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Original Thread: Namjon Yeobi - Let's Play Analogue: A Hate Story



Analogue: A Hate Story is a western visual novel created by Christine Love and released in early 2012. It's technically a sequel to the 2010 Digital: A Love Story, but the only connection is the setting - no characters persist between the two, and Analogue takes place hundreds of years in Digital's future, so no familiarity with the first game is necessary.

Things to know:

Table of Contents

*Hyun-ae's and *Mute's Notes
Notes on Pronunciation

A cliché to remember

Kim family tree

Smith family tree

Log Index

Block 1
Letter to Sun-hi 1, 4/18/313 Kim Eun-mi
Letter to Eun-mi 1, 4/29/313 Kim Sun-hi
Letter to Eun-mi 2, 7/6/316 Kim Sun-hi
Letter to Sun-hi 2, 7/17/316 Kim Eun-mi
Letter to Sun-hi 3, 4/13/317 Kim Eun-mi
Letter to Eun-mi 3, 5/15/318 Kim Sun-hi
Letter to Sun-hi 4, 5/16/318 Kim Eun-mi
Letter to Eun-mi 4, 2/3/322 Kim Sun-hi
Unsent letter to Sun-hi, 2/6/322 Kim Eun-mi

Block 2
Unsent Letter 1, 11/21/321 Oh So-jin
Unsent Letter 2, 11/26/321 Hana
Pretty Flower, 12/5/321 Hana
Unsent Letter 3, 12/9/321 Oh So-jin
Unsent Letter 4, 12/21/321 Hana
My art is, 12/29/321 Hana
Unsent Letter 5 2/12/322 Oh So-jin
Unsent Letter 6 2/23/322 Hana
Unsent Letter 7 3/3/322 Oh So-jin

Block 3
Brought home, 1/11/311 Oh So-jin
Laughable, 4/6/313 Oh So-jin
A proper damn gentleman 4/18/313 *Mute
Daughter, 7/10/313 Oh So-jin
I'm sorry, 9/18/313 Smith Sang-min
No luck, 2/20/314 Smith Sang-min
Visit from Sang-jung, 5/30/314 Oh So-jin
Legendary Temper, 7/14/314 A clerk
Drank himself to death, 9/5/315 Oh So-jin

Block 4
A pack of idiots, 9/8/315 Smith Kyung-sam
Contempt, 9/23/315 Oh So-jin
By example, 10/4/315 Smith Kyung-sam
Mourning dress, 10/14/315 Ryu Jae-hwa
Letter to Sang-min, 6/30/317 Smith Sang-hi
Response to Sang-hi, 7/4/317 Smith Sang-min
Letter to Sang-min 2, 7/6/317 Smith Sang-hi
Response to Sang-hi 2, 7/10/317 Smith Sang-min
Here comes the fall, 1/12/322 Smith Kyung-sam

Block 5
The month of good fortune, 2/29/319 Kim Jung-su
Broken Promise, 3/5/319 The Pale Bride
Insufferable Child, 7/24/319 Yeong-seok's wife
Held prisoner, 8/3/319, The Pale Bride
At least use my real name!, 9/8/319, The Pale Bride
Women's quarters, 10/3/319, The Pale Bride
Straight to hell, 10/27/319, The Pale Bride
Wife, 11/23/319, The Pale Bride
The Bride's adolescence, 3/7/321, Kim Jung-su

Block 6
Dear Smith, 4/30/321 *Mute
Just us wives, 3/13/321 The Pale Bride
Little Sister, 6/2/321 The Pale Bride
Illiterate, 7/13/321 Ryu Jae-hwa
Muteness, 10/2/321 The Pale Bride
Arguing the emperor, 12/29/321 Ryu Jae-hwa
Why did she have to die?!, 1/28/322 The Pale Bride
Back to hell, 2/10/322 The Pale Bride
I'll kill them all!, 3/3/322 The Pale Bride

Block 7
The nightmarish bridde, 2/7/320 Heo Min-jung
Mother, 2/21/320 The Pale Bride
Independent woman, 4/3/320 Heo Min-jung
The new anxiety, 4/22/320 Yeong-seok's wife
My last stand, 5/13/320 The Pale Bride
Drastic measures, 5/13/320 Heo Min-jung
Forever silenced, 5/13/320 The Pale Bride
Peace at last, 2/14/321 Heo Min-jung
The new promise, 3/7/321 Yeong-seok's wife

Block 8
Last midday report, 3/4/322 *Mute
Maintenance logs, 3/5/322 *Mute
Camera footage, ? *Mute

