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by Feinne


They were able to enter the Moebius Factory through the secret entrance Doctor Gojo had showed them.

No, this is the outer wall of the gate. We're inside the white wall that protects us from forces from the Tower.
If you walk along the steps of this scaffold, it'll lead to an underground path below the Factory.
Oh...the outer wall and the Moebius Factory are linked together...? I never knew that.
This mammoth company practically runs Ciela Gate. The police are their employees. Of course they're connected.
But we're in the midst of the enemy nest. We must keep our guards up.

Feinne on Qoga: Moebius Factory
So, the only tricky thing with this dungeon is that some of the paths actually go towards you to another screen. Make sure you explore the whole place, because there are a lot of cool things to loot. The large robots that show up in random encounters here are quite powerful, they have a massive electrical area attack that weakens your defense as well. Run away if you can when they start sparking.

Finnel was very impressed with Tatsumi’s shockwave move.

There are a lot of dudes who are way stronger than I am.
But if you use that move, you can beat most of them.
Yeah! That shock wave was really pretty!
I can’t believe you can use such a Supermove! It’s so beautiful and powerful!
Well, I don’t mind it when you give me compliments like that.
So, I’ve come up with a good name for it…
Lemme hear it.
Well…Boardal Wave.

The factory was vast, and while they were resting Aoto finished up a project he’d been working on.

Making V-Boards is fun. I can add as many accessories as I want.
Yeah, it's fun, isn't it? We can attach as many weapons to it as we want!
Um, guys? Go easy on the attachments, okay...?
Why? A stronger weapon equals a better weapon, right?
Not if you make it so heavy it doesn't float. That kinda defeats the purpose, you know?
Oh, yeah...I guess you're right. I didn't even think about that.
I wonder how many people can ride on a V-Board at the same time...?
I've never tried, but balance is very important, so please keep it light.
Simple is better, as far as I'm concerned.

I’m not sure how he was supposed to actually use it as a V-Board, though.

This...has really sharp edges.
Well, hey, you said simple, so I took off all of the attachments and just sharpened it. How is it? I supposed to use this? Just club them over the head with it?
I think it's really dangerous. If somebody gets grazed by this, they'll definitely be...
Sliced, of course. This is great for charging into battle, at least.
Yeah, but that's the only thing. There's no way it'll be approved for an official competition!
If this did get approved, there would be serious problems relating to the sportsmanship rules.
So, okay, then what about the name? Do you like Razor Foot?
I think Severing Foot is more descriptive...

They pushed on to the main building of Moebius. A long time ago it had been a division of Archia Laboratories, but it had since become independent.

Video- “Rescues”


Here. This is the Moebius Factory.
Saki...please be safe...!

As they entered the heard a loud argument from nearby. A pair of Clustanians were trying to bring a door down.

Clustanian Soldier: It's high time you surrendered! We're warning you to come out!
???: Who would come out, just because you told them to? If you want me, why don't you break down the door and drag me out?
Was that Katene's voice!?
Katene? Hey Doc, is he an old friend of yours?
Aoto, you're too loud, stupid!
Clustanian Soldier: Who are you guys!? What're you doing here!?
Damn! Now we gotta fight!
You're hopelessly boo!

They defeated the Clustanians and rushed to the door.

...Huh? Gojo!? Hold on, I'll open the door for you!

Doctor Gojo’s friend was waiting on the other side.

I'm glad you're safe. Did you get hurt?
I'm alright, just a bit surprised. Why are you here? Did you switch sides to Clustania?
Of course not! I heard they took over this place, so I was worried!
So, Doc, this is...?
Yeah, he's an old friend of mine. His name is Katene.
How do you do?
Thank you for knocking them out. I don't know how much longer I could've held out. You saved me.
Oh...well, you're welcome.
So, Gojo, why did you come here? You didn't come all this way with your present company to save me, did you?
Well, that's...
I'm looking for a Reyvateil! She was abducted, and we think they may have brought her here!
A Reyvateil? Could that...?
The other day, I heard a rumor that a Reyvateil was taken to a room farther down from here. It could be her.
That's gotta be it! Can you please take us there!?
Sure. I can't deny a request from the person who saved my life. Please follow me. I'll take you there right now.

With Katene’s help they traveled deeper into Moebius.

Make a right, right here!
That room.
Alright. There’s no point hesitating now. Let’s bust on in!

They smashed the guards aside and broke into the room where Saki was being kept.

Saki! Wake up!
...She must've been tranquilized. Let's get her dressed.
Saki!? Hey! Are you alright!?
Aoto...? Aoto!
Are you alright!? Man...!
Saki...Saki believed...that you were coming to rescue me! Thank you! You really did come and save me.

