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Part 81: Jacqli's Soulspace, Level 8-Birth

Jacqli's Soulspace, Level 8- Birth

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
I was prepared for anything, or so I thought. Any horror that could be awaiting in Level 8. As always, though, I had no idea what was coming.


Everything looked just the way it did last time.

Looks like Mother was able to complete something because of you.
Mother's true self is resting in that cocoon. She will be stronger once she wakes up.
True self...?
I affect Mother's actions, and those actions will produce a great power.
Most people don't even know that they are capable of doing this.
Mother's true self is about to awaken. Croix, I want you to accept her for who she is.

I just had to hope things would be different.

...! Is that a small opening in the back!?

But this time...

...Croix... Is that you...!?
Jacqli... are you okay!? Everything is fine... right?
...Yeah... Everything is fine... What's wrong...? You're in such a panic...
I'm glad... I'm so glad...
Yeah... I feel... so good... I feel better than ever...
Thank you... Croix, I was able to free myself from my curse.
A curse of my hate for the humans and dwelling into my past...
A curse of my guilt for the mistakes I made in the past...
You let me free from everything... I'm finally free.
...So you feel better now...
Oops! Oh no! I just remembered that I had something I needed to do!
Croix, I'm sorry but I have to go! I'll see you later!
H, hey, Jacqli!

That is her true self. It is formed by her pure, unbound will.
Anyone would make a drastic change to themselves if they made the kind of mistakes that Mother did.
So... this is the real Jacqli...
Yes, she is like a newborn child now.
There, please go. Mother is waiting for you.
One more thing, do you mind calling her "Mir" from now on?
Yes, her real name is Mir Teiwaz Artonelico.

I found her by the Sea of Nam.

Jacqli! I mean, Mir.
Hehehe, you're calling me by my real name... How cool.
Croix, come over here! I'm making stuff out of sand! I want you to see it! Hehe...
Yeah, sure.
Pure; Yay! Thanks! Over here!
What's wrong?
The waves ruined everything I made... Nooo!
I spent so much time on them! I made so many, too...
*sob * *sob *
Please don't cry... You can always make a new one.
...I'll even help you this time.
Thank you, Croix. You're so nice... I love you!

I have to say, there's something about seeing her so happy that just makes me happy too.

Oh, just forests, grassy fields, and houses! Aaand, a lake, river... the sea and mountains...
...Sounds fun.
Yeah! I'm sure everyone will be happy! I'm going to make my dream world.
It's gonna be sooo pretty and fun, just like Metafalica!
Hm? You've never heard of it?
Metafalia is a place where everyone can live happily ever after!
I read about it in a book when I was little. I read it every day, because it sounded so great.
If I made Metafalica, I'm sure everyone would be happy!
So I'm gonna do my best to make one!
Oh yeah! I should make a flower garden here! I hope Mommy will like it...
Put this here... And that there... And...
I'll put a pool over here, so I can go swimming with Daddy...
This goes here, and there, and...
I'll help you out.
Thanks! Hehe! It'll be fun to do this together!

Could that have been why she came to this world?

It looks great! Good job!
Yep! I want everyone to be happy. Their smiles will make me happy.
No more fighting, crying, or starving... We can all share what we have.
That's the kind of world I'd like to make!
If that happens...
I wonder if they'll forgive me...
If I made something so much better than what I destroyed, I wonder if the people will forgive me...
I'm sure everyone will be happy...
...Do you really think so?
Of course I do.
Will you forgive me, too? Will you be happy?
Why wouldn't I? If you put all your love into make it, of course I'd be happy.
Okay! Good! Hehehe.

Then Mir asked me to go to the Silver Horn with her.

Oh, yeah. What are you doing here, Mir?
Well! I'm making a song! A song for everyone's happiness.
Croix! Will you listen to it?
Yeah, of course.
Hehe... This is kind of embarrassing.
Ahh, ahh, ahh... Ahem.
A baby bird was born on this world. A little tiny bird learned to sing, before it learned anything else.
With this song, I want to heal mommy, and give daddy his strength.
A baby bird chirps to cover this world with light. A baby bird chirps just for this world and the people.
The song will not create anything, but it will fill the world with a warm glow for the precious lives.
Thank you for having me... The baby bird's eyes were filled with tears.
Hehe, I'm so embarrassed. This is my first song...
So, what do you think...? Do you think everyone will be happy...? I would be happy if they smiled for me.
Of course... I'm sure everyone will be happy...
It's a really good song... It will make everyone happy...

The song certainly seemed familiar, but I couldn't quite place it...

I... don't want to make any songs for the war anymore. I don't like songs that will hurt anyone...
I want it to be peaceful. I like songs that will make everyone smile.
Mir... You're such a gentle-hearted girl...
Hehe... It's because that's what I really want. I like watching happy people...
So what was the name of that song?
Oh, I forgot to tell you! Umm...
Exec Harmonius.
Harmonius! I get it now... That's why you call it the power of "Harmonius"...
Mir, there's no need to worry. You can create the world of your dreams with the power of Harmonius.
A world... like Metafalica.
I'll be right beside you, and help you out, so let's do this together.
Let's make a world where everyone can live happily...

She had something to tell me. It seemed she'd had a revelation.

