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Part 12: The Hidden Path

They were almost ready to head out to Ciela Gate. Aoto had been thinking through ways to improve his own power.

I thought up a new move.
A so-called Supermove?
That’s right. We’re gonna fight a lot of battles from now on, we should come up with one or two.
So, what’s it like?
Uh…I’ll raise the sword, jump into the sky, and slice the enemy in half!
I think you should rethink it.
Why? I thought this would be an awesome idea…
I think you should forget about it, too.
Those dramatic Supermoves are supposed to be done by expert fighters.
If you try doing them without experience, you’re committing suicide.
Do you really think so…?
First of all, what if the enemy dodges your sword while you’re doing all this? Can you react quickly?
If an enemy attack hits you when you’re not prepared, if you survive, it’ll hurt way too much.
Then, what Supermove do you think Aoto can do right now?
I think he should get more experienced in battle first.
To learn a new skill, you first have to be able to charge into enemies without any fear.
Charge into enemies without any fear, huh…?

Going on record saying drills are ridiculous weapons.

Alright! I’ve got an idea!
Are you going to learn a new Supermove?
Yep, for now, I’ve just got the blueprints for it.
A big move like the one you showed us before?
I’m not that stupid, you know?
I think you’ve got a point. It sure is reckless to do such a big Supermove so suddenly.
Yeah…whatever it is, you’d better be careful not to mess up from lack of practice.
If I do mess up and get attacked by an enemy right afterwards, Finnel will heal me.
Of course I will, but…
I’d prefer that you never get hurt in the first place…
Honestly, I don’t want to see you get hurt, period.
…I see. Then when I execute this Supermove, I’ll put a lot of spirit into it and shout its name.
I’m calling it Twister! Alright!?
…I can’t imagine what’s gonna happen.

Even Doctor Gojo got into the spirit of things.

Doc, what kind of move are you going to use?
Me? I’ve never thought about it before.
I think you should be able to use a Supermove or two.
If something comes up and you end up having to travel with Aoto, you’ll be in trouble without them.
You have a good, versatile medical bag, so why don’t you think of a move that uses it?
Hmm…for that, I think I’ll need your help, Aoto.
For starters, we have to remodel this bag.
Oh, sure. Give me directions, and I’ll do anything you want.
So, Doctor, what kind of move are you going to use?
Well…for now, I’m thinking of using this AED.

He managed to convert a medical tool into a pretty lethal weapon.

Doc, I fixed it as you told me.
Thank you, Aoto. Now I think I can use it like a Supermove.
That’s not “like a Supermove,” it is a Supermove.
Don’t worry. I did a perfect job on this.
So, how did you fix it?
I made it possible to use this miniature AED without taking it out of the bag.
Automated External Defibrillator. It’s used when someone’s heart stops and they need electric shocks.
When I use it from within the bag, the electricity is five times stronger than normal.
Medical tools are for fixing bodies, but if you manipulate them a little, you can use them to destroy bodies.
I wish I didn’t have to use them this way…
So, Doc, what’s the name of this move?
Uh, well, it’s not something that really deserves a special name.
What are you saying!? Of course it does!
Plus, I helped you! Please don’t belittle our collaboration!
Yeah. You’re right.
Alright, let’s call this Gojo Shock Therapy.
But I just can’t say how useful it’ll be, so it has to be a tentative name.

Aoto was quite interested in Doctor Gojo’s medical bag.

Doc, don't you have a medical bag?
I do, but it doesn't have much in it.
I don't normally get to see patients outside the clinic.
Oh, so if you don't have the resources to make housecalls...
Then of course you wouldn't need a good medical bag to take with you.
...But if you did have one, it'd be more convenient, wouldn't it?
Yes, I believe so... Why, do you think you could make one?
Yeah, of course! Let me handle it, I'll make you the best medical kit ever, Doc!

It’s really amazing how many people who don’t seem like they should be able to tie their own shoes are amazing at creating things.

This is a medical bag? It looks to me like a collection of small gadgets.
That's because it's a medical clinic bag. This bag's got an entire medical facility inside it!
No way. So it's a portable, miniature, doctor's office?
I shrank all the important medical equipment and put it in this bag. What do you think?