Alright, there's no sense in sticking around. Let's get outta here!

Unfortunately, the Clustanians had raised the alarm.

Can we really escape!?
No need to worry. Uh...Ms. Saki, was it? Would you please lend me your hand?
Huh? You want me...?
Come this way...
Oh no!
Damn! ...So be it!

They fought another patrol, and were able to find a quiet room. This let Katene lay out a plan he’d come up with.

Video- “Katene’s Plan”


Okay...we're safe for now. I'll brief you on our strategy.
Oh yeah! You said you were going to need Saki's help. What are you going to make her do?
I need her to download this Hymn Crystal and sing the Song.
...Katene, what is this crystal?
It's our secret weapon, the ignition key to operate the DFP!
You mean the Ditail Wave Flare Pulse?
Huh? How the hell did you come up with that name?
It torrents a tremendous amount of energy that temporarily interferes with every symphonic related system.
In other words, it'll stop everything that deals with symphonic power: Airships, Reyvateils, you name it.
Then, won't Saki stop as well?
I'll have to put a silencer on her. That way, she won't be affected by it.
Wait! Are you sure she'll be fine!?
Of course. As long as she's equipped
with a silencer, she won't stop.

Katene wasn’t entirely reassuring, but it was the only way they had any chance of defeating the Clustanians.

But if we're successful, not only will we escape, we'll also recapture Ciela Gate! We have to try it!
...L-let Saki do it!
It is all Saki's fault that Great Fang was occupied by Clustania. If this will help them...please let me do it!
Alright, now that that's decided, let's get started before they catch up to us. Ms. Saki, please take this crystal...
Let's begin.
Are you ready? Please relax.
Was yea ra chs hymnos yor...
En chsee fwal fwal yor...
exec drone hymnos EP=NOVA

There’s really no way to describe what it feels like to download a Hymn Crystal. Words don’t really express it.

Okay, the download has finished! The device is on the top floor of the symphonic power unit. Let's go, now!

It seemed the Clustanians had detected their presence when they downloaded the crystal, though.

It seems they’ve sensed our activity.
Alright! We’ll hold them off!

They defeated the first wave, but more just kept coming, forcing them to just run for their goal.

More fighting is just a waste of time. We have to advance!

Fortunately, it seemed the enemy had no idea what they were up to and didn’t even pursue when it was obvious they were just going deeper into the facility.

Now, the DFP device is farther up. If we can climb the stairs, then luck is on our side.
Let’s proceed!

They were near Katene’s pride and joy, and he couldn’t help but brag a bit.

This is the energy plant that boasts the highest energy absorption rate in the world that our Moebius Factory takes pride in.
We can positively tell you that this humongous disc, the "Wide-range Proliferation Symphonic Power Absorption Disc," is the best in the modern world.
If you take a look at the history of humanity, admittedly, the strongest Symphonic Power absorption faculty, "Moocheriel" is far ahead of us, but this one...
Katene, please give us the whole lecture later! We don't have time now. We must hurry, or they'll catch us!
Oh, sorry! I got too into my own world again! Alright, let's move on!

As they climbed, Saki and Aoto talked about some things. He was wondering if her memory had recovered at all.

Mr. Kiraha passed way at that place called Paper Scissors, right?
Yeah…Did you remember something?
No, I can’t remember anything.
He saved my life at the cost of his own life, but I…
…Saki, you came from Ogai, right?
Yes, I did.
Were you alone all the way to Blue Canyon Hamlet?
…Well, I think someone was with me…
Can you remember his or her face?

I’m sorry, I can’t.
I see.
Well, there’s no use in rushing. Take your time to remember it.

She also was wondering what Sarapatra was like.

Aoto, what are my other personae like?
You said you would summon them on behalf of me, right?
Umm…I think…Sarapatra…was it?
I want to know what kind of person Sarapatra is.
Sarapatra? …She’s more like…a woman at an older age.
Is she pretty?
Well, of course. You’re so cute, don’t you think your other personae should be as well…?
C-cute…? Oh my Goddess, you said I’m cute…?
But when I first met Sarapatra, I was startled.
She tried to kiss me all of a sudden.
N-no! Forget that! Well…that’s what she’s like.
…Aoto, you’re blushing.

They also were both confused about what Katene had mentioned earlier. It’s actually realy cute listening to people who have no idea try to understand how parts of the Towers work.