Mir... so this place is still here.
Yeah, I really need to make a commitment now.
A commitment...?
There were two different people inside me. One that hates all humans, and the other one who hates myself.
I already knew something though... but I kept denying it.
Those two personalities portrayed my love toward the humans.
They are...!?
I wouldn't hate the humans if I didn't expect anything from them.
I keep hating and attacking them because I still have hopes for both sides to understand each other.
I hate myself for what I did to the humans, and I wouldn't feel this way if I didn't care for them.
I see...
I'm the essence of this world. I will never change for anything.
But I could change my forms from time to time. There is no good or bad in me.
I kept denying that essence, so I couldn't even prove my real power.

I'm just happy that I was able to help her reach this kind of peace.

Thank you so much... and I ask that you stay with me as much as you can from now on.
I want to keep living with you...
I'm thinking the same thing. Mir... I... want to live with you, too.
Hehe... good. Thank you... Croix.

I'm not even sure I did anything this time, but I do remember hearing a while ago that problems don't show up in here if they can be dealt with on their own.

According to Mir, I've got just one more obstacle ahead of me...

You don't need to thank me. I'm happy to see the real you.
Hehe... you're making me blush. Please, look after me in the next level too.
Sure... I wonder what's going to happen next. I've already met the real you...
The conscious me.
I feel great and happy... but the conscious Jacqli isn't convinced yet.
Please, go hold her and accept her like you did for me.
Oh, alright...
I'm sorry for putting you through all the hassles. I can't believe how twisted I am. Hmph!
Oh, no, it's fine. I've come this far. I don't mind going till the end.
Hehe, thanks!
Well, I'm gonna get going now... Tell the conscious me, that I said hello...
The fastest way to untangle a string is to cut it off, but you can untangle the knot one by one if you had the time.
Let me give you my appreciation. Thank you.
I couldn't have done it without you, Ayatane. Thank you.
I believe you will enjoy the next level, and will actually be entertained.
Is it gonna be that easy...?
No, that's not what I mean. I was just trying to tell you that you have grown as a person.
Oh, I see...

I'd have been worried about what Ayatane said earlier, but now I know there's nothing to be afraid of here. There's nothing we can't get through together.

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
Level 9 talk topics are where we get our best dose of hilarious innuendo and Croix getting really embarrassed for the game. If you aren't good at just sort of shutting down and letting things blow over you maybe you shouldn't read any of these but the first. It's best not to dwell on the implications of some of them because only madness dwells there. If it makes you feel better Croix reacts just as poorly as any right thinking person would.

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.
I truly cannot deny how different I feel anymore.

Cosmosphere #8:

What's wrong? Does your stomach hurt?
I'm very serious right now! Don't ruin it!
I'm sorry... What's the matter?
...I'm just worried about what the Cosmosphere me is doing.
You shouldn't worry about that...
But I can't tell because of the Cosmosphere now...
Isn't that normal? Luca doesn't know that either.
Then what is it like there? You're so deep down, you must find something interesting.
...It's nothing weird, but there is one big difference between you two.
Tell me! I might not forgive you, but just say it!
You don't need to freak out...
Well, um, so...
...She has a very innocent smile.
For, forget it! Just forget about it!
H, hey, stop! Calm down Jacqli!

Oh, we'd found something strange a while back, it's embarrassing but I was messing around with it earlier. As I thought about it, though, I was increasingly worried about something, and decided to clear matters up.

Affection Kills Last Boss:

What's wrong? This isn't like you.
You like girls... that use magic?
...Luca, Lady Cloche, and you all use magic.
We're Reyvateils. Not magicians.
You know, like... Cocona.
If you like that kind of girl...
...I could try and be like that, too.
...Is that why you've got a Lilalulu Wand there?
But you need to work on your facial expressions first.
...I can't do it well outside of the Cosmosphere or Binary Field.
Just try it. I want to see you smile.
...Li-like this?
...You sound awkward, but you got it.

I'm really not used to this whole smiling thing.

Hm!? That's a good face.
What, this...

I need to do some kind of exercises or something, this is hard.

Wha-what's wrong, Jacqli!?
My face pulled making expressions that I normally don't...
...I think I like you better just as you are.

That weird maid that's Luca's friend had some idea to make, um, 'clothing' out of food. Anyway, since Croix gets really embarrassed about stuff like that, I decided to mess with him a bit. I really need to make it clear that it was just to mess with him, anything else you might hear is a horrible lie.

Want Me To Tell You?:

Oh, the Stripe Bread Undy? I can't imagine equipping that.
...You wanna try eating it?
Um... This?
If you want, I can try wearing it too.
...No, no don't! Don't do that.
I don't really care...
Just don't bite into my butt.
I'm not gonna eat it! Don't assume that I was going to.
I-I knew that! You don't need to be so serious. I was just joking!
(She looks more freaked out than I am.)

Years Ago, I would...:

What is?
Here, this.
Gift Wrap Ribbon? What about it?
I used to live naked.
So if I just equip this...
...Do I have to keep explaining?
...Do you want to give it to me, or something?
Well, I don't know? ...Do you want it?
You get embarrassed to easily.
...I like that about you.

I can't imagine talking with someone like this before I came here. Still, I think I like things better this way...