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Part 7: The Other Self

Without any further interruptions from Soma, they returned to Eternus Shaft.

Yes, I’m glad everyone’s safe!
So, what should we do from now on?
Well, can everyone come to my clinic for now?
As we've been travelling with Saki, I've now unraveled all of the mysteries that had arisen during her examination.
Really? Sure. Let's go.
Excuse me...
Can I go visit the bistro now? I left without telling Auntie Leu, so...
That's right. Sure, go ahead.
Come back soon.
I know, I know! See you later!

They headed down to Doctor Gojo’s to hear his results, which were quite shocking.

Video Record- “Sarapatra”


Multiple personalities?
I gave her a psychological test the other day. Several of her reactions to the questions weren't consistent.
This is even more unbelievable, but she may even be a Reyvateil with multiple personae.
…Personae? there any way to bring out the other personae?
There is a way to summon other personae. Would you like to try it?
Alright, the let's give it a try! Saki, look at this light...
Yes, doctor.

The doctor said a brief Hymmnos spell.

(Ma num ra gyen anw slep noes.)

Saki was engulfed by a light, and when it faded someone totally different was standing in her place.

I can't believe it... Her whole appearance has changed!
It seems like multiple personae in a Reyvateil means that different people reside within one identity...

Whoever it was seemed quite excited to be out and active.

Uh…you’re not Saki, right?
I was able to come into the light, thanks to you.
She's different from the swordswoman I met before.
The person you met the other day was Sakia Lumei. And I am Sarapatra. It's nice to meet you, Aoto.
You know my name?
Listen, Aoto. I'm still Saki, and Saki is still me. I know as much about you as she does.
Thank you for keeping her alive up until now. Because of you, all of us were saved.
Heh heh... I didn't really do that much...'re so adorable. Please keep protecting Saki. She's very shy, but she seems to think about you a lot.
Huh? Why me...?
Oh, you weren't aware? No, of course you weren't, she wouldn't be so obvious about it...
She hardly tells anyone about her true feelings. So, I'm like her spokesperson.
If you're the persona who acts as her each of you have a different role to play for her?

Sarapatra wasn’t very interested in answering questions, because messing with Aoto was much more fun.

Sexy service!?
Hmhmhm...Aoto, please accept this as a token of our feelings. Now, relax...
H-hey, wait! You're coming too close! What're you doing!?
Just giving you a thank you smooch.
You mean, a thank you...k-k-k-kiss?
...Oh no...
Unfortunately, she's coming back. I have to go back inside her mind. I'll see you again soon, A-o-to.

With that, Sarapatra returned, replaced by Saki but still just as uncomfortably close to Aoto.

Ah...nothing happened! I wasn't trying to kiss you or anything!

At which point once again Saki transformed once again.

You perverted little beast!

The persona Sarapatra had called Sakia Lumei dealt Aoto a brutal blow to the head before disappearing once more.

…Uh? What was I… A-Aoto!
...What happened!? Who did this to you!? Nooo! Please don't die!
What the heck...?
She's a busy girl...

It was a bit before Aoto came to again.

Huh...? Oh, Saki.
Aoto... Oh my goodness! You came to?
Uh...ow... Yeah, but...
I'm sorry! S-Saki doesn't remember anything, but I heard that I smacked you on the head...
Don't worry, I'm fine. See? Nothing's broken.
I...caused you more trouble... I don't want to keep doing this. Maybe I should just say goodbye to you now...
What are you talking about!? I promised to take you back home, remember!?
I made up my mind! I'll never break my word. Never!
I'm willing to deal with a lot of pain. So don't worry about this stuff.
...Hey, isn't it getting a little hot in here?
Don't forget that we're here, too. Don't make us watch this love drama play out. There's no wine to go with this cheese.

They’d at least gotten some useful data out of Aoto’s misfortune.

Did you find out anything new!?
Uh-huh. It's still just a hypothesis, but I'm positive that all of her personae are always watching her.
And when needed, they manifest in this world.
The girl who whacked you is probably the persona that's in charge of protecting her from outward threats.
I'm an outward threat!?
Well, Aoto is fine now. Let's go, Saki.
The doctor wants us to go bring Finnel back with us. Right, Doc?
Yes, could you please?
Well, I…
No, Aoto, can you stay here with me?
We're fine. The bistro's nearby.
Yes, I am fine, as well!
Alright. See you guys later.