By the way, did you understand Katene’s story?
Are you talking about that Proliferation something…?
It was called an Energy Proliferation Adhesive Disc, I think.
You remembered all that? Impressive.
He tried so hard to explain it to us. So I repeated it over and over in my head so I wouldn’t forget.
The least I should do was remember the name!
I think that’s amazing enough.
But I couldn’t understand the explanation at all…
Ah…he was talking about energy and a sucking disc, right?
It’s something like…it gathers energy and boom! That’s the kind of machine it is, I think.
I see… I didn’t know that’s what it does.
I-I know. At least, that’s what I heard.

The DFP was way at the top of the Symphonic Power Unit.



…This is...
...The DFP.
...It looks...terrifying somehow.
Now, Ms. Saki, sing the song.
...Yes, sir. I'll do my best!
???: Not so fast!

A pretty big obstacle was in his way.

...You little rats escaped from that many robot soldiers? You're no ordinary rodents...
Well, the way you're still chasing us is pretty amazing, too, Zombie!
Grrrr! You're dead, punk! This time, I'm gonna pound you flat and roll ya into cannolis!
Sorry, ma'am, but I'm in no hurry to explore the afterlife. Besides, I promised Saki I'd take her home!
Saki! Go!
R-right! Saki will do her best!

The thing about a Hymn Crystal is that the Song it produces depends on who it’s downloaded into. And for Saki, that had some very unusual results.

...Huh!? What's this!? C' gotta be joking!
Saki!? This song...
Yes! DFP charge sequence initiated! We need time to generate enough symphonic energy. Aoto, please guard Saki!
Y-yeah! Sure!
What the heck is with this cute...I mean, frivolous song!? Are you trying to insult me here!?
I'm gonna kill you little punks for this! You won't make a fool out of me!

Boss Battle: Mute
It’s Mute again, except this time our BGM is EXEC_EP=NOVA. She’s there with two Clustanian Reyvateils, and once they’re down it’s quite easy really. Just stick on her so she can’t cast her skill and blow her up with a huge Song Magic attack. Nothing to it. EP=NOVA is actually pretty favorable to you, so take advantage of it.

Once again Mute couldn’t catch a break.

Video- “The DFP”


Was ki ra exec DitailWave Flea Pulse , en khal noes ..
Alright, it's charged! It'll be ready to fire in a sec!
I won't let ya finish it! I can't screw up this time!

It turns out they were just in time.

Someone much more dangerous had arrived.

Mute! Order the entire army to retreat! Immediately!
...! General Akane!
Huh? Aki..!?
I've activated DFP! Everybody, hold onto something!
Please stop fighting!

The DFP was activated.

It seemed as though a strange and terrible creature had appeared to protect Akane from the DFP.

What is that monstrosity...!
What an ugly life form...
Th-that was!
Kukuro, you protected me! Thank you. We are safe now.

The strange creature transformed into something smaller.

...What was that...!?
...Finnel!? What are...?
Huh...? Finnel, do you know her?
I am Akane, Supreme Commander of the Clustanian Army. I was dispatched to quell the rebellion in Great Fang.
A little girl is...the Supreme Commander of the Clustanian Army...?
It has been quite some time, Finnel.
...Uh, Akane, I...
I have no intention of listening to your excuses. I have no right to infringe on your decisions.
However, I must interpret your actions as a declaration of war.
If you continue to aid these rebels, I must regard you as a foe. Please keep that in mind.
Clustanian Soldier: General Akane!
I have a decree from Her Divinity. The damage has been too severe. Withdraw the entire army from Ciela Gate immediately.
...Very well, retreat. Call some units back to carry Mute. Ten will probably be enough.
Clustanian Soldier: Yes, General!

Akane moved to leave, but Finnel tried to stop her.

Aki, I don't wanna fight you. I don't wanna be your enemy.
That is how you and I differ. I live up to what is expected of me.
You should consider reevaluating your life, to make what limited time you have left more meaningful.

...What do you mean by that!? Tell me!
...I have no obligation to explain anything to you.
In any event, I must report your actions to our Master.
You won't be allowed to continue your present course of actions. It's better for you in the long run. You must...

Every once in a while Aoto could actually be a decent person.

Just stop right there. There's gonna be trouble if you keep scaring her.
Tell your master, or whatever, that I won't let you mess with her.
…Excuse me.

With that Akane left with her horrible monster.

Hey, why are you crying? I stood up for you.
That was one hell of a rebel yell, Aoto.
Yes, you were very chivalrous!
You really think so?
Alright, they've retreated, but we shouldn't stick around here. Let's go somewhere safe. We need to discuss this.

Katene stayed behind to check his data.

