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Part 16: Episode 15: Rock 'em Sock 'em

Episode 15: Rock 'em Sock 'em by PAL-18

Mister Boots didn't take me to the Red Light District with him. Did he still not trust me? PAL-18's not some Asimo knockoff. I'm a valuable member of this team. Getting the labcoats on Sunder? Yeah that was all me. Getting votes and opening doors on Democratus? Oh yeah, PAL again. If it weren't for me Mister Boots would be at Sunny Funny's with Detta moments before his brutal demise. So why am I sitting alone in this bar, listening to these losers? "You can't drink, PAL." "Keep quiet, PAL, the adults are talking." "Don't go running off, PAL, you might get lost." Just you wait, PAL-18's gonna show you all he's not a damn child.

Hours later, the meatsacks came back. "Welcome back, Mister Boots!" No response. The "adults" were all huddled around the table, arguing about how to nab the Tachyon Decay Detector.

I listened in on their conversation (video). / Backup

This was pointless. Mister Boots couldn't even find the clicker inside his own apartment without my help, why does he think he can do this? Time to take care of this all by myself. I jacked the Mysteria Gold Shieldcell and the PsyChain MysTech before heading out.

PAL-18 was going to have to infiltrate the Theoretical Science Museum by himself.

But first…I've always wanted to go to the Red Light District. Mister Boots never lets me.

I'd have to fight my way down!

Next! Could a toy robot do THAT?

Deeper and deeper into the routubes, but PAL's not scared.

Four on one?

PsyChain makes one of the Drug Runners my bitch.

With the extra armor from the shieldbelt, they couldn't keep me down. Somehow, healgrese works on 'bots, too!

And I kept making one of them my bitch until all but one was dead.

Did you really think you could keep PAL-18 out of the Red Light District, man?


Man, maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Brother! Let me save you from this filth!

He must have been confusing me with someone else, but he gave me a Ballotine Crazyclaw, so I wasn't a' complainin'. Just when I thought I couldn't possibly kick any more ass.

None of the 'bots in here were self aware yet, but maybe they would be some day; for now they were happy to peddle their smut or dance on tables or pleasure Brebulans.

I stopped by the local store to buy back the healgreases I used.

Actually, this is the stuff of nightmares. I felt safer just doing it at the Vend-o-mart, man. (You can't tell the store owners are a giant bippy and miniature floater unless you're at PAL's perspective).

Mister Boots made the Red Light District sound awesome, but it actually pretty much sucked. So I ran out of there and went back to the Museum. I may not have been able to help the hookerbots, but I could at least get the TDD.

The door was locked.

Not anymore!

The main door to the museum was locked with no data uplink in sight, but there was a conveniently placed air duct.

Who the hell designed these ventilation shafts? At least whoever it was was kind enough to pack a time minder up here.

After lots of data port hacking and backtracking (PAL-18 made a rhyme!), I located the exit.

Judging from the schematics, this hatch should be right above the TDD.

PAL-18 is sooooo smooth.

Well I was smooth until I fell…

…and came inches away from setting off the alarms.

By the time I picked myself back up, the TDD was gone, man! Another failure. I still had to get myself outta here.

I hacked a terminal behind the TDD display to turn off the cleaning bot. Sorry brother, they'll turn you back on in the morning.

The cleaning 'bot made a bridge so that I could get my ass outta there.

How would I explain this to Mister Boots?(video). / Backup

Miss Sera was just messin' with me. That's messed up, man! We walked together back to the Lounge, but she pulled me aside halfway there.

"You'll notice them everywhere if you look hard enough. It's the standard all over the galaxy. I betcha I can hit it from here with a loonie coin. Watch…"

I can hack computers, Democratus can use a planetary tractor beam, and you can toss coins. I guess that's cool, man.

Hitting the switch opened up a supply closet. If this were Doom, there'd be a couple imps in there, but there was only a healgrease complete, which we looted.

We walked back to to the Lounge. Just wait 'till Mister Boots sees what I brought him.

Back at the Lounge (video). / Backup

End: Dramabomb!

Now that PAL is here, this story is finally going somewhere!