Unbelievable...! This is practically a portable hospital!
But Aoto, you don't know much about medical devices, do you?
How did you know how to shrink them so small without sacrificing their functionality?
I streamlined everything, removing unused parts and prioritizing portability. It wasn't a big deal.
Well, it's simply amazing that you managed to make everything so compact...
Well, try using it to see how well it works. This is all I can do, the rest is up to your skills.
So, as far as its name goes, what about Auto-Doc Trunk?
...I think you can call it something as advanced as an Auto Medicalizer.
I don't think it needs such a fancy name...

Without any further delays, they headed out towards Ciela Gate.

Feinne on Qoga: The Ciela Path
Okay, this actually bears saying that this is a dangerous part of the game. The Falcon Hawks that spawn here have an area of effect attack they’ll use that can, if you’re a bit low on levels, potentially wipe out the party if they come in groups and you’re not careful. If you’re feeling week go back to the prison in Eternus, the guards there are a good source of experience and DP.

Finnel was impressed by Doctor Gojo’s new move, which sprayed electricity all over. He still wasn’t happy about using his medical equipment to harm things, though.

Really? That was just an electric shock.
But you’re the only person who can do that.
Plus, when you were inventing this move, you looked so unsure about it, so I was kind of worried.
I’m sorry for worrying you.
But it’s all thanks to Aoto’s remodeling job on my bag that it turned out to be a useful move.
Doctor, you’re still being too modest! Be more proud!
Aoto told you to be more confident, right? You’re supposed to say, “My Supermove is the strongest!”
Well, I will after I invent some more.
Then, why don’t we at least give it a cocky name?
Snap Beating! Yeah, that’s a good name!
…You’re starting to embarrass me now…

While on the way to the secret entrance, Aoto decided to work on his own weapon a bit.

Hey, Aoto, is it really okay to modify a weapon without asking permission or anything?
When you put it that way, it makes me uneasy, so don't bring it up again, okay?
...What do you think, Tatsumi?
...Well...I think, we should just let it be.
Especially since we're only doing a little modification. I don't think we need to worry too much.
Hey Tats, I want this thing to be able to unload bullets and missiles at the same time...
If you don't care about it firing completely out of control, then go ahead and try it.
I think simpler is best. After all, there's no reason to switch back and forth if they all fire at once.
...Now I'm scared.

It’s a good thing he had the others there to talk him down from doing something ridiculous.

...Doesn't it look pretty normal, considering...?
I don't think it looks that different, but you did succeed in modifying it.
You're great, Aoto! This is awesome!
Well, since this was only a slight modification, I can't give it a really big name.
What about Pile Breaker?
I think it could be a little bigger than that...
Yeah. I think so, too. Give it an angrier name, like Hellpile Cannon!

They eventually reached Aoto’s secret entrance. There were large rocks blocking most of it.

Video Record- “The Secret Entrance”


Yep, a big quake hit this area, and it caved in, blocking part of it. We may be able to get by if we demolish the rocks.
It's kind of dangerous, but it's still better than trying to go through the gate, right?
Hey, Aoto, how do you know about this secret path?
...When I was a kid, I found this place and used it as my secret path. I was born in Ciela Gate.
So, you're a registered resident of Ciela Gate?
Well, yeah, but I hardly remember anything about my childhood.
I left Ciela Gate about 10 years ago. I don't have many good memories about this place...
Oh, sorry...
Don't worry, it was a long time ago. C'mon, let's hurry.

The ground began to shake, and a terrible noise from above began.

It was a good thing they were already almost in Ciela Gate, because things were about to get much worse.

A massive fleet of Clustanian ships was approaching.

That's...a Clustanian battleship!?
There's an enormous amount of them... The Prome Wall must be wide open...
The Prome Wall...?
It's a wall of plasma that separates Clustania and the lower land.
I've never seen such a large influx of soldiers come through the Prome Wall before. The enemy must be serious...
As Master told me, they have no intentions of keeping the peace treaty.
…So what?
I don't care what the Clustanians are up to... I'll protect Saki at all costs! Alright, let's demolish it!

