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Part 10: Elmore's Retreat 2

Gestalt Intellect posted:

Oh my god the Fierce Gothic Warrior's voice.

I'm sorry I should have warned you about the fierceness I hope you weren't too scared.

Pinkly posted:

I'm pretty sure the contractor fucked those goths on the Giant lava chair. That's probably where all the loot money went. Goddamn gothic unions.

Barbariunions are ruining this loot and murder-based economy.

Glazius posted:

Exactly this. All the voices in this game so far have been the best worst voices.

Oh man you're going to love level 3-3.

Walrus Pete posted:

edit: Update at bottom of previous page
Oh boy, a shitty fort full of rusty/wooden arms and armor with no treasure to speak of? Can't wait to see what else this quest has to offer

Your wait is partially over!

In today's episode we meet some new friends, explore trickle-down economics, and try to figure out whose base we are in.