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Part 11: Episode 10: PAL Grows a Pair

Alright, this is just a tiny update to finish up the stuff with the propositions!

Episode 10: PAL Grows a Pair

Ally card in hand, we backtracked to the High Council room, and flashed the card to the soldier standing guard.

There were a few other Allies waiting inside who were incredulous that we were true Allies.

Grumpos had somehow made it inside without us. Was all the vote getting completely unneeded?

"There you are. I was afraid I'd have to find you," He said. "Too bad you didn't want me dragging along. I got fed up just waiting, and went out to explore. Turns out the guard outside collects antique staffs as a hobby. We jabbered about my walking stick for ten minutes, and became best of friends. He said I could kick up my heels in here for a while. Where have you all been?"

Right. Not more than half an hour ago he was still in shock from his encounter with the Democratan female. Perhaps it was so traumatic that he surpressed the memory.

Doing our best to thwart said determination, we barged in.

The High Council(video) / Backup
Summary:  The high council is bickering over how to stop these giant missiles heading for the planet. They keep arguing and can't reach a decision. Rho says that if they gave her a ship, they would fly into the hive and destroy it and deactivate the missiles. They agree but warn her that they'd have to face the army of Sentry Robodes in the hanger (no time to pass a resolution to deactivate them). She still agrees. The team leaves to go to the shuttle, but PAL stops them because the robots in the shuttle are his "brothers". Rho determines that PAL has become self-aware. It's a good video, you should watch it. 

I have to admit, I was kinda rooting for the missles here. I couldn't believe we were actually going to help these people. They were the most incompetent race I had ever encountered. All I could do was hope that we were successful in defeating the hive, but were unable to deactivate the missiles.

And what the hell, PAL. When we landed you helped us off the robots, but now you're "self aware" and they're you're "brothers"? I wonder if this is the quirkiness that other PAL-18 owners talk about.

So we walked through the hangar toward the shuttle. As promised, there were security robodes.

The Vistin Octogun looked much cooler than the ThreeBeam.

It did not look nearly as cool as Grumpos' BaneWave, however.

The Freezo MysTech that I picked up at Excellent choice was also not as cool as BaneWave.

PAL's brothers posed no real threat to us by this point. Out of respect for PAL, we offered to let them surrender, but they wouldn't accept.

Deep in the hangar bay, we found a shieldcell that was twice as powerful as the Callosum cells that Rho gave us.

After much bot slaying and wandering, we finally found the shuttle.

End: Tune in next time to find out how Boots and company fare against the Virulent Hive!