Is she still unconscious? Theoretically, she should wake up right about now...
...But, I guess there's still a lot to learn about its actual application. Let's go!
...Urgh. *sob*
Craaap! Because of that little pipsqueak, my rep's completely ruined!
This ain't over! I can't give up yet! Hang in there, Mute! I'll get it done next time, ya hear!?
Uh...are you okay?
Wha-! Who are you!? Don't startle me!
I-I-I'm Katene! I'm a researcher...
...!? Katene...
...Katene!? No way! You're that Kate...eeeh!?
Huh!? ...Are you alright? You're blushing. If you're sick, I could give you some medicine...
N-no thanks! I'm fine...
Uh...hello, ma'am!

Soldiers in a strange uniform were pouring into the facility from somewhere. It turned out they had gotten some ‘help’ from elsewhere.

Video- “Archia”


No, they're Archian soldiers.
Archia...!? Why are they here?
They can sniff out rubble, so they come to scavenge for profit... At least, that's what Master told me.

And almost as if he’d been called just by mentioning him, Gengai arrived on the scene.

Oh, you guys are here, too!
What's the Great Fang Militia doing here?
We were about to push through the gate, but with all the ruckus, I decided to see for myself what's going on.
What is he talking about...?
That thing that we just caused?
What did you say? You guys made that happen!? Amazing...! Great job, all of you!
Well, it's mostly thanks to Katene. ...Oh, he seems to have disappeared.
Hey! Have any of you seen a tall, largely-built, Clustanian Reyvateil come through here?
Huh? Are you talking about Butch? She didn't come here. What's this about?
Oh, nothing. If you haven't seen her, don't worry about it. So, were you guys talking about me?
Oh, so you're Katene, the big hero?
Nice to meet you! But, I'm just a researcher at this lab.
Ahh, so you're a scholar. Nice to meet ya, p'fessor!
Well, we can't stay here forever. Let's move before the Archians start to suspect us.

If their goal was to leave before the Archians noticed them, they failed miserably. They got quite a bit of notice, in fact.

...! Richa...!
Oh my Goddess! Doctor! You've come at last! I've been waiting for this day for so long!

For Archia’s second in command, she was somewhat undignified. Though I can’t really criticize someone for tripping, as I’ve been told before.

*sigh* You haven't changed at all...
Ohhh! Doctor! How have you been!? You disappeared all of a sudden. ...I was so lonely!
Doc, is she your friend or something?
Well...sort of. So, Richa...what are you doing here?
What am I doing? Why, I'm here to save Great Fang.
Archia is going to save Great Fang? That's quite funny. I thought you Archians were "neutral."
We're always on the underdog's side. I was wondering what could've caused the entire Clustanian Army to retreat.
I had no idea an acquaintance's lab was in so much trouble. You should have told me about this earlier, Katene.
Is that Richa person, a friend of yours, too?
We just happen to know each other, but Richaryosha's pretty famous in academia circles as Archia Think Tank's No. 2.
That's quite a greeting after such a long time, sweetie. Now that everyone knows who I am, what's going on here?
Hmm...the fight's over. It was a cinch thanks to their help and the cutting edge DFP system that I invented.
Oh, I see. You guys dealt with that big army yourself...
It was easy once we were able to charge it to maximum power. much do you plan to charge us for your help?
Well, those money maggots don't give a shit about anything unless there's money to be made. What's your angle?

Richa explained why they had decided to intervene.

If it's not that, then what is it?
This time...well, the Clustanians' activities seems a bit...I mean very...bothersome to us.
Ciela Gate is our only access point to Great Fang, right? If they occupy this area, it won't make us happy.
Oh, I see. So, it's for your own sake...
By the way, Doctor, really... What have you been up to? How mean! You left me all alone without even saying goodbye!
Hey now, Richa, don't get so close.
My, my...I didn't know you were such a Don Juan, Doc.
Oh, Gojo and Richa had such a close relationship? That's news to me.
If you had told me, I probably would've treated her a little better.
...No. It's not what you think!
Oh Doctor, you don't have to be so shy.
Doctor! Why don't you take this great opportunity to come to Archia!? I couldn't stand parting with you again!

This reminded Saki of what Aoto had told her a while ago.

