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Part 14: Chapter 13: EXEC_METAFALICA


Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth
Lots of people talk about what happened on that day, but I was really there, and this is what happened. The Captain caught up with us at the entrance to the Bell Strike Hall.


Hurry. I doubt even Jacqli can buy us much time against the Goddess.
I made it in time!
I will go with you as a member of the Grand Bell, to oversee Metafalica.
I'm glad. I feel more confident with you around.
Just make sure to protect Lady Cloche.
Yes, sir.

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
Feel free to enjoy a bit of real dungeon crawling in this video, I include a bit of it so you can see what really playing looks like.

We reached the Hill of Metafalica after what felt like forever. It was a beautiful place. Laude explained what we were there for.


This is...
The top floor of the Bell Strike Hall. This is the Hill of Metafalica.
That writing...
"The Goddess Maiden, and the Seed of Love Maiden."
"When both hearts sing the Song of Hope, the voices unite and join as one..."
"With no sacrifice of body, lands of Metafalica shall be brought."
"The Heart of Gaea shall live within the Seed of Love, and souls be forever born..."
The Goddess Maiden, and the Seed of Love Maiden...
The maiden with the Seed of Love... Does it mean the Maiden of Taboo!?
That is correct. Those are the official names, and both are needed to create land.
But by the Goddess' hand, one of them was struck down.
Ever since then, there has been only one maiden.

...I see.
There's no time to chat. We must get ready for the Song.
Lady Luca on the right, and Lady Cloche on the left.
I will now perform the ritual to download the Hymn Crystal Metafalica into both of you.
Lady Luca, I'll begin with you. During the ritual, try to stay relaxed.
Oh, okay.

Laude began a Hymnos chant.

(Was yea ra chs Hymnos yor)

En chsee fwal fwal yor
Exec drone hymnos metafalica
Enter Frelia_Ansul_Solmarta
This is... amazing! It's such an emotional feeling. Metafalica...
Croix, this is amazing! It's like soaring and swimming and...
Like a meowwww... feeling!
...I don't get it.
Next is Lady Cloche.
...Very well.

We didn't think much of it at the time but he said something completely different, and things seemed to go differently.

(Cezya hymmnos)

5100 x tarm azit tn metafalica
Es tn sol.infel.phira.mea
Lady Cloche, how are you feeling?
It seems different than Luca's reaction.
Either way, the download is finished, right? Let's start singing!
Yes. There's no time to soak in the emotional amazement.
Now, you two!
Place your backs against each other's, hold hands, and sing together like the statue.

It seemed like Croix could feel something was wrong with what had just happened, though none of us wanted to believe it.

...Why do you ask!?
Well, your Song was different than Luca's...
It doesn't mean it'll always be the same. The chant was different, too...
That's true. I guess I was worrying too much.
Now then, the rest of you should back up a little.
You released your powers again. What did you do...?
I didn't do anything!
You always say that.
But whenever your emotions surge, the world shakes. Is that the Goddess' power?
Is it a special ability that the Goddess Maiden is proud of?
I don't know what you're talking about!
Never mind. Either way, today was the culmination of our plans under my leadership.
So all responsibility lies with me. I won't give up until the end.

I wonder if it'll go that well...
Every minute counts. Everyone's lives are at stake!
If I sing... and create Metafalica, will this all end!?
Yes... I'm sure of it!

As I started to sing Metafalica, I was overcome by pain once again.

Sing seriously!
You came all the way here just to chicken out? ...Coward!
It's not like that!
Whoa! It's getting really shaky!
It's going to crumble!
It came! ...It finally came!

Then something happened, the sort of thing that changes the world.

A new land was born...


But any elation we felt was short lived. Shun appeared with the Divine Army to stop us from continuing.

Wait, why won't the Goddess let us create any more land!?
You have used up too much of Her power!

Boss Battle- Shun and Divine Army x2
And here's our fourth showdown with Shun for the phase. If you use Replakia, this fight is over as soon as your Harmonics level lets you activate it pretty much. We're not going to do that though because it will interrupt EXEC_METAFALICA, so we've got to fight Shun for real. Shun's got some new tricks this time, Thunder Cry, Cobalt Cyclone, and Head Slash. These are superficially similar to his previous attacks but are made up of more hits, making blocking the whole thing quite difficult at times. A solid second level red magic like Jean Ishikawa or Easy Fullcourse can clear out the Divine Army on your second Player Phase, which makes things much simpler. This isn't really as hard as the last time we fought Shun despite him having much more powerful attacks because we get both Cloche and Luca this time, even if you don't use Replakia.

Shun's warning and efforts came too late, really. Even if he'd killed us all I don't think it would have stopped what we'd put in motion.

It's too late... Whatever happens now won't be my responsibility!
Go destroy yourselves, by your very own hands!
What!? It's bright now!
The land... It's gathering light!?
This is a tremendous amount of energy...

And then...

Watch out!


The Hill of Metafalica was engulfed by light emanating from the new land. I felt a push from behind and blacked out for just an instant as I hit the ground. And in that instant, we lost her.

...! Lady Cloche!
...Eh, ehrm.
Lady Cloche... Where's Lady Cloche!?
Please be okay!
Lady Cloche!
I don't hear a heartbeat.
Luca; What!? ...You mean?
No way... You're trying to scare us, right?
That's just... dying like this is...
Talk to me! Please!
Lady Cloche!

And we all just stood there for a while, trying to comprehend what had happened...

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J
I guess they pulled it off, somehow. Well, sort of. Anyway, the Child of Light fled to wherever it came from, which is good because I don't think I could have taken her.


Jacqli : ......
...Quite a show.

Not bad for on-the-spot creation.
So you lived. Sturdy man.
Well, we hadn't analyzed everything about Aqua so I was a bit worried, but...
It looks like Metafalica was a success.
Aren't you happy? This is the Metafalica you've been dreaming of.

Idiot. He knows as well as I what just happened here was a farce.

And, this isn't over. There are many things we still must do.
Hmm, indeed you are correct. However...
I do feel quite pitiful for those living on Metafalss...
Land was finally created, but it will soon disappear...
I don't feel anything.
Even though you're an outlander, that's going too far, Jacqli.
Haha... lecturing me now? I don't have any interest in humans to begin with.
I can say the same thing about the humans from my homeland as well.
Correction... I've already said it in my homeland.
You're as scary as always.

Anyway talking with Laude was getting boring. Far more interesting times to be had in the new world.

We still need you to work much more.

The future is practically in my grasp. All I need to do now is reach out and take it.

Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth
In a lot of ways, Cloche had been the strongest of us. Nobody could match her resolve, her ability to do what needed to be done even if it was hard. And now she was gone...

Lady Cloche... At that final moment...
When the lightning came, she pushed me away.
And I was saved. But...
Lady Cloche was...
...This can't be right.
This is Metafalica?
The land of Metafalica... Must it be built upon someone's sacrifice?
Lady Cloche...
Why did you have to die...?
I swore to protect you...

Lady Cloche...
If a sacrifice like this is inevitable, I don't need Metafalica.
Everyone can live happily? That's a lie!
Everyone! Things look pretty crazy all over!
Ms. Reisha is alright now. She's up and about!
But I sent her home, just in case...

We explained things to Amarie.

But, we can't just stay here forever.
Then, we should take her to Promise Hill.
Promise Hill has been used to bury royalty since olden times.
It's a suitable place for Lady Cloche to rest...

So in solemn silence, we started out for Promise Hill. We'd thought our adventure was coming to an end. Little did we know it was just beginning...

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