Doctor Gojo wanted to ask Aoto for a favor, but it would be pretty awkward to do it in front of Saki.

It's about the inside of Saki's mind. In other words, the Soulspace that you arrive in when you Dive into her.
Through my research, I discovered that there are numerous, immense borders, cracks if you will, in her Soulspace.
Yes. There are many cracks in her Soulspace, and they are dividing her mind into several small worlds.
In layman's terms, many people are coexisting inside one body.
So, what I'm thinking is, we should use Teppo in order to take a closer look at those cracks.
What’s that?
It's a Cosmosphere search program. The next time you Dive into her, I would like you to install it.
With the aid of Teppo, you may be able to discover something new. How does that sound?
Y-yeah, sure. If it'll help, I don't mind doing that.
I appreciate your cooperation. Oh, and there's one more thing I found out about her.

There was the much more worrying part.

It has stabilized, so I don't think we need to worry about it now, but...
It's not common among Reyvateils, so I'm a little concerned. Can you think of anything that might cause this?
! Her prayers...! When she says her prayers... Those miracles...!
The other day, she turned a bunch of Clustanian soldiers into cakes with a prayer.
I see... That's quite fascinating.

Saki and Tatsumi returned suddenly with bad news.

Saki! Tats...
What's wrong? Why are you in such a big hurry?
Filly hasn't returned to the bistro yet!
She left a while ago. I wonder where she is...
Anyway, let's search every inch of this place for her!

While they searched, Saki and Aoto talked about a few things.

By the way, Saki, you looked sort of uneasy at Doc’s Clinic. Why was that?
Well, that was…I just don’t feel comfortable at medical facilities.
Oh. Do you have bad memories about being in a hospital or something?
Not memories, but…I just don’t like needles.
Oh…I see.
Do you hate needles, as well?
I don’t know a single person who likes needles. Although, I don’t think they’re particularly scary.
Y-you’re so brave! You don’t fear needles!? You’re super great, Aoto!
…Well, we aren’t children anymore. You don’t need to compliment me for that…
(Although, I like it when she compliments me…)

For one thing, she wasn’t happy that one of her other personalities had knocked Aoto out.

Aoto, when I smacked you…didn’t it hurt? Are you okay now?
Yeah. I’m fine now. I told you not to worry.
But I hurt you…
Well, you know it was your other persona who did it, not you, so it’s not your fault.
Then, I have to make her apologize to you!
Huh? Oh, no. You don’t have to…
(If any of her other personae come out, it’ll cause even more trouble.)
But I have to tell them off, or they’ll never change their behavior.
Are you serious?
Yes! Aoto, please bring out my other persona, as Dr. Gojo did.
…Well, if you insist. Take a deep breath and relax.
Okay. Wheeew. Hahhh…
…Wait, he summoned her using a Hymn or something, right?
I think so.
…Sorry, but I don’t know anything about Hymnos.
Oh, you don’t? Then I guess we can’t summon my other personae.
That’s right.
(Whew. I’m so relieved…)

Though they’d searched and searched, they couldn’t find Finnel anywhere in Eternus.

Did she leave town? Sorry, Tats. Please take care of Saki for a sec!
Uh, alright.

Finnel was on the path to Fallen Heaven Peak, looking at the stars.

Video Record- “Stargazing”


! A-Aoto!
*sigh* What are you doing? We spent the whole day looking for you.
…You were worried about me?
Duh! Don't just take off without telling someone.
Huh? What did you say?
N-nothing! I'm not a little girl! I can go wherever I want!
Why are you being so stubborn? And what were you doing here? This place isn't very safe.
I was just…watching the stars in the sky.
Uh-huh. I like to gaze at the stars. I know a little about astrology, too. You know, Cartology...
If you know the true name and date of birth of someone you can see whether or not they're in your destiny.
Oh really? I didn't know you had such a girly hobby.
What’s that supposed to mean!? I’m pretty knowledgeable about stars! For example…oh, I know!

These astrology readings aren’t really that accurate by the way.