Block 9
The new heir, 10/30/316 Kim Yeong-seok
The new wife, 7/13/318 Kim Yeong-seok
The new official, 12/30/318 Kim Jung-su
The new happiness, 2/8/319 Yeong-seok's wife
The new girl, 3/2/319 Yeong-seok's wife
The new friendship, 10/18/321 Kim Yeong-seok
The new bruise, 11/25/321 Yeong-seok's wife
The new bribe, 12/28/321 Kim Yeong-seok
The new magistrate, 1/12/322 Yeong-seok's wife

Block 10
Confidence, 4/5/319 Ryu Jae-hwa
Marital admonitions pt. 1, 1/30/321 Ryu Jae-hwa
Marital admonitions pt. 2, 1/30/321 Ryu Jae-hwa
Marital admonitions pt. 3, 1/30/321 Ryu Jae-hwa
Marital admonitions pt. 4, 1/30/321 Ryu Jae-hwa
Marital admonitions pt. 5, 1/30/321 Ryu Jae-hwa
Marital admonitions pt. 6, 1/30/321 Ryu Jae-hwa
Marital admonitions, pt. 7, 1/30/321 Ryu Jae-hwa
The Pale Bride's Marriage, 3/13/321 Ryu Jae-hwa

There are spoilers beyond this point! Enter at your own risk!

Mugunghwa Profiles
The Mugunghwa's archival AI. Cooperating with us to unravel the story of what happened on the ship.

The Mungunghwa's security AI. Blames *Hyun-ae for the deaths of the people on the ship.

Kim Jung-su
Father of Kim Yeong-seok. And old-fashioned man greatly concerned for the continued prosperity of the Kim family. Released the Pale Bride from stasis.

Kim Yeong-seok
Adopted son of Kim Jung-Su, after his father's death in 316. As the heir, he planned to become high magistrate and surpass his late father.
In Year 322, he succeeded in his ambition.

Kim Yeong-seok's wife
Name unknown. Had a very unfavorable first impression of the Pale Bride. Good at math - often helped her husband with matters of state.

Oh So-jin
Smith Sang-min's wife. Constantly struggled with getting her husband's attention and affections. Involved in some sort of huge scandal.
The scandal: She had an affair with her husband's concubine.

Ryu In-ho
Last Captain and Emperor of the Mugunghwa.

Ryu Jae-hwa
First wife of Captain Ryu. Was nervous at the prospect of her husband taking on a second wife.
Also Captain Ryu's sister.

Smith Kyung-sam
Only son of Dai-ho. Had no faith in the main Smith branch's future. Possibly a scoundrel.

Smith Sang-jung
Youngest son of Dai-hyun. Alcoholic, often cleaned up after the mistakes of his brothers. Eventually drank himself to death. *Mute was in love with him.

Smith Sang-hi
Older sister of Sang-min. Was widowed in 317.

Smith Sang-kyu
Middle son of Dai-hyun. A violent and abrasive man.

Smith Sang-min
Oldest son of Dai-hyun. A competent high magistrate, but with a tendency to let his affections wander. Was fired in Year 322 due to an excess of embarrassing scandals.

The Pale Bride
Second wife of Captain Ryu. Had been in cryo-stasis since an unknown time in the distant past, in hopes of finding a cure for an unknown disease. Very much an outsider to this culture.
Real name: Kim Hyun-ae.

Year 1
1/1: All historical records are deleted.
Year 294
?/?: Kim Jung-su married to Heo Min-Jung.
Year 310
Smith Sang-min married to Oh So-jin.
Year 312
?/?: Kim Eun-mi married to Park Kan-dae.
Year 315
9/5: Smith Sang-jung dies.
9/18: Smith Sang-jung's funeral.
Year 316
?/?: Kim Sun-hi married to Oh Nam-kyu.
?/?: Yeong-seok's father dies.
10/30: Yeong-seok adopted by Kim Jung-su.
Year 318
7/6~10: Kim Yeong-seok married to Han ---.
12/13: Kim Yeong-seok passes his civil service examination.
Year 319
2/29: The Pale Bride is released from her capsule.
Year 320
5/13: The Pale Bride's tongue is cut out.
Year 321
?/?: The Pale Bride married to Captain Ryu In-ho.
12/29: Oh So-jin begins her affair with Hana.
Year 322
1/12: Smith Sang-min is fired.
1/12: Kim Yeong-seok becomes the new High Magistrate.
1/28: Ryu Jae-hwa dies.
3/5: The Pale Bride disables the life support, killing everyone on the ship.
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