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Part 8: The Knights of Andrew Bonus

PureRok posted:

Man, the people who wrote the text in this game should have gotten an editor. I'm pretty sure they've made the mistake every single time it was possible.

"Should of", "could of"... ugh.

What bothers me most is how the between-levels text is centered but the quest intros and conclusions are left-flush.

pokie posted:

My take on it is that she is happy he is not leading an order of fanatical murderers and/or has not found the aforementioned relic.

She could have lots of reasons to be happy! Maybe she's just so happy to leave this stinking tavern full of the filthy lower-class.

Tallgeese posted:

It's pretty obvious. This game has a setting where an afterlife is almost assured, seeing as how divine blessings manifest as physical power.

Oh man I hope you stick around for quest six.

CirclMastr posted:

Lady Marg played you for fools! The only recourse is vengeance!

But something tells me this game never goes into why she's happy rather than sad.

We are certainly fools, but in our defense, we agreed to retrieve a necklace for 20 gold, so the mere fact that we got our reward and aren't dead means this is the best possible outcome for us (not that we got our reward (or didn't die)).

Hey how about that bonus video! Archery in this game is pretty boring, there's only one basic crossbow, you just pick the ammo you want and hold the attack button down until the enemy is dead or you run out of ammo. Ammo comes in various types, but their only difference is how much damage they do and what kinds of enemies they can damage. Still, we manage to find something interesting about it.

I used the Citizen class to record this video, and I noticed that your stat gains on level-up are actually randomized.

I guess this means you could save-scum for optimal levelups? Please don't do that, this game is not difficult.

Finally, since completing a quest in multiplayer is bugged and we don't actually get any quest rewards, I guess you can consider this the canon ending.

Thanks for the commentary Rowl! I think your fists are literally made of ham.