I was born in 12th Moon. Why?
Each month has an ancient name. 12th Moon is called Suzunomia. My birth month, 3rd Moon, is called Ar Ciel.
Each reading follows a predetermined path of stars. It's based on the number of letters in your true name.
The star you end up on is your Destiny Star. Based on the compatibility of two people's can see their fate.
I'm impressed. You do know a lot.
I've always watched stars...since I was a little kid. Whenever I was sad, I would look to the stars above... sure is beautiful. It feels like they can make me forget all the sadness in the world.
...Come back with us. We're all worried about you.

Finnel wanted to talk about what Aoto had been avoiding.

...Are you talking about Soma?
Who would suspect that Clustania's deadliest assassin is actually this clumsy, little cry baby?
P-please don't tell anyone! Please keep it a secret! I beg you!
…What else are you hiding?

I don't know what to believe. I don't even know who to trust. Just tell me the truth.
...I was in Clustania up until a month ago.
I don't know when it started. There's been...another me inside my mind.
It's the same as Saki... But then, why are you attacking us as Soma? And what's that...Fourth Dangerous Square...thing?
...I don't know.
What? But you're Soma, right!?
Not by choice! Who would choose to become such a monster!?

I think she’d wanted to talk about it with someone for a long time.

Sometimes...I can't control myself. She forces her way to the surface against my will.
I'm scared...I always have been. I couldn't tell my secret to anyone. There were times that I wanted to kill myself.
I'm sorry... And now that I understand, you don't have to tell me anything more if you don't want to.
...And, when you get tired of thinking all by yourself, let me know. I'll be there to watch the stars with you. *sob*
So, don't be scared. I won't tell anyone about it.
To he honest, I was just surprised that you're from Clustania. But, I won't hold it against you.
...Anyway, how odd? Part-time Mascot Girl by day, deadly assassin by night. Sounds like a popular Telemo show...
Please stay by my side a little longer...
I don't want to be alone anymore... I don't want to be scared. Please Aoto! Stay with me...always...
Uh...alright. If you insist, I'll stay with you.

Aoto continued his fine tradition of messing with Finnel.

What? ...Am I supposed to be your servant or something?
Exactly! As of today, you will be my servant until I dismiss you. You have to obey my orders.
Wait! Why do I...!?
Great, it's decided! Now, swear your loyalty to me.
Urgh...alright... Alright, I'll do it! Okay!?
Hey, that's not how you're supposed to act.
V-very well, master.
Hahaha! Well done. As a reward, I'll look into Soma some more.
Well, you don't know who the heck Soma is, or why she's inside you. I'll help you find out...when I have the time.
…It’s nothing.

Though it seemed for a second like she thought he was really serious.

Look, we better go back now.
Hey, Aoto...
...Do you want to do it? ...Our Cartology reading?
What are you talking about? You shouldn't tell your true name to anyone other than your family or life partner.
Right... Besides, unlike the view from the Tower, there are a lot of hidden stars out here. It wouldn't be accurate.
...? Let's get back. Everyone's worried about you.
Okay... Aoto, please go on ahead. I'll be there soon. I need to calm down a bit before I face them.
Are you gonna be alright by yourself?
…Alright. Try not to take too long.

He left Finnel to think on her own. Though for someone like her that means something different.

...Don't you want to live?
! Soma...!
You're falling for someone... Did you forget? You mustn't fall in love with anyone. You must be alone.
...Love? I'm not falling in love with anyone!
You can't hide your emotions from me. That's why I let Aoto know our true identity.
! ...So, that was on purpose!?
Exactly. I know it's shocking, but it will save all of us in the future. Otherwise, he would get hurt.
No way...
I expect Aoto to achieve many things for your sake.
But if he turns out to be useless, then I'll have to do the same thing to him that I did to the others...
How could you be so cruel!? You are me...right?

Still, she returned to the group later.

Video Record- “Subterfuge”


I'm back.
I'm glad you're safe. I was sooo relieved when Aoto told me he found you.
Oh...I'm sorry, Saki, Tatsumi, Doctor.
Anyways, I'm glad you're back.
You look well.
So, now that everyone's here, why don't we talk about what we're gonna do from now on?
Yes. You're going back to Blue Canyon Hamlet, right?
I’ll go with you.
Sure. So, about Saki... Can you take care of her at your clinic in the meantime, Doc?
Of course. I'll keep examining her until you come back.
Please wait. I want to go with you.
Saki, you were attacked in Blue Canyon Hamlet once. What if the Clustanian Army comes back?
I know, but I still want to help! I couldn't stand only being protected by you! I have to help you, too!
And...I'm frightened... I don't want to be away from you...!
But...if they see you, we'll be screwed once we step inside the hamlet.

