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Part 27: The Lost City 2

LysleShields posted:

So, Mzbundifund and Bacter, since everyone gave me a bunch of questions, I thought I would have a little fun and ask you some questions back. Call it a free-form surprise interview.

Ummmmm I don't like talking about myself so I will treat this like an elf and let Bacter tank it for me.

In today's episode we ponder insular societies and find the origins of many of today's modern conveniences. I fulfill my dream of standing in a pile of skulls, and Bacter is reunited with an old friend.

This episode fell afoul of some of the worst netcode errors yet. We had to stop mid-recording and start the level over, so today's video is an amalgamation of two runs at the level. Unfortunately the level has a slightly confusing layout, so the second time I didn't manage to guide us through the level on an identical route. I've stitched it together in such a way that you're always seeing our first encounter with a given room, so hopefully the commentary is still fresh. The only thing you miss is us walking down a hallway and clearing a courtyard of three enemies, about twenty seconds of gameplay. We pick up in that courtyard, so you see it and the looting thereof. This took a long time to edit, but we've recorded the rest of this quest without error, so unless something comes up there won't be such a big gap before the next update.

LysleShields posted:

Wizard Winvar

my first d&d wizard was named Frumpo the Unsociable