm, it would be a waste to not send a Golden Core…

Smart cat, go! :monar:

Save the world from social distancing!

This will weaken his tribulation. It worth a lot more for him since demon get hits extra hard for being jail-breaker.

Lynneth has returned to protect us, so Arcanuse can now afford to become weak and elderly. :corsair:

Skipping 60 years of youthfulness will be agonizing.

But I won’t ask for a discount with this success rate.

Our earthquake disaster has ended.

It’s a great success with only single digit losses!

We are close to becoming the top dog of the forest! :wotwot:

But our main focus is the village near us. We need 25000 followers to build our Lv 2 HQ.

Let’s keep this awful phase short.

17000 EXP to go! Thanks to Karuna, Arcanuse should be ready in... four days?

Meanwhile, Shei-kun is ready 30 seconds ago.

I am starting to think this Wood Law might not be for speedrunner.

She lost her State of Mind bar and all spellcasting capabilities, but she can use her treasure. Probably.

Definitely not for speedrunner.

She is a Golden Core outer, which means…

It’s your turn.

You might learn something from the rabbits.

Back in the labor camp of mortal world…

do NOT jack off continues his ceaseless duty of making sure these mortal don’t waste their short and limited lifespan on indulgence.

He is a very persuasive cock who can wake people up early in the morning.

That’s a lot of materials! :eyepop:

Someone raiding our turf.

Master Aracnuse is too weak to deal with it, so he sent both his second-gen disciples to clean up those troublemakers.

Coffee realized his fellow brother didn’t have a combat spell, so he gives GridLocked a quick rundown of how to blow up demon.

It’s great to skip weak spell and save precious EXP on something more practical.

Our greatest warrior keeps the sect safe while everyone is out or being elderly.

Most importantly, she is going for… Golden Core equivalent?

Now this is for speedrunner! :prepop:

Dead Meat too, but he’s a mind-break sad chicken now.

I have no idea what he did to anger heaven to such extend, but we can safely assume he will be well roasted when the tribulation is over.

Very chill and peaceful breakthrough.

GridLocked was not able to join Coffee in time for the demon invasion.

At least GridLocked gets to watch Senior Coffee going ham on everything. :black101:


Wait… +550 Celsius tolerance!? :popeye:

HOLY SHIT! They aren’t kidding about Body Cultivator bathing in hot lava! :fyadride:

Her breakthough makes it possible to cultivate organs and fine-tune mutation precisely into each finger. These new techniques are about using them to become even stronger.

Although it sounds like we are safe and secured, but our reputation is getting higher and higher by virtue of doing things with mortal and making friends. It is a race against time before Nascent Soul to show up. Or worst, mythical creatures.

We got 85 point evil boost from visiting an evil sect. This is bad

Being too evil will triggers bad event like being attacked by good sect. At least we lost some sect rep.

We can't let people bully us forever. This cow is being cultivates into a demon with lots of traits for body cultivation. Lifespan doesn’t matter, it’s the vengeful wrath that it will provides.

In fact, Slaan and Evil Kit will get their foundation boost now.

The combination of rare herbs and gallbladder was barely enough to get them ready.

Finally, Slaan is getting a law with 125% compatibility… why do I have a feeling that this won’t go smoothly for her?

:sigh: Still better than Lynneth.

Evil Kit on the other hand, is going to do really well.

For this body law, we want one arm for offense and one leg for defense. For a small compatibility to future technique, Slaan will go left side for Water (Energy recharge) and Evil Kit will invest on the other end for Fire (DAMAGE).

All three body cultivators will sleep in the same place.

Oh no! Sharing the same room with another Inner stranger! It makes them want to break some demon spine! :ssj:

Don’t worry, our cult is the happiest place in the world, so they can suffer happily. :goose:

Our new gym member will focus on imbibing all sort of Breath-Essence for mutation later. Each body only have 6 slots, so it may as well be stuffed with powerful trait. Slaan will do it at night for yin/moon and Evil Kit at daytime for yang/sun. They will breath for a few days.

They will sit in these TP that is too hot/cold for them. Nevermind, these platform sucks.

Our ancestor agrees. Body Cultivator is free to breath wherever they like.

Sect Map: