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Analogue: A Hate Story

by ProfessorProf

Part 16: Happy Marriage

Letter to Sun-hi 1 - Apr 18th, Year 313, Kim Eun-mi

So far, sounds good, right?
Things fell apart between them with time, though. Here, see for yourself!

Five new logs! We almost have a complete Block 1 already.

Letter to Eun-mi 1 - Apr 29th, Year 313, Kim Sun-hi

Letter to Eun-mi 2 - Jul 6th, Year 316, Kim Sun-hi

Letter to Sun-hi 2 - Jul 17th, Year 316, Kim Eun-mi

Yeah... you should finish the rest, first.
You can see for yourself how things turned out.

Letter to Sun-hi 3 - Apr 13th, Year 317, Kim Eun-mi

Letter to Eun-mi 3 - May 5th, Year 318, Kim Sun-hi

Letter to Sun-hi 4 - May 16th, Year 318, Kim Eun-mi

Letter to Eun-mi 4 - Feb 3rd, Year 322, Kim Sun-hi

There's... one more, that Eun-mi never sent.

Very well... there you are. It's been added.
Don't say I didn't warn you, though.

Unsent letter to Sun-hi - Feb 6th, Year 322, Kim Eun-mi

I... I don't know about you, but I had a really hard time reading that, the first time.
Can you imagine that...? It's even as if I knew her. I didn't even know either existed, when I was alive! I mean, sure, their mother mentioned that she'd had daughters before. In a sorta abstract way.
But she never told me so much as their names, let alone... well, anything.
Anyway, none of that was my original point! My point was, now do you see what I mean?
When *Mute talks about a happy marriage... that's what she's talking about.
It's not as if I'm the only woman to have a horrible marriage. It wasn't my fault. That's just.... That's what happens. That's normal.

And that's it for Block 1.

Let's get back to our main order of business.

Question 8

After waking up from stasis, I only ever had one single friend.
Oh, uh... two, I meant! Now that you're here... anyway... before, it was just her.
The queen. My husband's wife. Ryu Jae-hwa.
I wrote about her a lot in my diary, I'll just show you. It's probably better if you read it for yourself.
These are from... right after I got married.

Time to take a break, get through another new block, and then ask one last question.