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Original Thread: Lady Harvy's Purified Posting Zone [Ar Tonelico Qoga]



Video Record- “Singing Hills ~Harmonics Tyria~”


Welcome to the Sol Cluster information network. How may I direct your inquiry?


Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia saw its debut in North America in early 2007. It told the story of Lyner Barsett and his friends, who sought to save the Tower of Eoria from a being known as Mir. Mir hoped to wipe out humanity and create a ‘utopia’ for Reyvateils, a race of artificial humanoids capable of manipulating reality with their Songs. Lyner and his allies discovered that Mir was actually a hugely powerful Reyvateil from an earlier age and were able to convince her that they only wanted to live in peace, and the Tower became peaceful once more.

Then, in early 2009, Ar Tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica was released. It was set shortly after the first game in the faraway land of Metafalss, a tiny and incomplete land clinging to existence around the Tower of Frelia. In this land a pair of Holy Maidens and their friends worked to create a new homeland. To do this they had to battle against a sinister government, a crumbling world, plotting rebels, and the dark spirit of one of history’s greatest geniuses. In the end they succeeded and created a new, green land. In doing so they opened the door to a new dream, to restore the blasted world of Ar Ciel below.


Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel is set some time after the prior game. It is set in the Sol Cluster, the Tower of Tyria. A land where the future of all life on Ar Ciel will soon be decided…

Ar Tonelico Qoga is a significant change in some ways from the prior games. First of all, it’s on the PS3 instead of the PS2, so the graphics are significantly better. The battle system is a lot different and honestly somewhat inferior to that of the second game. It’s got the strongest set of Hymmnos tracks yet in my opinion covering an even wider array of musical styles and with more singers than ever before. It’s even more over the top that the prior games at times because, as the name suggests, it is intended as the conclusion of Ar Tonelico (the word ‘Qoga’ means something like ‘ending’ in Hymmnos, the language they created for the series). Trust me, you’ll see soon enough what I mean that it’s over the top.

Oh, and since it’s important to point out this game was indeed rated ‘M’ here in the US of A (though it wasn’t in Europe or Australia). I get why they felt the need to do that I suppose since it takes Ar Tonelico into the third dimension and all and just as with the other two games I can’t say I’d suggest watching videos of it at work but it’s not particularly different content-wise from the other two. It remains at its heart the same peculiar alchemy of simple to understand gameplay, engaging story and setting, and design choices that make you wonder if you’re being trolled.


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