...? Saki... Uh, Richa?
Yes, sweetie?
...Can you...take us to a city called Ogai? I heard it's somewhere in Archia.
...! Aoto...
...I want to take Saki there.
To Archia...? Hmm... Well...
I'm asking you, too. Aoto came all the way here to take Saki back to her hometown.
*sigh* Alright. I can't deny you, Doctor.
It seems like you solved the problem with Clustania. As a token of my appreciation, I'll take you to Archia.
R-really!? Thank you!
Doctor, you're coming with us, of course, right?
As soon as you're ready, please meet me at Morocacca Port. I'm looking forward to it, Doctor.
*sigh* I never imagined I'd be going to Archia like this... *sigh*
Why are you so bummed? Didja have a traumatic experience in Archia or something?
No... Alright. This is no big deal. I'm a man. I've made up my mind. *sigh*

Meanwhile, Tatsumi took Finnel aside, hoping to sneak into the Tower.

What's wrong?

However, she suddenly seemed unwilling to go, so they rejoined the group out in Ciela Gate.

Hmph! No thanks. I don't need those Archian misers to lead me by the hand.
You sound like a defiant child, Master.
Heh, I'm just kidding. But seriously, Luphan sent me a Telemo message. We're sneaking into the Tower on our own.
Yep. He told me that all the Fangers that managed to escape are gathering together at Ciela Gate.
I'll take these bastards with me, as we all charge into Clustania together!
Sorry, Gengai. I know I told you we'd always be fighting by your side, but we have to split again.
It's all good, kid. Your duty is to protect Saki.
Master, please be careful.
Uh-huh. Same to you, Tatsumi. If something happens, contact me.
Yes, sir.

Katene was also hesitant at first to go with them to Archia.

Well...I don't think now is the best time to continue my research...
Why don't you come with us to Archia?
You're joking, right? Why would I want to go there?
...How is your research going? Have you made any advancements?
...Hmph, touche. I surrender, and now I beg you to show mercy.
...I don't know if it'll prove useful, but there is one bit of information that has attracted my curiosity.
What is it...?
That Reyvateil girl, Saki... She has multiple personalities.
Take a look at her Soulspace Map. Its resemblance to that Reyvateil you told me about the other day is remarkable.
You mean...that Ancient!?
Take the map. So, what do you say? Do you still want to stay here?
...No, I'll tag along with you to Archia. This girl seems to warrant further study.

They headed to the inn to get ready to leave for Archia.

I'll admit I'm a little nervous. Saki's hometown... I wonder what it's like.
We better get everything ready before we head over to Morocacca Port.

They took some time to rest finally.

Wow, that DFP thing was really powerful!
I never thought it could take out a whole fleet of Clustanian warships.
Yes, I was astonished, too.
Well, it really is a weapon that can annihilate Clustania.
But it's not something I would willingly use...
But...that woman named Akane defended herself from the attack.
Yeah, she withstood an attack that was powerful enough to take down a warship. That's amazing.
...Are we going to fight her eventually?
...Well, I have a feeling that we're meant to meet again sooner or later.
That makes me a little worried.
I feel the same way. I have to get much stronger.

Saki was also quite concerned about what happened when her different personas took over.

Anyway, I feel strange.
What happened? That's so out of the blue.
I don't remember anything that happens while I'm a different personae.
So, when another persona takes over me and I come back, I feel like I just teleported.
I don't understand what you mean, but that sounds confusing.
Yes, I thought I was in Blue Canyon Hamlet, but I suddenly found myself in Ciela Gate...
But I've discovered something...
I think this is what it feels like to get knocked out and kidnapped.
Well, you kind of were kidnapped...

Saki had heard that Ciela Gate was Aoto’s hometown.

Filly told me that you're originally from Ciela Gate. Is that true?
Yeah...but I hardly remember anything from when I was there.
But it sure is my hometown. I always feel nostalgic when I'm there.
Don't you remember where you were raised?
Of course I do, but...
I don't really have any good memories from that place.
...I see. So, even though it's your real hometown, it's not something you miss all the time.
No. Of course not.
Even though it's a jerkwater town, I like Blue Canyon Hamlet much better than Ciela Gate.
Well, it wouldn't be bad to reminisce on it or even visit it every once in a while, though.
I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't have brought it up.

Finnel meanwhile was having some problems with how bright the sun was in Ciela Gate.

Unlike Eternus, Ciela Gate is a brilliant city.
You know, Eternus is inside a cavern. It's not fair to compare the two.
I know that. But I just thought...
I've lived in Eternus for so long, bright places kinda hurt my eyes.
Oh, I see what you mean. There's only night in your hometown.
When I first came out of Eternus, the sunlight hurt my eyes, too.
Most people who immigrate from Eternus to other places under the sun usually carry sunglasses.
Wow, Eternus is a really a bad environment for your eyes...
It's a fun place to live, though. I like that everyone's so lively there.

They weren’t quite finished in Great Fang yet, though. But that story will have to wait until next time.