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Original Thread: Let's Play Anachronox!



I was going to write a little intro for the game, but this excerpt from the Wikipedia article does the job just fine.

Wikipedia entry for Anachronox posted:

Anachronox is a 3-D, third person computer role-playing game produced by Tom Hall and the Ion Storm games studio and released in 2001. Development took roughly three and a half years. The game is built on a heavily modified version of the Quake II engine, heavily rewritten to add improvements such as a wider colour palette and more complex character animations (including facial expressions).

The gameplay was heavily influenced by console RPGs such as Chrono Trigger, one of Tom Hall's favourite video games[1], although character statistics and item collection have been simplified and the emphasis is on exploration and story-telling rather than RPG-style character building. Although at first it appears to take place in a gritty, cyber-punk universe, the game is actually fairly light-hearted (being an absurdist parody of the genre), with a quirky sense of humour. However, the underlying story is quite serious and some of the in-game cutscenes carry a surprising emotional weight.

First of all, let me outline how I'm going to do this. Since the game is pretty much hilarious on its own, I'll more or less be playing it straight, supplementing the words of main character Sly Boots (and perhaps the other characters when the plot's focus shifts). If the reception to my admittedly mediocre writing is poor, then I'll probably knock it off and try a different approach (probably witty quips and emoticons).

Rather than have screenshot after screenshot of the dialogue, I'm going to post one screenshot followed by a transcription of the dialogue below it. Animated gifs are a possible alternative, but I haven't been entirely happy with how they turned out in other LPs. Feedback is much appreciated on this matter. I'm going to capture as many cutscenes as possible and upload them to google video. The cutscenes are so well put together, that a few choice screenshots simply cannot do them justice. They really set the mood for the game. If you have any problems with the videos let me know.

This game deserved multiple mentions in a previous thread about games that should have done better than they did and rightly so. Those who give Anachronox a try and manage to tough it out through the first area will find a finely crafted world with an excellent sense of humor. So without further delay, I present Anachronox.

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