Saki had a brilliant idea, honestly.

I see. According to Aoto's story, no one in Blue Canyon Hamlet has seen Sarapatra's face before.
You just might be able to deceive the enemy that way.
...Okay, sure. You can come with us, Saki, but don't push yourself too hard, okay?
Uh...m-me, too.
Oh, Finnel, of course! You were already accounted for.
Well, you have to guard me along all the way, my loyal servant.
Why are you treating us so differently!?
Alright, then I'll also go with you. You two need a private medical physician.
Great! Let’s head out together!

While he knew you weren’t supposed to just tell anyone your full name, Aoto wasn’t sure why.

Hey, why can't we tell our true names to anyone other than our family and stuff? First of all, what are true names?
Everyone has a true name, but only a few seem to know the meaning of their true names.
The reason why you can't reveal your true names is in order to defend yourself from the Clustanians.
Everyone in the world is given a true name by the Executive District, right?
In reality, when you're born, they scan your mental waves so that they can locate you.
What!? So, they're always watching us!
Well, technically, yes, but they aren't ALWAYS watching us.
They use your true name for personal data searching. So, if everyone knows your true name, you'd be in trouble.
...That's true. I didn't know that was what our true names were for.
Well, their original purpose was to identify people, but they can use it to pry into your personal information.
...Aoto, I'm sorry. I asked you for your true name without knowing what it could be used for.
Huh...? Oh, no worries. You just wanted to do some fortune telling, right?
Well, I don't think you're dangerous or anything. First of all, you're too clumsy to report it to the Clustanians.
You called me clumsy again! Hrmm! If I knew your true name, I'd report you to Clustania for bullying me!

Neither Aoto nor Finnel had any idea what he could even do with a servant.

So, I have a servant, but what am I supposed to do with you?
Why do you have to even think about it?
Well, I’ve never had a servant before in my entire life.
If this were my house, I could tell you to clean it.
But that’s not the case, so I have nothing to make you do…
Well, that’s a good point. I would be clueless, too.
First of all, Finnel, what can you do for me?
Well, I can work for the bistro as its mascot girl. That’s about it, I guess.

I can make you run errands, but that’s it…

Tatsumi also finally got a minute to look at the magazine the Reverend had given him.

Tats, what kind of Supermove can you do?
Hmm…if I tried, I could do quite a bit.
I’m pretty athletic, you know.
Yeah, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to V-Board so well.
Yeah, that’s right! V-Boarding isn’t that easy!
Yeah. If you want to master it, you need to train for years.
But just riding one doesn’t take too much athletic prowess.
Finnel, just riding one is easy enough to do in your sleep, right? What’s hard is turning and sliding.
Huh!? Oh yeah! Of course!
Hey, Finnel. Can you V-Board!?
I heard Finnel’s pretty good at V-Boarding, as well.
Oh, wow. A little clumsy girl like you does V-Boards? That’s pretty unbelievable.
You said clumsy again!
But when you ride a V-Board, you shouldn’t wear that skirt.
Well, even if I saw it, that wouldn’t be an unexpected bonus or anyth-
Stupid Aoto!

This was not the last time Finnel would nearly knock Aoto out. This served as inspiration, though.

Hahaha! Finnel’s tackle is just as powerful as always.
…Maybe I should create a new Supermove like that.
It’s done!
…Um, that was relatively simple, but this is it, I guess.
Oh…so your new move is ready?
Thanks to you and Finnel. …Are you okay?
S-Sorry, Aoto. I didn’t mean to push you away that hard…
Well, because of that, Tatsumi came up with a new idea. So, no worries.
I just hope it’s as strong as Finnel’s tackle.
But my tackles aren’t that strong!
So, what’s the name of it?
I don’t have any ideas yet. I don’t see any need for one, either.
What are you talking about? The name is the core of the move!
But I’ve never done it before… I can’t think of a name…
Just a temporary one is fine. Here, just name it.
…Then, I’ll just call it D-Ray for now.
I’m excited to see it in the next battle.

With that done and Saki in Sarapatra’s form, they were ready to return to Blue Canyon Hamlet. But would they find the safety they hoped for?