The bombs Yurisica had showed Aoto how to make proved effective.

It turned out the path was some disused sewer.

What is this valve?
If you turn it, the direction of the flow of water changes.
When I was a kid, I would turn this to change the current and explore all over the place.
I see. So, if we turn these valves, we’ll be able to go to places we can’t go to right now.

Feinne on Qoga: Sewers
This is a cool little place, there are valves that change where the water is. Here’s a video of the whole thing, including a lot of fighting and some synthesis and such.

Video Record- “Waterway Dungeon”


Finnel was pretty impressed by Aoto’s ridiculous drill move.

That Supermove?
Don’t you remember? That charging move with the drill!
Ah, Twister! Well, that’s my Supermove.
Yeah, that’s the name of it.
What!? That doesn’t match the move at all.
Are you saying I have no sense of naming things?
Seeing the move, I don’t think that name really matches it well.
Plus, a proper name should be given to every move so that whoever sees it will understand.
Uh…you’ve got a valid point.
If the name doesn’t match the move, people will just think you’re a narcissist.
Finnel, please tell me what kind of name suits my Supermove!
Oh...maybe Nitro Burst…

Tatsumi had been reading over another issue of V-Style they’d found while they traveled.

Tats, I heard you're trying to invent a new move? So, what's it gonna be?
Let me see... I'm thinking it would be nice if I could make something to attack distant enemies.
Distant enemies...? Are you going to throw something?
I'm not good at throwing things. I wouldn't hit the target.
Then, do you want me to make a ranged weapon?
That wouldn't be a bad idea, but I don't want to swap weapons during battle.
Then, why don't you conceal a secret weapon module inside your weapon?
That sounds like a good idea, but...
Uh...shooting something might be bad.
Then, let's think of what Tatsumi can shoot.

Tatsumi came up with a move only he could pull off.

Oh, this should work well.
Are you worried by any chance?
Tatsumi, it's impossible to attack an enemy by shooting out a shock wave.
I don't think so. Shock waves aren't that hard to manipulate. I can generate them.
I think you're wrong. I don't think anyone can easily generate them.
It's easy once you get the hang of it.
Anyways, I'm gonna name this one G-Break.
But can you really generate shock waves?
Sure. I'll prove it in the next battle.

They eventually made their way through the sewers and reached Ciela Gate proper.

Alright, we’re here.
I can’t believe this really leads into the city.
Fortunately, it seems like there are plenty of guards around the gate, but within the city, it’s relatively lax.
Then we can walk around the city normally.
But…how can we find Saki in this big city?
I know she’s been taken to the Moebius Factory. I’ve been there before, so maybe I can guide us once we get there.
Yeah…they’re using that place as their operations center, right?
But if it’s their operations center, their security must be really tight.
Don’t worry about that. I know another secret path that leads from the palace gate, directly to the factory.
Oh, there’s another one? Doc, how do you know about that?
Actually, there’s a friend of mine who works there. His name is Katene. He showed me the route before.
He’s such a helpful guy. If he’s still safe, he’ll be willing to help us find Saki.
Awesome. Let’s go!

The town was full of Clustanians, but fortunately they seemed to assume anyone who was already in was supposed to be in the city. Finnel was pretty impressed that Aoto’s secret path had actually existed.

The secret path to Ciela Gate… You found it when you were a kid, right?
Hehehe. Are you impressed?
I am. I can’t believe there was such a thing in this town.
Well, people normally don’t use it to get a Ciela Gate…
Nobody from Clustania has really ever looked for this kind of path before.
Yeah, and also, the cave was very dark and there were a lot of monsters.
If I were a child, I would never go into such a creepy place like that.
Yeah, but it looked like an uncharted cave. So I was fascinated as a kid.
It was so thrilling!

Wouldn’t it stimulate your adventurous mind?
That unknown place I saw when I came through the cave… I still can’t get over that feeling.
…I imagine you were a really powerful boy…

After that brief rest, they were ready to go. They’d have to hurry if they were going to rescue Saki from the Clustanians…