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by Mzbundifund, Bacter

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Original Thread: Dungeons and Dragons meets Doom - Let's Play Amulets and Armor!



Amulets and Armor is a very odd game. A first-person action RPG, made in a custom engine similar to that of Doom, it appears on first glance to be well ahead of its time. Boasting features such as a shop, character advancement, multiple character classes, diverse spell system, and even complete co-op multiplayer, it had all the markings of a very interesting game. But what happened? According to wikipedia, Amulets and Armor sold fewer than 100 copies, the company that made it never made another game. For years the only version of the game obtainable was the shareware demo, lurking on various old DOS game sites. I can't find much more information on this game besides that, but somewhere along the line some kind soul who bought one of those few copies uploaded the full game to the internet, where it has lurked forgotten on abanonware sites ever since. I was introduced to this game by a friend a few years ago, and instantly loved it. Underneath all the bizarre design decisions, instant death traps, screw-you level design and incomprehensible plot is a game with a lot of big ideas, and it doesn't entirely fail to deliver. I hope you'll enjoy a look at this weird old game.

Since one of the amazing things about this game is the fact that it actually includes full co-op campaign support, I will be joined in my quests by Bacter! The video will change perspectives from time to time in order to show off the more interesting action.

When you see this guy in the corner, you're seeing my perspective.

When you see this heroic chap, you're seeing Bacter's perspective.

Finally, since the plot is mostly advanced by a text dump you get between levels, and those text dumps are for some reason not displayed in multiplayer mode, I will be posting them for your reading enjoyment here. The plot of this game is not the best, but is a little more indepth than you would get in most first-person shooters of the day. We'll be making fun of referencing it occasionally throughout the video, so once you've read (or ignored) it to your satisfaction, the bulk of the update will follow it in video form. So pull up a stool, order your ale, because we're about to have a fateful tavern encounter...



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